Famous People Who Sold Their Souls to the Devil

Could it really be true?

Have you ever wondered how the rich and famous come by their success? It may be talent, hard work, or just plain luck; however, some celebrities have paid a steep price for fame and fortune. Some of our biggest stars have exchanged their immortal souls for a chance at the big time. Here are the stories of 10 celebrities who handed over their souls to Satan himself.

10. Roseanne Barr

Famous people who sold their souls to the devil

Roseanne Barr is no stranger to controversy. Her television show pushed boundaries and her recent behavior has sent many in Hollywood scurrying away from her. Over the course of her career, many have questioned how such a brash woman could become famous. Well, Barr herself stated that she gained her fame by signing a deal with Satan.

While discussing her book on ‎The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Barr stated that when she was a child her family stopped believing in her ability to succeed, she was determined to become famous by any means necessary. She goes on to say that at age 12, she went to her bedroom and summoned Satan to offer her soul in exchange for Hollywood success.

The deal must have been a success. Barr starred in a sitcom that ran for an impressive 10 seasons and was recently (and controversially) rebooted.

9. Jay Z

Famous people who sold their souls to the devil

Rumors of Satanic worship run rampant in the music industry. From questionable lyrics to inexplicable rises to fame, fans are eager to believe that music icons owe their successes to the devil himself.

However, in the case of acclaimed rapper Jay Z, the proof comes from the star’s own words. According to sources close to the star, in 2017 Jay Z burst into a tirade backstage at one of his concerts. The rapper stated that he is part of an exclusive group of “smart people” that worships “our true lord Satan.” According to Jay Z, the group believes that “God created Lucifer to be the bearer of truth and light,” and that “Jesus never existed.”

If Jay Z did sell his soul to the devil, he got a great deal. In his career, he has won over 100 major awards and currently boasts a net worth of almost $1billion.

8. Jimmy Page

Famous people who sold their souls to the devil
The Scotsman

Led Zeppelin is an iconic band whose fame has lasted for decades. Each member of the band seemed almost supernaturally talented, blending their gifts together to create a sound that many call the beginnings of heavy metal. So how did the band become so amazingly talented?

Like many metal musicians, Led Zeppelin’s guitarist Jimmy Page was often accused of dabbling in black magic. To some, a deal with Satan is the only logical explanation for Page’s extraordinary talent.

Page, touted as one of the greatest session musicians of all time, only exacerbated the rumors of his involvement with Satanism when he purchased the former home of the famed occultist, Aleister Crowley. Fans speculated about what dark deals were being done behind the locked doors of the legendary home.

Could the devil have been responsible for Led Zeppelin’s eight iconic studio albums and hundreds of awards and honors? Only Jimmy Page knows the answer, and he has been tight-lipped about his involvement with the dark arts.

7. Miley Cyrus

Famous people who sold their souls to the devil

Miley Cyrus is another star who seems to bring controversy wherever she goes. She began her career playing the wholesome Hannah Montana but quickly grew up into a sexy, brazen pop star. Despite the controversy, Cyrus has had a successful musical career, even being named “Artist of the Year” by MTV in 2013.

To what does Cyrus owe her success? According to many, Cyrus is a clear example of a star who exchanged her soul for a chance at superstardom. Those who believe that Cyrus has become a minion of the devil cite her rapid transformation from an innocent child star to a hyper-sexual vixen as proof that she has come under Satan’s influence. Cyrus herself fanned these rumors when she tweeted “You are all stardust. . . . So forget Jesus. Stars died so you can live.”

Cyrus grew up in a Christian household, so the fact that she seems to have suddenly abandoned Christian principles shocked many of her fans into believing that she had truly become a child of Satan.

6. Eminem

Famous people who sold their souls to the devil
Illuminati Symbols

Eminem is another popular member of the A-list music scene that has brought a lot of controversy in his wake. His critics target his talent and the content of his music when condemning the popular rapper.

However, Eminem’s harshest criticism comes from those who believe that he has in fact made a deal with Satan in exchange for his rise to stardom. He came into the spotlight at a time when there were few white faces in the rap world, and some contend that Eminem was able to beat the odds and succeed in the genre because of his association with the devil.

Those who accuse Eminem of Satanism claim that the rapper tries to spread his dark beliefs through his music. They point to lyrics such as “I sold my soul to the devil, I’ll never get it back” and “Lucifer’s here to influence listeners through it” as evidence that Eminem is seeking to spread the word of Satan through his songs.


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