Epic Scary Videos That Only The Brave Can Watch

Are You Brave Enough To Watch These Scary Videos?

We have a challenge for you! Here are 6 epic scary videos that only the brave can watch… take a peak if you dare!

6. Ghostly Apparition Seen in Tunnel

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3-LnfEmYQs[/embedyt]


The first epic scary video on our list was uploaded to YouTube by brutalkiller909.

In the beginning of the clip we see a group of friends preparing to enter the supposedly haunted Mira Mesa Tunnel in San Diego, California. While the dark, graffiti lined walls of the tunnel provide an eerie backdrop, nothing out of the ordinary happens, at least for a while. As they head deeper into the underground maze, the drains widen and more and more water can be seen flowing outwards. Even though it didn’t appear to be raining when they first entered, there seems to be something mysterious happening that’s causing the excess buildup of water.

Soon, the crew begins to hear a series of scary sounds coming from further inside the tunnel. Unsure of whether or not to continue, the explorers eventually decide to push onward.

One of them reminds the others of the truck they saw parked outside the tunnel when they first arrived – this could mean someone else is exploring the area.

Then, just as the camera holder begins to pan upward towards the water trickling in from an overhead pipe, a mysterious ghostly shape descends from above.

Initially, no one seems to notice the creepy presence. However, if you slow the video down, there is little denying that the mysterious shape really does resemble a ghostly figure. What do you think this chilling video shows? Could it actually be a real ghost? Or can the anomaly be explained away as a simple trick of the light? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

5. Creepy Creature Scares Explorers

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jocTnmOnD4w[/embedyt]


In this video, uploaded to JacquiRicci‘s YouTube channel, a pair of teens can be seen exploring an abandoned pool somewhere in the Angoulême region of South-western France.

The premises looks as though it has long been left to rot as the camera holder pans past the rubbish and broken items strewn across the ground. It soon becomes apparent that the explorers are not supposed to be there, but still they proceed onward.

As they make their way further into the interior of the building, their surroundings become darker and darker. Their flashlights aren’t exactly bright, but they seem to get the job done.

Suddenly, one of the explorers pans his light past a doorway just in time to see a ghoulish limb retract into the darkness. However, before the pair have any time to process the sighting, a piercing alarm sounds, sending them running from the building.

If you slow the footage down, you can just manage to catch a glimpse of the disconcerting figure’s face. As it turns, the flashlight reflects of its eye, making it look as though it is glowing in the dark.

Amazingly, the camera holder manages to keep recording even after he mounts his bike and rides away from the area. The video ends shortly after and it is then left up to the viewer to decide what the strange figure was. Some who’ve viewed the footage think that it might actually have been The Rake. It’s even been suggested that it looks like an emaciated woman wearing a pair of swimming goggles.

No matter what the creepy figure actually turns out to be, one thing is for sure. These explorers will certainly think twice before returning to this place any time soon.

4.  Glowing Eyes in Russian Club

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYUxzMInPYk[/embedyt]


The next video on our list was uploaded to grumpyjamaican‘s YouTube channel in 2013. Supposedly captured at a party held for the Russian elite, the clip shows a large number of people dancing and chatting away in an unknown night club.

At one point, the power goes out, revealing that several of the revelers seem to have glowing eyes.

The footage then continues, showing an interview with a man who the uploader claims was a member of the band playing at the party. He says that as soon as he saw the glowing eyes, he left the venue immediately.

Understandably, the footage has garnered a lot of attention online. The uploader himself believes that this video shows that members of the Russian elite could actually be aliens in disguise. Others think that they might be vampires or evil spirits.

Another theory suggests that the people with the glowing eyes are actually androids involved in some sort of top secret experiment conducted by the Russian government.

What do you think? Does this video prove that aliens or other creatures possess the ability to disguise themselves as humans? Or is there an easier way to explain the people’s mysterious glowing eyes? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

3. Scary Creature Living in Basement

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYS3a4RqTfY[/embedyt]


Well known for their epic scary videos, the YouTube channel, Life of Luxury manages to yet again capture something truly terrifying on camera!

The clip begins as we learn about a woman named Jennifer who claims to have been terrorized by a mysterious creature that she believes is lurking in her basement. In order to get to the bottom of the situation, the investigators decide to set up a series of cameras throughout her house in hopes of catching something unusual.

After preparing their equipment, the pair decide to relax and get some sleep. Nothing eventful seems to occur through the night. However, when they review the footage the following day they are immediately shocked to discover that there is indeed something sinister lurking in the basement!

While the creature looks humanoid, it moves in a creepy, unnatural way. Clearly spooked, the investigators immediately head into the basement and begin boarding up the area.

The following night, the camera once again captures the beast as it re-emerges from the darkness. Only this time, it seems that it has no way of entering the house.

Suddenly, the investigators are woken by Jennifer’s screams as the footage from her room reveals that the creature has begun breaking though the floorboards. Fortunately, the pair are able to rescue her before she is dragged away by the beast. All three run from the house and into the safety of the investigators’ car where the video soon ends.

This footage certainly serves as a timely reminder. The next time you hear strange sounds coming from beneath your house, remember, this creature could still be on the loose and might have decided to make your basement its new home.

2. Dark Entity Chases Child

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpR3t_DHqp4[/embedyt]


While YouTube channel Red State Strategy isn’t usually known for uploading epic scary videos, this one is certainly different! The footage is low-quality, and the detail is difficult to make out. However, the grainy texture only seems to add to its creepiness.

The footage begins with the pitter-patter of little feet as a young child comes running out of the darkness, closely followed by a black, shadowy figure. Initially, the child doesn’t seem to be scared as sounds of laughter can be heard. However, it looks as though the figure might be chasing the child who quickly makes their way into the next room.

Could it be possible that the child is actually playing a game with this potential supernatural presence?

While several viewers believe that the video does indeed show something paranormal, other, more skeptically minded folk are not so sure. Some claim that the dark shape might be little more than dust or even an insect that has landed on the camera’s lens.

With no more information available, we’ll have to leave this one up to you to decide. What do you think has been caught on camera? A ghost? Or is it just something on the lens? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. Monster Attacks Campers

Wait till the end… Does anyone know where this is?? from r/foundfootage


Mysterious, shadowy creatures lurking deep in the woods often feature in many epic scary videos. However, this footage, uploaded to Reddit by Footagefinder57 definitely has to be some of the most chilling!

The video starts out normally enough. Just some teens out camping in the woods, sitting by a fire and watching movies on a projector screen. However, it’s not too long before it becomes apparent that one of the girls has ventured off into the woods alone.

Several of the campers decide to go and look for her and soon hear a shrill screaming sound emanating from the darkness.

They eventually stumble across what appears to be some sort of crude shelter made out of tree branches. Hesitantly, they peer inside where they discover the missing girl. Suddenly, the group is spooked by something. The camera holder quickly turns, briefly catching a glimpse of some sort of bizarre creature.

If you freeze the footage, you can see that the beast actually appears to have at least five limbs, possibly even more. Its body and head are hairless and it seems to move with an intense ferocity.

In the ensuing commotion, the camera is dropped to the ground and the clip eventually fades out, revealing little of what ultimately happened to the group.

Whether this is actually real found footage or not is debatable. However, one thing is for sure. It certainly makes one epic scary video!