TikTok Videos Too Scary to Watch Alone

These Tik Tok Videos Have Captured Some Very Creepy Things!

From a strange creature filmed in a park after dark, to possible evidence of a mysterious haunting, these TikTok videos are too scary to watch alone.

7. TikTok Video Captures Ghost

@erikar_1971So my security picked this up tonight. My dad passed on Nov 26th and I wonder if its him. It looks like a ghost to me.#ghost #creepy #wth♬ original sound – erikar_1971

TikTok user @erikar_1971 believes that she might have caught a ghost on camera. The creepy clip shows what appears to be an apparition walking across her driveway and towards a fence on the left side of the property.

She believes that the mysterious figure seen in the video might actually be her father who had passed a short time prior.

If you take a close look at the figure you can see that it certainly does resemble a human.  One that seems to move in an eerie, ethereal manner as it crosses in front of the camera.

What do you think? Has this TikTok video really captured evidence of a ghost? Or could there be another explanation for the strange shape seen in this footage?

6. Sinister Haunting Caught on Camera

@itsbrookerobertsWe set up security cameras in our rooms…. #haunted #hauntedhouse #scary #ididabadthing♬ original sound – itsbrookeroberts

TikTok user @itsbrookeroberts decided to set up security cameras in several rooms of his house in an effort to film evidence of a haunting.

As the footage from the first camera shows, there does indeed appear to be something unusual happening in this house. As someone sleeps, their covers are mysteriously pulled from the bed by an unseen force.

The video then focuses on footage from a second camera. This one set up in the kitchen. It shows a glass suddenly fly off the bench and it can be heard shattering on the floor. The sound is so loud it even wakes one of the residents from their slumber.

Soon after, the other person in the room begins to slide uncontrollably off his bed as if pulled by something supernatural. He is heard screaming for help just as the video abruptly ends.

While there is no doubt that this is some very scary footage, does it really show evidence of a haunting or just a series of spooky pranks? As with many clips of this nature, opinions remain divided.

Regardless of whether this video is real or fake, one thing is for sure. It will definitely make you think twice about those creepy sounds you sometimes hear coming from your kitchen late at night.

5. Mysterious Creature Filmed in Park

@jigglypuff666999Blow this up #arizona #azcheck #foryoupage #fyp #ThatsWhatILike #gymrush #HMmerchformation #turnitup #CeoOf♬ original sound – jigglypuff666999

This scary TikTok video from @jigglypuff666999 was brought to our attention by a fan who sent the link to our Facebook page.

Filmed in Desert Willow Park in Phoenix, Arizona, the clip shows some sort of strange creature that appears to be running around on all fours.

A horrific moaning sound can be heard as the video cuts to a shed somewhere in the park. As the camera holder approaches the locked doors, it becomes evident that there is someone or something trapped inside.

The footage then abruptly ends. However, soon after, the same TikTok user released a second video.

@jigglypuff666999#Azcheck #arizonacheck #fyp #foryoupage #arizona♬ original sound – jigglypuff666999

This one begins as the camera holder hears a horrible wailing sound similar to that in the first video. He then spots the same bizarre creature running beneath the eerie lights of the park.

The beast is pale in color and looks to be humanoid. However, it moves in a similar way to an ape.

What type of creature has this TikTok user managed to catch on camera? Could it be some sort of creepy cryptid? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

4. TikTok Table Tennis Haunting

@sakhi9If you see my new post “ I am fine “, (now I believe that exists 👻) #foryou #foryoupag #virał #fyp #ghost #scary♬ Be Gone Thot! – LIL MAYO

This TikTok video, uploaded by @sakhi9 begins as many do. Just a couple of friends who’ve decided to film a friendly game in a basement or garage. Then, seemingly without warning, the door behind them flings open.

The men cautiously approach the door and call out to see if there is anyone there. They receive no answer. However, a few seconds later the purple tub mysteriously falls to the ground.

Clearly spooked by the events, the two men scamper off camera and the footage suddenly ends.

This clip certainly gives off a very creepy vibe. Neither the door nor the tub appear to have been manipulated by wires and this lends weight to the idea that the events might actually be the result of paranormal activity.

If this does indeed turn out to be true, then I’m sure these men won’t be back for another game of table tennis any time soon.

3. TikTok Video Captures Paranormal Activity

@itzchantelle8OMG!! DID YOU SEE THAT IM HOME ALONE 😨😨 #foryoupage #featurethis #omg #youtube #makeup #ghost♬ original sound – _samantha.nicole_

TikTok has become the chosen platform for creators to make dance videos using today’s popular music. However, when user @itzchantelle8 decided to film a video of her own the last thing she was probably thinking about was the supernatural.

As the budding star begins her routine some sort of unseen force appears to brush her hair from behind. Confused and probably even a little scared, the video maker turns to look behind. Unable to she anything unusual, she then leans in to take a closer look at her camera.

Could it really have been a ghost that moved her hair?

It is thought that some supernatural forces might posses the ability to manipulate their surroundings in order to get the attention of those around them. If this is true, does this video show proof of the spirit world attempting to make contact?

2. Apparition Spotted on Google Earth

@averys.google.earthThere were 3 ghosts not one😱♬ Scary Music Box – Cauldron City

This creepy TikTok video was uploaded by @averys.google.earth. It appears that the user has spotted something truly chilling photographed within a cave in the East African country of Uganda.

The video begins as Google Earth zooms in on the location. Then, the camera pans around the interior of the cave. It passes the sunlit entrance and eventually stops on two women, one of whom appears to be taking a photo.

At a glance, nothing seems out of the ordinary. That is, until you notice that there is actually a third, transparent figure standing near the women!

It appears to have a bald head and looks as though it is wearing a long, green robe. The figure seems to stare intently at the women as they admire the cave’s interior.

This is definitely a very mysterious photo. However, it immediately raises a very important question. Does Google really photograph the interior of caves when creating maps for Google Earth? It seems unlikely although it is certainly not impossible.

Unfortunately, photos of this nature can be extremely difficult to authenticate and without further information, the truth behind this chilling image will have to remain a mystery – at least for the time being.

1. Dog Sees The Supernatural

@pongopigthegsp♬ original sound – pongopigthegsp

It has long been thought that animals might possess the ability to sense the supernatural and this theory is often debated among the paranormal community.

If you are one that thinks that animals cannot see ghosts then this video uploaded to TikTok by user @pongopigthegsp might actually change your mind.

In the clip, Pongo the dog seems to be preoccupied by something near the bench. However, there doesn’t appear to be anything there.

As it continues, the camera holder reveals what it is that Pongo is staring at – the ashes of the family’s previous dog that they keep in a box on top of the bench! Somehow, Pongo seems to be able to sense the other dog’s presence.

@pongopigthegspPt 2, my dog can see ghosts♬ original sound – pongopigthegsp

Some time later, @pongopigthegsp uploaded another video to TikTok that once again seems to prove their pet’s supernatural ability.

Just like the first clip, this one shows Pongo intently staring at the bench. This time however, the box that contains the other dog’s ashes is no longer there.

The fixated Pongo is soon lead upstairs and immediately looks down at the empty bench from between the banister. It is then revealed that the box containing the ashes has actually been placed in the drawer.

How is it possible that Pongo the dog knows exactly where they are without being able to see them? Could it be that this intuitive pooch can somehow feel or even see the other dog’s spirit?

What do you think? Does this video really prove that animals possess the ability to sense the supernatural? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.