Freaky Footage No One Can Explain

I didn't need sleep anyway...

This collection of freaky footage has left viewers on edge. From a shadow figure caught on CCTV to the haunting screams of an entity discovered in a secret bunker, the following freaky footage can’t quite be explained.

7. Shadow Figure Caught on CCTV

Security footage of a conference room. Not my footage but was sent to me through family. from r/Ghosts

This video uploaded to YouTube by user lazy_ray_scallion is some truly freaky footage. Depicting an empty conference room late at night, the room is nearly completely empty; that is, except for one apparently dedicated presence committed to showing up in spite of it being after hours.

The angle at which the camera is positioned allows viewers to see a lone shadowy figure appear in one doorway. The humanoid shadow figure deliberately makes its way from one end of the room to another, disappearing when it reaches the door on the opposite end.

Making its way around Reddit, the footage has since gained some serious attention on the site, with even professedly skeptical users concerned at not being able to debunk the footage.

What can at times be explained away as a camera malfunction seems not to be occurring here. Rather, we’re left with a puzzling piece of footage that has left most viewers unsettled, unable to explain the figure’s existence.

6. Freaky Footage – Creepy Face Appears

It can be explained… I still don’t like it. from r/veryspookyvideos

While a majority of the freaky footage we’ve seen occurs at night or when nobody happens to be around, there are rare moments when weird footage is captured in the middle of the day. Those moments can seriously prove to be even creepier than the alternative, as this video uploaded by Reddit user Dalo600 shows.

What starts off as an innocent Snapchat photo session in the mirror becomes something much more sinister during the playback. The video depicts a young woman smiling into her camera, clearly unaware of any odd presence around her while she was filming the video.

It is clear, however, that the creepy figure became visible to the young woman before uploading as she mentions the face in her video’s caption.

Eerie face appears in Snapchat freaky footage

What is seen when the viewer finally notices the face is a creepy, pale-skinned figure positioned behind the young woman in the bathroom. With lifelessly colored skin and deep-set black eyes, the spirit is clearly nothing if not ill-intentioned, making it hard for viewers to watch as the unsuspecting woman continues posing for her video, unaware of the malevolent figure nearby.

5. Freaky Footage – Entity Grabs Kid?

“Im 96% sure we caught a ghost on camera, pulling on my almost 2 year old sons leg while he was sleeping in his crib. 0:20 and 0:45” Thoughts on this? from r/veryspookyvideos

Perhaps even creepier than freaky footage of spirits harassing unsuspecting victims is more pointed torment aimed directly at children. Reuploaded to Reddit by user _Adrianthegoat, the video has gained quite a bit of attention since it was initially uploaded.

As the original uploader, GhostPubes1, explains in the title, the footage seen of their 2-year-old son was captured at night by a baby monitoring camera. At first, the footage appears to simply show what is a baby enduring a fitful night of rest. The baby is sleeping on its stomach, its legs kicking out behind him.

However, what initially appears to be an orb of light continues to float around the baby throughout the video. At times, it comes so near as to appear to almost be moving deliberately around the baby.

Just as the baby looks to be kicking out fitfully once again, the orb of light aligns itself directly with the baby’s leg, seemingly pulling the baby’s leg as it jerks out violently.

The baby returns to kicking around, returning to its fitful sleep. While one could have thought of this just a one-time coincidence, that idea is quickly dispelled as the baby’s leg is seemingly pulled again by the intruding light.

Whatever the floating orb is, it is clear that the multiple attempts to pull the baby’s legs were purposeful. Viewers can only hope that the potential spirit is a playful prankster rather than a malicious spirit.

This has got to be one of the most terrifying things caught on baby monitors.

4. Voices Caught on Sleep App

At times, pure audio can be creepier than most instances of freaky footage caught on video. Such is true in the case of this audio and backstory posted on Reddit by user Redwantsblue80.

In the post, the uploader explains that she has used a sleep habit app for years in order to keep track of her sleep patterns. While she states she has been told she talks in her sleep, she goes on to say she’s never heard anything out of the ordinary picked up on one of these files.

