The Most Creepy Ghost Photos We’ve Ever Seen

These are the most creepy ghost photos we’ve ever seen. From a ghost photo of a missing person to a chilling photo inside an old crematorium, join us as we take a look at a compilation of 10 of the most creepy ghost photos we’ve ever seen.

10. Ghost of Curtis Johnston

Real photos that will give you chills

In August 2013 Twitter user @CoreyCarlsonn posted this photo collage from his Instagram. It shows him posing in his living room with a spectral figure floating in the background. He compared the photo to an image he claims is of a woman named Curtis Johnston that used to live in the house but went missing in 2001.

The two photos do have a striking resemblance of one another. If the story is true, it’s easy to see how Corey came to this conclusion.

It’s hard to verify the story however as there’s very little information on both Corey Carlson and Curtis Johnston. The only info on Johnston I’ve managed to find is on a very old website called wellspringministries – it lists her as deceased.

9. Grey Lady of Hampton Court

This ghastly image was captured by Holly Hampsheir on a trip to Hampton Court Palace, Surrey, U.K.

Twelve year old Hampsheir took a series of photos of her cousin Brook McGee as they walked about the palace. She didn’t think anything of the snaps until they reviewed them the following day. What she captured is truly chilling.

Some believe the tall, long haired figure in this photo is Dame Sybil Penn, a servant at Hampton Court who died of smallpox in 1562.

Unsettling sightings of the Dame began in 1829 after her tomb was moved due to renovations. Shortly after, mysterious noises filled the halls of the palace. Late at night the sound of a spinning wheel could be heard with no explanation. This lead to a palace wide search. Eventually a secret room was discovered that housed an old spinning wheel.

8. The Ghost of an Unknown Child

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This photo was posted to Imgur by username TheStringer.

It was taken back in 1970 at a birthday party. The day went as planned. No one that attended could recall anything unusual happening or any uninvited guests. However, when they reviewed the photos taken that day they noticed a face of a girl at the bottom of one of the images. It was a complete mystery, no one could identify the young girl at the bottom of the photograph.

Some months later, the TheStringer’s grandmother saw the photo and was nearly brought to tears. She was certain that the young girl was Maree, her daughter that had died decades earlier.

7. Fatal Motorbike Accident

Chilling Ghost Photos On the 14th of July, 2016, truck driver Saul Vazquez took this photo as he was passing an accident on the Bert T Combs Mountain Parkway in eastern Kentucky.

Just near the onlooking state troopers and paramedics, there appears to be a white figure rising above the crowd.

The unidentified man involved in the motorbike accident was taken to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Vazquez posted the photo to his Facebook page later that day, leading man to speculate that the floating, white shadow is the man’s soul escaping his body.

6. Faceless Girl

Chilling ghost photos

This unsettling photo was taken in 1943 in Kaposfüred, Hungary. While out for a walk this husband decided to take some photos of his wife in the park. When he reviewed the images he was stunned at what he saw.

In the background there is a girl in a dress with no arms and no discernible face. Creepier still, there is a disembodied leg jutting out from behind the man’s wife.

The more you stare at this image the creepier it gets. The little girl clearly has no arms or face yet is looking straight at the camera. And whose leg is that?


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