You Won’t Believe What Goes on in These Haunted Airports

Have you been to any of these?

With Halloween right around the corner, enthusiasts everywhere are looking for the best way to scare themselves. For your other-worldly pleasure, we’ve compiled a list with the 10 most haunted airports around the world.

10. O’Hare International Airport

O'Hare Airport is one of the most haunted airports in the world.
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On May 25th, 1979, the infamous American Airlines Flight 191 crash occurred. The plane crashed moments after taking off around 3 PM, leading to the deaths of all 271 occupants. This crash took place when the left engine unexpectedly fell off – disabling most systems. The engine falling off led to a fiery explosion – and every occupant died instantly.

Mere hours after this horrifying event, residents of the local trailer park began reporting strange occurrences – ranging from inexplicable knocking on windows or doors to actual physical encounters with the departed. Many residents reported seeing ghostly figures making claims of needing to catch a flight. These reports extended to the airport itself, as well – with many people going to and from the airport making reports of ominous sightings and noises. Over time, it has gained a reputation as one of the most haunted airports in the country.

9. Suvarnabhumi Airport

On the complete opposite side of the planet, in Thailand, we have the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Opening its doors in 2006, there have been countless bone-chilling claims from people going to this airport – from reports of airport staff being possessed, to shadow people lurking in the periphery and awful screams in the night.

Since the reports began, there have been numerous shrines erected in the vicinity in an attempt to fend against the evil spirits. Unfortunately, however, staff quickly realized that the shrines were no help.

One of the very first occurrences was with a security guard – who claimed he was possessed by an evil spirit, requesting a shrine to be made. Staff noticed his behaviour becoming increasingly erratic. He would shout at nothing and often linger around the airport into the night, well after his shift had ended. One night he was found in a trance, chanting in a bathroom. The following day he had no recollection about what he had been up to.

The above video was taken in mid-2017 at Suvarnabhumi Airport by a security guard late at night. As you can see, there appears to be dozens of ghostly figures disembarking from a plane that isn’t there. The people have an eerie, translucent quality as they stream along the passenger boarding bridge, one after the other. Some experts who have reviewed the footage think that it might be a reflection of passengers walking along an adjacent terminal. Others have noted however, the strange pattern the figures make as they walk which suggests they’re actually behind the glass windows of the bridge.

In recent years, many ceremonies and rituals have been held in attempts to push away any lingering spirits. Unfortunately, their efforts have been in vain thus far – reports have actually become more frequent over the past few years with eerie figures spotted down long dark hallways and disembodied whispers almost a daily occurance.

8. Archerfield Airport

The Archerfield airport is one of the most haunted airports in the world.
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Archerfield Airport in Queensland, Australia wasn’t always used as an airport for the public, in fact, it was a military airport in World War II.

It’s said that Douglas Dakota landed his plane at the Archerfield Airport for refueling and to have some maintenance done. Heading out the next morning, a thick fog bank crept in and another flight canceled their scheduled liftoff but the crew with Douglas didn’t think it was necessary to cancel – as they had a deadline for their cargo to be delivered on time. Moments after the plane had taken off it erupted in flames killing all 23 of the passengers on board.

Shortly after this tragedy, it’s been said that a man dressed in World War II flight gear roams the airport – especially where the plane had crashed. Many people who report sightings of this ghostly figure state that he is very friendly; he often waves and smiles at anyone he happens to make eye contact with, before simply vanishing. The man’s presence is so strong, it’s often hard for those who witness him to distinguish him from an actual, living person.

7. Sasa Airport

Sasa Airport is one of the most haunted airports in the world.
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Heading to Asia now, where the airport Sasa Airport of Davao City, Philippines is known for a range of chilling hauntings. In March 2003, a horrific bombing left 23 people dead. Since the tragic accident, the airport is known for ghoulish noises, like screams of torture, moaning, whispering in your ears, and having sightings of spirits roaming the area. Some passengers have even reported the sound of  an explosion only to find nothing had happened.

6. Denver International Airport

Denver Airport is one of the most haunted airports in the world.

Heading back to the states and Denver International Airport where it’s said that it was built on sacred Native American grounds. While the airport was playing Native American chants over the broadcast system pedestrians reported being touched by ghostly hands. Some had luggage knocked over, and many felt like someone was watching or following them. Some have claimed that they would experience these feelings even after they have boarded the plane. In 1995, due to the frequency of these bizarre occurances, management had tribal elders come into the airport and perform a ritual to release the spirits.

Then there’s the intense horse statue that some say represents the Fourth Horseman of the apocalypse – death.

The 32-foot-tall, 9000 pound Blue Mustang statue was created by artist Luis Jimenez. While in the studio, the head of the enormous statue fell on Jimenez, severing an artery in his leg killing him almost instantly. Following the accident, friends of Jimenez continued his work. They completed the statue which now stands starkly in the desert landscape, starring with its glowing red eyes. It’s said that if you take a picture of the statue sometimes Luis Jiménez will appear in the photo.


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