These Creepy Photos May Show Proof of Ghosts

When the internet wants proof of ghosts, there’s no better place to turn than the creepy photos that many of us are able to capture thanks to the handy cameras that we have built into our smartphones. Let’s take a look at a few creepy photos that may just covert even the most hardened skeptics into believers.

6. Creepy Photos – Shadow Figure in Car

Black and white family photo may show proof of ghosts. What a creepy photo.

The first of the creepy photos on our list comes from a time before digital photos prevailed. According to Slapped Ham fan Bill Stockstill, the submitter of this photo, the image was taken sometime in the mid-1970s in Florida.

According to Bill, the photo depicts his mother and sister posing next to a car on a piece of property the family had recently purchased. Bill came across the old photo one day when nostalgically flipping through some family photo albums. Like many older photos, this image is in grainy black and white. However, there is something in the image that comes across clear as day and may just offer clear-cut proof of ghosts.

In the old station wagon next to the mother and daughter who are the subjects of the photograph, there appears to be a dark shadow. The shadow appears to be in the shape of a person sitting in the back seat of the car only a few feet away from the two women standing just outside the vehicle. The women are smiling and cheerful, so clearly they have no idea that something paranormal may be lurking close by.

Some might argue that the shadow could be caused by a reflection on the car’s window, but the window is clearly rolled down, making this explanation impossible. So what was this eerie entity lurking so close to this innocent mother and daughter?

Could it be a shadow person, a paranormal entity that is said to exist in the periphery of our vision?

5. An Encounter with the Supernatural

Two men pose for a photo, a possible ghost has appeared in the window.

Are ghosts real? Some people seem to be magnets for the paranormal. Creepy photos and other proof of ghosts seems to pile up around them. One such individual is Slapped Ham fan David Burke, of Liverpool, England. According to David, he and his sister regularly experience paranormal activity. One spirit in particular has made a few appearances in photos and videos that the family has captured.

In this particular photo, David and his brother pose for a picture outside the family’s house. At first, the picture appears entirely normal. However, if you look closely at the window to the right of the door, there is something else in the photo that doesn’t quite belong: the face of a man with a beard and moustache. David shared the picture with a trusted medium, who confirmed that the man in the photo is in fact a spirit. The medium shared that the black and white colors below the face are actually a cat: the spirit of a cat buried in the home’s backyard. According to the medium, the man used to be a trash collector in the area, and he shared a special bond with the cat, who he still likes to visit even after death.

In addition to the photo, David’s sister may have captured a video that offers proof of ghosts. A few days after their father passed away, she thought she could feel his presence in the room. She took out her camera and began filming while she attempted to communicate with him. In the room, there was a child’s toy with a button the child can press to make barn noises. Astonishingly, the video shows the toy making the barn noises in response to her questions. On several occasions she asks the entity believed to be her father whether he can press the button.

This eerie video truly seems to offer proof of the existence of a spirit world.

4. Creepy Photos – A Possible Apparition

This may show proof of ghosts when two girls posed for a photo.

When Kenzie Knutson and her family headed outside for a barbeque, they weren’t expecting to end up with creepy photos that would have them debating whether they were holding proof of ghosts in their hands. They certainly weren’t expecting to end up afraid of what might be lurking outside near their fire pit.

As the fire crackled and the family laughed and joked while cooking their food, Kenzie’s mother began using her phone’s camera to take some photos of everyone to mark the occasion. As she was snapping the pictures, her phone slipped from her hand and slipped to the ground. The phone wasn’t broken, so no big deal, right? That’s what they thought at first. However, when the family looked at the photos later, they discovered that two pictures had been taken as the phone fell to the ground. And one of them showed something that sent shivers down their spines.

In one of the two pictures, everything appeared normal. Kenzie and her two sisters sat together near the fire, facing toward each other. In the second photo, they are in the same position, but there is something else behind them: a tall figure with what appears to be a brown cloth or bag over its head. Kenzie and her family are certain that they would have noticed if anyone else had walked by while they were having their barbeque, and they are positive that they were alone around the fire. Does this mean that the mysterious figure draped in brown was a supernatural entity?

