Scary Ghost Encounters Captured on Film

Are These Real Ghost Encounters?

From a ghostly lady filmed deep in the woods to the possible spirit of a soldier seen at daybreak, these are scary ghost encounters captured on film.

6. Shadow Person Filmed in Woods


Originally uploaded to the YouTube channel Dark Element TV, this visually enhanced version of the video was later posted to Denis Dhondt‘s account. The footage was supposedly captured in Dudley Town, Connecticut and looks to show a ghostly shadow person creeping through the woods.

After several sightings of the bizarre entity, the owners of the property had a camera ready to catch it in action. As the man begins filming, he makes a phone call to someone explaining that he has just seen the mysterious figure in the woods outside.

It seems clear that the home’s residents have been plagued by the creature’s presence for some time and it is obviously starting to make them paranoid.

About two minutes into the video the shadowy figure is seen passing in front of the trees. It startles the man, who frantically makes another call informing someone that he’s managed to capture it on camera this time!

If you look closely you can see that the creature is dark and wispy. Almost as if its body is made out of black smoke.

The shadow person disappears into the woods, but not before leaving a lasting impression on all who have viewed this mysterious footage.

5. The Disappearing Forest Lady


At first, some ghost encounters often go unnoticed. Such as this one uploaded to YouTube by user Brian Ted. The video shows two men as they make their way through a heavily wooded area. The camera moves back and forth between the trees, creating what appears to be some rather innocuous footage.

The explorers never appear scared at any point in the video. Even when the camera pans past what appears to be a mysterious woman standing by a tree in the center of the woods. It seems that the ghostly presence goes completely unnoticed by the men who continue investigating the area.

A second or two passes before the camera returns to the spot where the woman stood. However, now she is gone. There is not even a trace of anyone fleeing the area. The strange figure seems to have completely vanished.

At first, the woman’s appearance doesn’t seem quite real and if you are watching the clip for the first time, you might simply dismiss it as an optical illusion. However, the fact that the figure has disappeared when the camera pans back moments later, is enough to confirm that there is something strange going on. It seems too, that the men were able to spot the woman after re-watching the footage as they have subsequently decided to upload the clip to YouTube.

What do you think the mysterious figure actually was? A ghost? Or witch perhaps? Let us know in the comments section below.

4. Ghostly Figure Crosses Rocky Path


Posted to the YouTube channel famous locals, this clip captures what appears to be the spirit of a woman crossing a dirt road deep in the woods.

Captured on dashcam in the middle of the night, it seems as though the men in the vehicle were not expecting to encounter any supernatural entities during their drive.

As they wind their was along the narrow track, they are suddenly confronted with a figure dressed in a long, white shroud. It moves ethereally as it crosses the path, paying no attention to the oncoming vehicle.

The men seem clearly disturbed by the ghostly figure. As they draw closer, the apparition appears to glisten as though emitting an otherworldly aura. They remain transfixed as the figure slowly crosses in front of them.

Unsure of the spirit’s intentions, the men begin to reverse their vehicle, watching intently as the ghostly figure disappears into the darkness of the surrounding trees.

Clearly wanting to take no risks, the men continue to back down the track just as the mysterious footage fades to black.

3. Mysterious Light in the Darkness


Uploaded to the YouTube channel Camo4x4s, this video has supposedly captured evidence of one of the most well known ghost stories of North Carolina.

The legend of these woods is a tragic one, yet it has remained a fascinating talking point among the locals for many years – several of whom claim to have witnessed the ghost first hand.

Believed to have originated in the early 1900’s, the legend tells of a young man who waited for his fiancée at the train station near the woods.

The man, who was there with his horse was soon noticed by a group of rather shady characters. Hatching a plan to steal the horse, the group beat the man and left him for dead in the nearby woods. However, the horse managed to escape and eventually found its way back to the man’s family.

Knowing that he was on his way to meet his fiancée at the station, his family searched the area but was unable to find any trace of the young lover’s body.

Restless in death and anxious to be reunited with his fiancée, it is said that the man’s spirit still haunts the woods to this day, taking the form of a ball of light in order to attract the attention of his love.

Passed down through several generations, the story has struck a chord with many locals who, over the years have claimed to have seen the young man’s light shining through the darkness of the trees.

Sometimes seen at about waist level, as though the spirit is walking alongside his horse, and sometimes seen slightly higher in the air, as though he is riding, the man’s spirit is thought to exist in that ball of light itself.

To this day, visitors to the area attempt to capture proof on camera. Watching this video, it seems that even the most hardened of skeptics would likely be stumped by the outline of this floating ball of light.

With so many people corroborating the same story, could it be possible that the ghost of the young man continues to walk the woods at night? Restlessly searching for the woman he was supposed to meet at the station.

2. Ghost Revisits Guitar Shop


We have featured this video on our channel before. It is a clip from the YouTube channel GAK, that shows some security camera footage captured in a guitar shop. It reveals what many believe to be a ghost moving throughout the store while the attendants and customers alike remain oblivious to its presence.


About a month after the first video appeared online, the same channel released a second clip that once again appears to show some paranormal activity taking place.

This time, the CCTV footage first focuses on two guitars seen hanging on the wall after the shop has closed. Although there is clearly no one around, the instruments begin to move all by themselves!

While some have suggested that a minor tremor or even the air conditioning could be responsible for the odd movement, the fact that the rest of the guitars remain still has prompted several supernatural enthusiasts to think that it might actually be the work of a cheeky poltergeist.

The video then switches to a different camera angle. This time, a tag is seen falling off the wall and onto the floor. While this incident alone might not warrant concern, the fact that a ghostly figure has previously been seen on camera inside the store suggests that there might actually be more to it.

What do you think? Does this creepy footage really prove that the guitar shop is haunted? Or could there be another explanation behind these mysterious clips?

1. Soldier’s Ghost Seen in Woods


Perhaps some of the most convincing ghost encounters are those captured by admitted skeptics. Such is the case in this video uploaded to YouTube by Nick Foster. Filmed while taking his dog for a walk in the early morning, it seems the uploader originally thought his furry companion was simply chasing squirrels as it led him further off the path.

However, as you watch the footage it becomes obvious that the dog is actually in pursuit of something else entirely. At one point, the dog’s entire body tenses as it takes a highly alert stance in an attempt to warn its owner of another presence.

Just before the very end of the video, we finally catch a glimpse of what the dog has been tracking when a mysterious figure is briefly seen in the background.

In the video’s description, the uploader mentions that it actually looks like a soldier wearing a helmet and trench coat. He also says that he thought that he was alone in the area with his dog.

If you slow the footage down, you can clearly see that there is indeed something there. It has long been thought that animals might possess the ability to sense ghosts and spirits around them, often noticing strange and inexpiable occurrences long before their owners do.

What do you think this video has captured? Is it really the ghost of a soldier wandering through the woods? Or could it be something else entirely? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.