However, the uploader would be troubled by what she would go on to hear in the recording from the night in question. Explaining that it was just her and her son in the house that night, with her 3-year-old sleeping with her that night due to a fear of the dark, there would be no reason to pick up any additional voices on such a recording.

While going through her recordings, the uploader first decided to listen to her recordings. What she would hear would go on to haunt her for longer than she could have thought possible. At first, only a few odd clicks are audible. While these register as odd, the uploader explains that this was not the first time she had heard such odd occurrences appear in her sleep audio.

As the clicks begin to get louder, the uploader is heard asking “what are you doing?” Without skipping a beat, a deep voice replies “nothing.” It is clear that the uploader has no memory of this, implying that this was one instance of her talking in her sleep.

However, it is clear that whatever chose to reply to her was actually in the room as the clicks immediately began to get louder and louder. Going on to explain that there was no way her child could have reached the register of the deep voice replying “nothing”, the uploader has since received a volley of concerned replies on Reddit.

In fact, the idea that the uploader could have been the victim of some paranormal activity seems to be the best-case scenario when compared to the other numerous theories thought up by Reddit users.

Many users are almost certain she was the victim of a foiled home invasion, causing an outpouring of concern over the mother and the child. Still, just in case she had been visited by a spirit after all, the mother chose to take the advice of one Reddit user and ask the spirit to leave her home. After explaining that she and her son were scared, it appeared her pleas were heard by the potential spirit in her home as she has not experienced anything similar to this event since she made her appeal.

Either way, these scary sounds are yet to be explained.

3. Strange Man Spotted on Ring Security System

This freaky footage captured and sent into us by the fiancé of San Diego fan Daniel Anders is one of the creepiest pieces of Ring footage we’ve seen yet.

The footage captured on December 11, 2019, at 3:49 AM shows an unknown man walking up to Anders’s front door, seemingly unaware of any reason for his behavior to be perceived as threatening.

After getting up close and personal with the camera, the man slinks off to the side of the doorway, talking to himself. Creepier still, no one in the home at the time was woken up by the man. However, they were all alerted to his presence when they received alerts of suspicious activity from the Ring camera the next morning.

Reviewing the video, it is clear they would have had no idea the man had gotten so close to their home without the Ring camera alerting them the next day, which just begs the question of how many of these odd occurrences happen while going unnoticed by the people safe inside their own homes.

2. Freaky Footage – Eerie Skeletons Found Deep in Lake

Weird sense of humor from r/veryspookyvideos

We’ve seen our fair share of freaky footage captured by security cameras and the like, highlighting potential paranormal encounters. However, this footage posted to Reddit by user tjcf2014 is something else entirely.

Captured by divers during what should have been a routine underwater exploration, the scene that plays out in this video is anything but routine. Instead of some underwater life or sunken debris, the divers find a meticulously arranged site, as though the impossible scene had been caught by the throes of time.

Arranged underwater, the divers come across a table with four chairs arranged around it. The chairs are weighed down by the eerie configuration of four skeletons sat neatly around the table.

The scene in question almost looks like something out of a movie, or, as one commenter suggests, an art installation, as each piece is arranged quite perfectly. Whatever the explanation for the creepy skeletal scene is, it is quite unnerving regardless.

1. Screams From a Secret Bunker

While it is quite possible the skeletal arrangement in the previous segment was something out of an art installation, this next piece of freaky footage could be something out of a horror movie. Uploaded to YouTube by user BizmaxTV, this piece of footage comes to us from a haunted bunker discovered in Saudi Arabia.

As the footage begins, the bunker is wide open and otherworldly, guttural screams are heard being emitted from within. While the claims of the area being haunted predate the capture of this footage, it is clear that this footage would only exacerbate those claims.

Behind the camera, a man is heard reciting verses of the Quran in order to drive away whatever demonic presence they’ve found in the bunker. Perhaps most disturbingly, whatever the entity is, it seems to respond to the Quran verses. It appears to scream in agony in response to them as though the verses themselves were causing them physical pain.

The intense screams and their increased response to the man’s holy chanting only serves to add fuel to the fire of the theory that the bunker is haunted, leading viewers to hope that the people present in the video made it out of the area in one piece.