Scary Japanese Ghost Videos

Oh Japan!

Every culture has its own myths and superstitions, but Japan seems to have more than its own fair share of them. It’s not surprising then that so many of the creepiest videos of ghosts and other supernatural entities seem to come from the Land of the Rising Sun. Get ready to be terrified as we take a look at some seriously scary Japanese ghost videos.

7. Scary Japanese Ghost Videos – Woman in Black

YouTuber user BakuDD posted this terrifying Japanese ghost video in August 2010. The exact origins of this clip are unclear as it seems to have been passed around the Internet quite a few times, from forum to forum. Each time however the users are chilled to their core as this piece of footage seems to show a spirit manifesting on camera.

The video begins with a few seconds of shaky, blurry shots of the interior of the home. The camera pans around quickly, not giving much of an impression of the rooms in which the cameraperson stands. However, there is one image that appears on the camera clearly: that of a dark figure standing against the light shining into the room from the windows. It appears to be a woman in all black. She is tall with a very thin waist, perhaps with a veil covering her head. The complete darkness of the figure makes her seem like a shadow, but not a single beam of light passes through her. She stands eerily still as she stares straight at the camera. It is unclear who or what this mysterious entity is, but many have likened her to the grim reaper.

The woman holding the camera immediately begins to panic when she sees the figure in black, panning the camera all over the room to search for the source of the shadow creature. However, the ghostly image has disappeared without a trace.

For nearly a decade this chilling piece of footage has divided the paranormal community. Many analysts have studied this clip frame-by-frame swearing the footage is genuine evidence of a ghost caught on camera. Others think the grainy quality leaves too much to doubt and that no definitely conclusions can be made.

Could it be one of the infamous shadow people that people all around the world have been catching on camera?

Whether you think this footage is real or not, there is an undeniable creepy vibe given off by this clip. Love to hear your thoughts on this one in the comments below.

6. Ghostly Face Caught on Camera While Camping

When you spend an evening hanging out with friends, you probably don’t expect to walk away with terrifying Japanese ghost videos. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to this group of friends when they decided to spend some time laughing and roasting food over a fire one evening.

One of the group decided that it would be a good idea to commemorate their fun-filled evening by taking a video with their phone while the rest of the group relaxed around the fire. On first glance, the video appears entirely normal. It shows the friends talking and laughing as they sit around the fire. It even shows a few close-ups of some of the food that they have been cooking in the fire pit.

After watching the video the first time, you might think nothing is amiss. However, if you slow the video down and keep your eyes in the darkness behind the teenagers, you’ll quickly realize that something not quite normal is lurking in the shadows.

As the camera pans around the circle, it picks up the ghostly image of a mysterious figure skulking around behind the group as they relax around the fire. Its entire body appears to be black, as it disappears into the darkness. The only thing that is clearly visible is its face: a white mask that appears to painted into a permanent, eerie grin. The face looks upward to the sky, almost as if laughing at the group of teenagers as it stalks them. It is unclear what exactly this entity is, but its appearance is certainly haunting.

Is this really a ghost caught on camera?

5. Creepy Face Caught on Japanese Cooking Show

You’d think the worst that can happen on a cooking show is that the chef could end up with a cut or maybe burn the food. It turns out that cooking segments can also end up on our list of terrifying Japanese ghost videos.

This video, uploaded by Matomen07, begins just as the chef leans down to sample some delicious ramen that has just been prepared on the show. As he does this, the camera catches a glimpse of the edge of the soundstage. Instead of the usual cables and boards that you would expect to see there, this time, there is a face staring out onto the stage.

The face is pale and eerily still. Many who have seen the video claim that it is most likely a member of the crew watching from backstage, but this is an unlikely explanation. If you look closely, only the face of this entity is visible. If it was a crew member, we would be able to see their body as well. Besides, a crew member would have moved when they realized they had been caught on camera. This entity remains eerily still throughout the video.

