Scary Photos That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

These Photos Will Creep You Out!

4. Mysterious Figure Seen in Graveyard

Ghost photographed at St Andrews Church in Suffolk, England - Scary Photos That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

This photo was sent to us by Kirsty Wheeler on Facebook. On Boxing Day, 2018, she was taking photos of St Andrews Church in Suffolk, England when she noticed that she had captured something very strange in on of the images.

Wheeler claims that there was nobody else in the area at the time she took the photos, however there is clearly someone or something standing by the side of the ruins near the tall grass.

Ghost at St Andrews Church in Suffolk, England - Scary Photos That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

The figure looks grey and old and it has a wispy, ghost-like quality about it.

Wheeler believes that the mysterious figure might actually be the ghost of a former soldier as there are several graves around the church that date back to World War I and World War II.

What do you think? Is it possible that Wheeler has actually captured the ghost of a wandering spirit? Or is the figure little more than an optical illusion?

3. Creepy Face Watches Girl

Scary face in the mirror - Scary Photos That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Project: Paranormal

There is very little information available about this photo other than it was taken sometime in the early 1990’s.

It shows a young girl sitting at her desk, possibly drawing or writing as a sinister face watches on through the mirror. The face appears to have dark, sunken eyes and a large, protruding mouth. Features that could possibly be consistent with an alien or even an ape-like creature.

While the photo appears to be genuine and doesn’t look like it has been manipulated in any way, the lack of information makes it difficult to speculate further.

Could it be possible that the photographer has unknowingly captured the reflection of something sinister lurking in this little girl’s bedroom? If so, what could it be? Without further information, we may never know.

2. Ghost of Michael Jackson Appears at Tribute Show

Ghost of Michael Jackson - Scary Photos That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

News Shopper

On 10th May, 2014, Reece Saava took this photo while attending a Michael Jackson tribute show at the Churchill Theater in Bromley, UK.

However, it wasn’t until Saava was looking through the photos with friends, two days after the event that he actually noticed the ghostly figure in the top right hand corner of this image.

‘When I looked at it I was genuinely quite shocked.’ Saava said about the photo. ‘It was very distinct, not like other photos you see of that sort of thing.’

When the photo was posted online, it immediately gained attention with many viewers suggesting that the ghostly figure might actually be the King of Pop himself.

However Saava remained skeptical saying, ‘I cannot say I believe in ghosts but it is very spooky.’

Saava’s mother, Angela, who was also at the tribute show seemed a little more convinced saying ‘The image is so clear. Sometimes you can see these things in photos, it is an image of something but you are almost willing it to be something else.

But you look at that and it is clearly a face and it does look like Michael Jackson. And the fact it was a Michael Jackson event and there he was makes it all the more eerie.’

While several skeptics have suggested that the strange shape may be little more than light reflecting off balloons, there is no denying that it certainly looks like an eerie blue figure. But could it really be the ghost of Michael Jackson? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

1. Creepy Hands Appear in Television

Woman posing with daughter - Scary Photos That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Kiss FM

These creepy photos were taken some time during the mid 1990’s. The first picture shows nothing out of the ordinary, just a mother holding her baby while sitting on a bed.

However, the mother in the photo, Myrna Munoz claims that as they posed for a second photograph her daughter became increasingly restless.

If you look at the television in the second picture, there appears to be a pair of old, haggard hands inside the screen. You can clearly see the fingers and thumbs on each hand and they look as though they’re masking the lower part of a ghostly face that has dark, sunken eyes.

Ghost hands in TV - Scary Photos That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Kiss FM

Munoz claimed that around the time these photos were taken, her daughter would often talk and laugh to herself. Occasionally, she would point at something that she couldn’t see and say ‘Grandpa.’ Munoz’s grandfather had passed away sometime earlier and she thought that it may have been him that her daughter was seeing.

Munoz herself was also able to recall several inexplicable events. ‘I often would feel certain things like someone behind me or at times our radio would turn on and I’d be alone. I at one time felt someone sit at my bed, and I thought I was dreaming but I could actually feel the weight on my bed.’

Several viewers have speculated that this photograph may actually show the hands and face of Munoz’s deceased grandfather. However, if this was the case, why would he appear in the television set? Could it be possible that he was trying to make contact with his family from beyond the grave?