Scary Photos That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

These Photos Will Creep You Out!

From a scary photo of a slasher mask discovered in an abandoned bathroom to the creepy photo of a pair of ghostly hands that appeared in a television, we look at scary photos that will send chills down your spine.

8. The Ghost in The Corner of The Room

Ghost of young girl appears in photo - Scary Photos That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine


This scary photo was uploaded by Redditor trogadorable22 in December, 2012. They claim that the picture was taken by their sister at a party they attended in 2000.

Trogadorable22’s sister and her friends swear they do not know who the little girl in the bottom corner of the photo is and say that she wasn’t there when it was taken.

The girl certainly seems to be out of place. She appears to have blood red eyes and pale, green skin. She has a frightened expression on her face, very different from the others seen in the photo.

Since the image was posted online many people have suggested that the mysterious young girl might actually be a ghost. While others with a more skeptical viewpoint think that the photographer simply may not have noticed the girl standing there when the picture was taken.

However, the story of this mysterious photograph gets even stranger.

Trogadorable22 says that the image follows the family wherever they go. When they all moved from Chicago to LA, the photo was lost but when they moved again it resurfaced – in perfect condition.

Could this creepy photo also hold some sort of sinister curse? Or is it all just one big coincidence?

7. Scary Face Appears in Photo

Scary ant creature seen in photo - Scary Photos That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

This photo was sent to us by JLea on Facebook. It’s a selfie taken by her son while standing outside his house near Oneida Lake in Brewerton, New York.

The camera appears to have captured some kind of bizarre creature standing over her son’s shoulder. It has glowing green skin and resembles some sort of insect. The creature looks as though it has narrow eyes and pincers extending from its mouth.

Whatever the creature is, JLea believes that it may somehow be attached to the house. ‘The picture freaks us out.’ She said. ‘It does not look friendly.’

JLea used to live on the property with her son and ex husband but has since moved elsewhere. She claims that she often experienced strange things while living there. The tools in the basement would inexplicably make noise. Pets would pass away mysteriously and she even saw a white, mean looking face staring into the house through a glass door.

What do you think the green faced creature could be? Is it a ghost? Or possibly an alien? Or could it be some sort of bizarre creature that lives down by the lake that has yet to be discovered? Let us know your thoughts down below.

6. Ghost Haunts University Hallways

Ghost seen at US university - Scary Photos That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

This bizarre photo was captured at an undisclosed university somewhere in the US and was sent to us by Stephanie on Facebook.

At first the photo seems fairly normal, just a little out of focus, however Stephanie claims that the person visible in the middle of the picture wasn’t there when it was taken.

After experiencing something unusual in one of the buildings, Stephanie and three others decided to take a look around. As the group left the building, Stephanie said that two members were in front of her and one was behind, however, when she saw the photograph, she was shocked to see a dark figure clearly visible in the middle of the photo.

The figure appears to be wearing a dark hood or cloak and has a white, ghostly face.

This isn’t the first time strange things have happened at the university either. Some time ago, a group of paranormal investigators were said to have captured several EVPs on the property, however the investigation was never made public.

Who could this mysterious figure be? Is it the ghost of a former student or staff member? Or is it simply another member of the group who were investigating the university that night?

5. Slasher Mask Discovered in Shower

Scary mask in the shower - Scary Photos That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine


This scary photo was uploaded to Reddit on 25th August, 2016. It was posted by a now deleted user who claimed that they took the picture while working at a state park.

They were exploring one of the abandoned buildings when they decided to check the bathroom. There, hanging from the shower curtain rod, they discovered this creepy mask.

The mask looks weathered and misshapen, just like something out of a teen slasher movie. All that’s missing from the photo is seems is a splattering of blood against the white tiles.

While it’s unclear whether the mask was actually used for something sinister or was simply placed there as a joke, the fact that it was found in an abandoned building in the middle of a state park is more than enough to scare anyone.


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