No one has an explanation for this terrifying face caught on television during an ordinary cooking segment, but it just goes to show that the paranormal can be lurking where you least expect it.

4. Scary Japanese Ghost Videos – Eerie Figure on Side of the Road

Driving down a dark street late at night can be nerve-wracking. It’s definitely not the time or place to be thinking about Japanese ghost videos. Unfortunately for this driver, they ended up recording one.

Driving down a lonely road late one night, this driver spotted something peculiar along the side of the road. It was long after dark, so there was no reason for anyone to be out on foot. Yet, the footage clearly shows a young woman on the side of the road. To make the video even more disturbing, the woman isn’t walking along the road, as if she was caught out late trying to get home; she merely stands behind the guardrail staring calmly at the ground.

When the ghostly woman is illuminated by the car’s headlights, we can see that she has long, dark hair and wears a white dress. This fits the typical description of the traditional Japanese Yūrei – a ghost from Japanese folklore. These spirits typically wear white, reflecting the white burial kimono used in traditional funeral rituals. They often look disheveled and have limbs that seem to hang lifelessly from their bodies.

Whether this entity was a Yūrei or some other type of spirit, her appearance alongside the road late at night was likely spine-chilling for this driver.

3. Scary Face in the Mirror

At first glance this home video of a couple hanging out seems perfectly normal. No scary Japanese ghost videos here, right? Wrong, again. This wholesome video takes a terrifying turn when the girl tells her partner that she’s afraid of something in the bathroom and asks him if he’ll go and check to make sure there’s nothing there. He happily obliges.

We see the man take the camera and head to the bathroom. He first checks behind the shower curtain. So far, so good. When he looks up into the mirror, he gasps and turns away so quickly that we barely get a glimpse of what has startled him: a stark white, ghostly face looking back at him from the mirror. In slow-motion, we can see that the pale face is framed with dark black hair and may have dark black makeup around its eyes.

The man holding the camera doesn’t stick around long enough the get a good look at the ghostly face in the mirror. Instead, he decides one quick look is enough and flees the room.

2. Scary Japanese Ghost Videos – Ghost Girl Manifests

It seems that ghosts have a soft spot for haunting teenagers. In this video, a group of teenagers are in the middle of a game of hide and seek or tag in a dark park, recording their carefree game, when something terrifying happens.

The footage shows the teen boys running around the park chasing one another, stopping in various spots to catch their breath. When the chasers start to catch up, they take off again and hide behind a group of nearby trees. The boy holding the camera pans the camera around, presumably looking for the group of kids that are hunting for them. This is when the camera picks up something that sends them all running for their lives.

Lurking just behind one of the boys, almost blending in with the group in the shadows, is what appears to be a Yūrei: a disheveled ghost in a dirty white dress with long black hair. She stands calmly behind them, completely unmoving. This ghost is particularly messy looking as if she just crawled from the grave. As soon as the boys see her, they begin screaming and run from the trees. Hopefully, the terrifying ghost isn’t able to keep up with them as they flee.

This park would definitely rank in some of Japan’s most haunted places.

1. Ghost Girl on Playground

A family day at the playground is a wonderful time to make memories. In this video, a family takes videos of their young daughter as she runs around the playground having a good time playing on the swings, slides, and jungle gyms at their local park. Everything seems normal and carefree as the happy family has a wonderful day together. However, when the family reviewed the footage, they discovered an uninvited guest had made an appearance.

In one shot in the footage when their daughter was running around on the jungle gym, they noticed a slightly older girl with very pale skin and dark hair standing at the top of the jungle gym. She is staring directly into the camera as the little girl runs past. What’s truly disturbing is her expression; she appears to be glaring at the camera with an evil scowl. When the camera pans back the girl is gone.

To make matters even more terrifying, the family is certain that when they were in the park, there was no other child at the top of the jungle gym when that footage was shot. They certainly would have remembered a girl glaring at them so menacingly. Could this video be depicting some sort of unhappy spirit? If so, who is she?