Scary Ghosts Caught on Camera

These Scary Ghost Videos Will Keep You Up At Night!

Do you get a thrill out of watching scary videos? With so many ways to share them these days, more and more videos are surfacing to give you a fright. Here are six scary ghosts caught on camera that are sure to keep you up at night.

6. Home Security Footage Shows Ghost?



The last thing anyone wants to worry about when leaving for a vacation is the security of their house. In this case, the video’s uploader and their mother appeared to do everything right. Yet, when they came back, they found something seriously disturbing on their security camera.

Along with the footage that they later posted to the YouTube channel Happyfox Productions, the pair discovered that a few of their books had toppled to the floor. There was also several thick clumps of cat hair in the hallway. A sign they believe, that their pets had been fighting even though it was something they didn’t usually do.

Looking for answers, the pair decided to review the security footage to see if it revealed any further information.

As the video begins, you can see that the cat on the bed has assumed an unusually attentive posture. It almost looks as if it’s been spooked by something it’s seen previously. Suddenly, an eerie, disembodied shadow begins moving down the hallway and into the bedroom. Shortly followed by a second cat who almost seems to be trailing the dark figure. Once the cat is inside the room, the door begins to slowly close behind it.

Another spooky detail that’s easy to miss when viewing this footage for the first time is that the table in the foreground briefly shakes just as the cat enters the room.

The camera then begins to pan slowly towards the wall on the right and this is where the uploader claims to have found it facing upon returning home. Unable to explain this eerie footage, the pair continue to search for answers.

Has the security camera actually captured proof of a ghost? Or is there another way to explain this mysterious footage? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

5. Ghostly Face Seen After Fire



Uploaded to the CBS Philly news YouTube channel, this supposed ghost sighting managed to make local headlines.

It occurred shortly after a fire destroyed part of the Brackney Inn in Brackney, Pennsylvania. As volunteers came together to help clear the rubble and destruction, one man, Matthew Hallick decided to take a series of photos to help assess the damage. However, it wasn’t until reviewing the images sometime later that he discovered what he believes to be the clear outline of a ghostly face peering out from one of the property’s windows.

In fact, after viewing the photo for himself even the inn’s skeptical owner had to admit to feeling a bit more superstitious.

While many are convinced that the photo does indeed show something paranormal, other, more skeptically minded viewers are not so sure. They suggest that the ‘ghostly face’ is probably little more than a simple trick of the light.

While some doubt the photo’s validity, it has long been thought that tragic events can lead to an increased level of spiritual activity. Wherever there is grief or loss there is bound to be some negativity left behind. Could this be the case for the Brackney Inn? We’ll leave it up to you the viewer to decide.

4. Creepy Figure Spotted in Garden



Short but unsettling, the next video on our list of scary ghosts caught on camera was uploaded to the YouTube channel Hauntings.

The footage begins as the camera holder cautiously investigates a darkened, outside area. While it’s unclear exactly what is happening, it seems that something has grabbed their attention.

Suddenly, a pair of glowing white eyes turn to face the camera holder. While definitely creepy, they could simply belong to some sort of animal. An owl or cat perhaps? However, if you zoom in, you can see that is likely not the case.

It seems that there is actually a human shaped figure lurking in the darkness. They appear to be wearing a white dress or robe and have long, black hair. In fact, the figure looks eerily similar to the classic depiction of the ‘white lady‘ – a ghost that has been seen all over the world.

While there is little information available about this video or where it was captured, there is little denying what it seems to show. However, without further context it’s not possible to know for certain.

What do you think the figure could be? Is it a scary looking person hiding in the darkness? Or could is actually be something paranormal? Either way, this is certainly a very creepy video!

3. Security Camera Catches Something Supernatural



Supposedly captured on a CCTV camera in a shopping mall in Mumbai, India, this next video shows little but suggests a lot.

As the introduction to the video explains, rumors of ghosts and potential hauntings have long-surrounded the mall. However, it seems that this might be the fist time that anything paranormal has actually been caught on camera.

The video itself is relatively short. The camera is focused on a pair of elevators and the timestamp shows that the footage was captured a little after 2 am on 13th June, 2017. Seeing that it’s the middle of the night, it seems unlikely that there would be anyone else around.

A few seconds into the video, the red chair in the bottom, left-hand corner of the screen suddenly moves. It then remains motionless for a moment before being violently pulled across the floor. It’s obvious that it’s movement is the result of some sort of unseen force but whether it is something supernatural or just a piece of string too thin to be seen by the camera is unclear.

What do you think this footage shows? Actual evidence of a poltergeist haunting? Or perhaps a deceptive trick played by a bored security guard?

While the authenticity of this clip is still open to debate, the idea that a ghost could manipulate an object with such force is certainly a scary one.

2. Creepy Face Seen in Salem Lamp

During the late 1600’s, more than 200 people were accused of witchcraft in the city of Salem, Massachusetts. 30 were eventually found guilty and many were subsequently executed.

To this day, some believe that the city is still haunted by the ghosts of those condemned during the trials and it has become a popular destination for paranormal enthusiasts.

Salem’s mayor, Kim Driscoll captured this eerie photo outside one of the city’s courthouses. In it you can see what appears to be an anguished face trapped inside the lamp post.

The mayor promptly posted the pic to Twitter along with the message ‘Anybody else see a face in this light?…Totally eerie, eh.’ The Tweet quickly gained popularity with many viewers agreeing that there did appear to be a face in the lamp.

In a city known for its paranormal history, sightings like this tend to have a little more credence than just your average ‘ghost photo‘. Memorials serve as a constant reminder of the city’s dark and gruesome past and it seems that if there were ever to be such a thing as a haunted city, Salem certainly has all the credentials.

Is it possible then, that this photo does show the face of a ghost? And, if so, could it actually be one of the so called ‘witches’ who lost their lives at the hands of the angry Salem townsfolk? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

1. Shadowy Figure Caught on Camera



There is very little information available about the last video on our list. The footage, seen here uploaded to the YouTube channel TechWorldTv starts out focused on a man finishing up some cable repairs. He then begins to climb down the somewhat precariously placed ladder towards his partner who appears to be doing his best to keep it from slipping.

Up until this point, the video seems fairly uneventful. However, if you watch the clip a second time and focus on the yellow wall behind the man you will notice what appears to be a shadowy, transparent figure walking by.

At first, its shape is a little hard to make out but just as the figure exits the shot, you can clearly see its torso and legs. In fact, if you watch the footage very closely, it almost looks as though you can see the figure emerging from the ground, straighten its upper body, then begin to walk away.

Another peculiarity is that the figure doesn’t seem to be a free moving entity but rather a disembodied shadow projected onto the wall. However, there is clearly no one around that it could belong to which raises the obvious question, what could it be?

Some have suggested that it is a shadow person. Others, a ghost. One thought it that it might actually be a guardian angel of sorts overseeing the man as he makes his dangerous repairs.

Whatever the case may be, there is little denying that this certainly is an unusual video. However, without more information and further context, it will have to remain a mystery. At least for the time being.