10 REAL Creepy Photos You Have to See!

Have you seen these terrifying photos?

A chilling collection of real, creepy photos you have to see! From an alleged shadow demon roaming the halls of a hospital to the spirit of an old lady caught standing in the window, we count 10 real, creepy photos that will give you chills!

10. Creepy Face

Here's one of our real creepy photos, it's of an old photo with a mysterious face appearing in it.

This unsettling photograph was posted to a ghost investigation forum by a user named Gdorf2. It’s a photo of his great grandparents.

The user didn’t say anything else about the photo another than to check out the creepy, disembodied face hovering between his great grandparents.

Given the age of the photograph, it’s possible this is just an effect caused by exposure in the old camera. The strange thing is, the ghostly face is more in focus than the rest of the family, it has a strange shadow quality to it. While the rest of the faces are white and overexposed.

9. Cemetery Ghost

This is one of many real creepy photos that will give you chills.

This photo was posted to social media a few years ago. The user said that her mum took the photo of her uncle lying on a grave but didn’t notice anything strange at the time.

Her mum and uncle had been out drinking at a local bar when they decided to walk through the cemetery. The uncle decided to lie down on the grave and get the photo taken.

When they reviewed the photo the next day they were dumbfounded at what they saw. There just above the uncle is a white presence of some kind. It looks at though it’s leaning over the man. Allegedly, the tombstone dates back to the American Revolution.

What do you think that is? Is it just a camera malfunction or has this photo captured something far more mysterious?

8. Melted Mannequins

This is just one of many real creepy photos, this one depicts mannequins after a fire at Madam Tussaud’s Wax musuem

This haunting photo was taken in London in 1925.

Although these figures look creepily real, they’re actually just melted wax mannequins removed from a fire that ripped through Madam Tussaud’s Wax Musuem. Witnesses were terrified at what they saw, some even reported that the wax statues were still fizzing from the intense heat of the fire.

7. Dare You, Dare You, Double You

This is one of a series of real creepy photos, this one was taken in an abandoned church.

This photo was allegedly taken in an abandoned church.

It shows the words ‘Dare you, dare you, double dare you’ hastily scrawled on the wall. The arrows appear to be pointing into an old ventilation duct or possible a gap in the wall leading to another room. Either way, it’s just a touch bit frightening.

Some users have noted that it’s the same phrasing that features in one of the Silent Hill movies, so there’s a good chance this is just the work of copycat pranksters. However, knowing that little tidbit of information still doesn’t comfort me.

How much money would you need to be paid to crawl into the creepy little room? Let us know in the comments section below!

6. Old Lady in the Window

Here's one of many real creepy photos that will give you chills

This photo was taken on a smart phone by a construction company in Tremont, Illinois.

They were hired by the new owners of the home to renovate the roof before they moved in. The workers claim no one was in the house over the two days they worked on site. And there was definitely no one standing in the window when this photo was taken.

When the workers asked about the house, the owners said they had just bought it as the previous owner was an old lady who died alone in the house.

Has this photo been staged or have they caught the spirit of the former owner  standing in the window?


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