10 REAL Creepy Photos You Have to See!

Have you seen these terrifying photos?

5. Hospital Demon Visit

This is one of many real creepy photos, this one is a demon in a hospital visiting a dying patient.

This creepy photo has been doing the social media rounds since around 2014.

It’s hard to verify the source of the image as it’s been shared so many times it’s become somewhat of a creepypasta.

The most common story attached to this photo is that a nurse in a hospital took a screen shot of a security camera that was monitoring patients in the ward. She claims that she saw a demon-like figure walking up and down one particular patient’s bed. It had long black legs, and eerie slender fingers.

When she went to the ward to check on the patient there was no figure in the room, however the patient’s vitals began declining rapidly and the person past away shortly after.

Folklore often tells of strange sightings in hospitals. Dark figures lurking in the periphery, perhaps waiting to take the souls of the recently deceased.

When the photo went viral across social media, ‘debunkers’ got to work analysing the image. As the quality of the original photo is low it’s hard to break the image down. One commentator thought that it’s merely a series of objects compiled together on a strange angle that gives the effect of a lurking creature. While others believe the image to be genuine, saying that this could actually be evidence of a demon collecting the souls of the sick and frail.

4. Forced Standing

This is one of many real, creepy photos, this one depicts the act of forced standing. A so-called treatment in 1890

This real, shocking photo was taken in an unknown asylum around 1890.

It depicts a female patient strung up in a crucifix position facing a brick wall.

This abhorrent act was genuinely considered ‘treatment’ for various psychotic disorders towards the end of the 19th century. Patients would be left in this position for hours on end until they were deemed ‘calm’ enough to return to their quarters.

Similar measures were latter adapted by the British military as a means of intense interrogation. Prolonged standing was one of five notorious and illegal methods used by the army to extract information. The others were hooding, subjection to noise, deprivation of sleep, and restriction of food and drink.

Yet in the 1800’s, some of these shocking methods were used by medical professionals to treat the mentally ill.

3. Grim Reaper?

One of several real creepy photos, this one possibly contains the Grim Reaper

Unfortunately, there’s next to no information available about this photo.

It was taken sometime in the early 1990’s, some say on a youth camping trip.

In the bottom photo we see five people going for a walk in a field. A second photo, taken in the same field, shows four people from a different angle. This time there’s a strange figure in the middle, wearing what looks like a long black robe with a hood. It looks as though the figure is slightly levitating off the ground.

The photo has been shared thousands of times around the internet but no one knows the source or has any more information about the people in the photo.

A lot of viewers have been quick to call the black hooded figure the Grim Reaper, possibly keeping an eye on one of the young men. Skeptics have noted that it could quite easily have been staged, with the before and after photos taken from different angles.

With such little information available, it’s hard to make further comment on the photo. We added it to this list however, as there is an undeniable eeriness to the blackened figure standing among the young men.

2. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Haunting

This is one of many real, creepy photos, this one depicts the ghost of Mary Lee in the Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in the United States.

Built in 1910, the hospital was used to house patients suffering from tuberculosis, during what was considered an outbreak of the ‘white plague’.

At the time there was no known cure for the disease which was mostly treated with plenty of fresh air and sunshine. However, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium was also tasked with finding more effective measures to fight the infectious disease. Controversial methods were tested with some patients having their ribs removed and their lungs inflated with makeshift balloons.

It’s thought that many thousands of patients died at the sanatorium. The death toll grew so high that the facility was forced to build an underground tunnel, affectionately known as the ‘death shoot’, that would be used to ferry hundreds of diseased corpses to a nearby railway station.

Visitors today often report the echoed calls of children singing down the long abandoned hallways. Cold spots are often experienced and an ominous feeling of being watched is ever present.

The above photo was taken inside the the Waverly Hills facility. To the right you can see what appears to be human figure staring at the camera. In one of the derelict rooms an old photograph was discovered of a young girl, on the back it read ‘Love, Mary Lee’.  Many believe that this is the spirit of Mary Lee captured on film.

Historians claim that Mary Lee was a nurse at the sanatorium that contracted tuberculosis. It’s rumoured that, after discovering that she was illegitimately pregnant by one of the doctors at the hospital, she hung herself in room 502.

Many paranormal investigators believe that this is the spirit of Mary Lee, forced to wander the halls of this old hospital – looking for a cure for her terrible fate.          

1. Creepy Photo Appears Out of Nowhere

This Real creepy photo was found in a drawer. No one can explain where it came from.

This chilling photo was uploaded to Reddit in 2013.

The user said he found it inexplicably in a drawer in his grandmas house. No one in the family could explain it or identify the woman in the photo. What makes this far worse is what the poster said happened the night before discovering this creepy photo.

He said he was staying at this grandmother’s house which the family hadn’t visited in many years. During the first night there, he woke up at around 3:00 am to a creaking door sound. He assumed it was his sister but realised the door to the room was closed. When he opened his eyes to have a look he said he saw the partial figure of a girl float towards his bed. She was pale and translucent and hard to focus on.

His breathing became tight and restricted as the figure eerily hovered towards an old cabinet in the corner of the room. The strange presence vanished and he ran out of the room immediately.

The following day, he told his mum and grandma about the encounter. They said they didn’t know what it could be maybe he should ask his uncle about the incident.

Later that afternoon while looking for a pen, the Reddit user opened a drawer and discovered this photo. His heart nearly stopped right then and there as the photo had a similar energy to the figure that had visited him the night before. On the back of the photo was the single word ‘look’, scrawled in pen.

When he asked his uncle about the photo and the incident, his uncle believed him immediately saying he had all kinds of strange encounters in the house. Once he had workmen renovating the house leave in a hurry saying they couldn’t work in the building after some kind of incident. He found shattered glass in his garage along with a single shackle found in the attic that he said mysteriously vanished.

No one in the family can explain the photo or where it came from and they have absolutely no idea who the woman in the photograph might be.

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