3. The Haunted Phoenix Saloon

Shadow figure photographed in Phoenix Saloon in Texas

It’s no secret that the Phoenix Saloon in Texas is rumoured to be haunted. For years, the staff and guests have reported supernatural events in the popular bar, such as windows and doors opening and closing on their own, the sound of footsteps, a chilly breeze, and a shadowy man walking down a second floor hallway. Many believe the paranormal activity is caused by the ghost of John Sippel, the man who built the building in 1871. He was a tortured alcoholic who committed suicide after his wife left him for another man.

Another possible candidate is Walter Krause, a former owner of the saloon. He was killed in 1885 in a bar fight, so it seems likely his spirit could linger in the building. Some also suggest that the masonic lodge that was once housed on the third floor enacted some sinister secret rituals which caused the haunting.

Shadow ghost seen in Phoenix Saloon Texas.

However, in the photographs submitted by Sloan St. Clair, none of these theories seem to hold water. In these creepy photos, the shadowy entity that lurks around the saloon appears to be a woman. According to Sloan, there was no one else there that could have been responsible for the bizarre shadow, and regulars stated that the shadow woman is something of a fixture in the saloon. As a sensitive clairvoyant, Sloan believes that the woman wants people to see her, which explains why she appears so clearly in the photographs.

We may never know who exactly this mysterious shadow figure at the Phoenix Saloon is, but their appearance in these photographs may very well be real proof of ghosts.

2. Creepy Photos – Unexplained Child

Ghost child appears in Christmas photo

Mike Rozwalka was home alone with his wife and son Ethan when this next photo was taken. At least, he thought he was. As most parents do, Mike decided to snap a photo as he was playing with his son to capture a bit of that innocent fun. However, when he looked at the photo, he was shocked to see not one child, but two. Next to Ethan appears the face and shoulder of another child. He was absolutely certain that there was no one else present, so where could the second child in the picture have come from?

One possibility is that Ethan moved while the picture was being taken, causing the resulting photo to blur. However, upon careful comparison of the two children, this explanation doesn’t seem likely. First of all, Ethan is wearing a bright red Santa hat that doesn’t appear on the ghost child. In addition, the ghost child’s bare shoulder is visible, but Ethan is wearing a bright blue shirt. For that matter, where is the rest of the ghost child’s body? There are also inconsistencies in the shapes of the hairlines, chins, eyes, and mouths that make it impossible that the second child in the photograph could simply be a blurry version of Ethan.

If this is the case, then who is the ghostly child in this photo? And what was he doing standing so close behind Mike’s son?

1. Ghost Town, Colorado

This creepy photo may show proof of a ghost, taken in Burlington Colorado.

According to Michael Basset, the town of Burlington, Colorado is well-known among supernatural enthusiasts for being a hotbed of paranormal activity. Witches, ghosts, and UFOs have been active in the area, drawing paranormal investigators, both professional and amateur, to investigate areas of interest around the town.

Two young girls and one of their mothers was doing such an amateur investigation when they took this mysterious photo. In the foreground of the photo is what appears to be a very clear image of a ghost. The figure is a tall man whose face is partially in shadows, making it difficult to discern his features. However, he may be wearing an old army jacket. It is clear that this entity is not corporeal, as the light from the window behind the man shines through the center of his body, allowing only parts of him to be visible to the camera.

Is this a ghost captured on film in an old house in Burlington Colorado?

Some might argue that the image looks a lot like a double exposure, so the image could have been created accidentally by shooting over an image of someone else standing in the room. However, the investigators who took the image insist that no men were present when the photo was taken, so there’s no possibility that someone fitting this description could have appeared in the photo.

Does this picture offer proof of ghosts? That’s up to you to decide.