Scary Irish Ghost Sightings No One Can Explain

Ireland is an old country, with stories and structures dating back thousands of years. With so much history, it isn’t surprising that the Emerald Isle is full of tales of haunted castles and ghostly occurrences. Even in the 21st Century, residents and visitors in Ireland regularly report spotting spirits in strange places. Let’s take a look at a few of these strange Irish ghost sightings.

7. Poltergeist Haunts Convenience Store


According to Tom O’Flynn, Irish ghost sightings are a regular occurrence at his workplace. This might lead you to think that Tom works in an old building with lots of stories. Actually, he is the owner of Tolison’s Service Station, an ordinary store and gas station in Cork.

One morning, Tom came to the store and found a package of snacks on the ground. He didn’t think much of it until he saw that a fruit bowl had also been overturned and knocked on the ground. This prompted him to check the CCTV cameras. These showed footage of items being pushed over and flung around the store late at night after closing. The footage found its way to the internet, where amateur ghost hunters have been trying to come up with theories about the strange happenings.


About a week later, different cameras showed a possible explanation. While the clip is dark and grainy, some viewers believe it shows a shadowy figure. The footage does distort in a strange way, pulsing in and out but it’s hardly conclusive.

Seeing the events from this new angle, viewers are convinced that a dark, shadowy woman caused the strange events. Tom isn’t quite sure about the ghostly woman supposedly showing up in the video. However, he notes that his store is positioned in between two funeral homes. Anything is possible, including a recently deceased spirit looking for a midnight snack.

6. Eerie Historical Photo

Belfast Linen Girls 1900, scary Irish Ghost sightings.
Irish Mirror

This historical photo from Getty appears normal at first glance. However, a viewer with personal ties to one of the figures in the photo noticed something that led to one of the creepiest ghost sightings in Ireland.

The photo in question was taken over 100 years ago. It shows several young women who worked in a linen factory. They’re posed with their arms crossed, wearing the traditional garments that such factory workers regularly donned a century ago. The photo was published to an Irish website as part of a gallery of old photos. A woman named Lynda commented on the photo, stating that one of the girls was her grandmother, Ellen Donnelly. Her father has the same photo in his home, and the family has been speculating about it for years.

What has the family so interested in this photo? If you look closely at Lynda’s grandmother, on the far right in the second row down, on the girl’s shoulder just in front you might notice something odd: an unexplained hand gripping her right shoulder. There is no one on her left who the hand could belong to, and all of the other girls have their arms tightly crossed. The fingers on the hand seem to be digging into the woman’s shoulder, so she certainly would’ve noticed if it had been a human hand.

Some believe the hand is a trick of the light or something amiss in the way the woman’s dress is laying. However, others are convinced that this is evidence of a century old ghost.

5. Ghostly Soldier

Ghost Soldier spotted in scary Irish ghost sighting.
Credit: Gerri Moran

An Irish mom named Gerri Moran decided to enjoy a sunny day by taking her two children for a walk near an old, out-of-service train track in Derry. During the walk, she snapped a cute photo of her daughter waving to the camera while her other child heads into a darker wooded area. No one noticed anything amiss, and the family had a nice time on their hike. However, when they returned home and Gerri looked at the photo, she was shocked by some terrifying Irish ghost sightings.

Just beyond her son, you can see what appears at first to be a gray blur. On closer inspection, the blur takes the form of a man walking past the tree. He appears to be wearing the uniform of a soldier, and looks straight into the camera at the moment the picture was taken.

According to a local historian, the area where the picture was taken was full of British soldiers during WWI because of its proximity to the country’s border. In fact, a famous soldier/poet, Francis Ledwige, frequented the area during the war, writing many poems about its beauty. He was an officer, like the man in the photo, so perhaps he has returned after death to a place he loved during life. Regardless of who the soldier was, this Irish mom might hesitate before taking her children for more walks along the abandoned railway.

4. Extra Limbs

Extra Limb seen in Irish ghost sighting photo.
Credit: Laura Clarke

Laura Clarke of Belfast is no stranger to bizarre Irish ghost sightings. Ever since her father Terry passed away shortly before the birth of her youngest son, strange things have been happening in her mother’s house.

The family regularly spots strange shadows and unexplainable reflections in the house. In addition, numerous children who live in or visit the house regularly talk about a “man in the attic” that no one seems to be able to explain. To make matters even more frightening, Laura’s sister used to talk about the same man when she was young but has never mentioned it to the children.

Recently, Laura’s mom hosted a Day of the Dead party so the family could gather to remember their lost loved ones, including Terry. They took numerous photos while the family was gathered to commemorate the event. The party went without a hitch. However, when they reviewed the photos later, they noticed something creepy.

In one photo, Laura is holding her young son. The photo caught her eye because there is an eerie third arm in the shot and her son has three legs! All of the limbs are clearly in focus, much to the chagrin of naysayers who believe that the bizarre effect was captured because Laura and her son moved when the shot was taken. Plus, Laura states that her son was talking about his grandfather when they took the photo. Could this photograph be evidence that Terry was in fact with them on the Day of the Dead?

3. The Interfering Poltergeist



While home alone in her Cork residence, Ashy Murphy was terrified to be at the center of numerous eerie Irish ghost sightings. However, not all of the tens of thousands of viewers who have watched the video believe her claims.

The video was taken in Ashy’s kitchen. Things start to go awry when a lampshade suddenly begins to shake and spin in a bizarre fashion. There is no one anywhere near the lamp when it happens. Then the doors on the room’s cupboards begin opening and closing completely on their own. Ashy insists that they were home alone when the strange events unfolded.

Some who have seen the video believe that the entire thing was orchestrated using clear string manipulated by someone standing out of sight. However, others are convinced that it is the work of a playful poltergeist.

What do you think? Hoax or genuine haunting? Let me know in the comments below.

2. Creepy Snapchat Visitor

Irish Snapchat shows ghost in background.
Credit: Bethany Harvey

When Bethany Harvey opened her Snapchat app to take a cute photo of herself with her nephew, she was rudely interrupted by her sister, who decided to pop into the photo as well. Without thinking much of it, Bethany posted the photo and captioned it “Photobombed!” Little did she know that she had also been photobombed by someone other than her sister.

It wasn’t until later in the day that Bethany noticed anything amiss. A friend came to visit her and pointed out something truly bizarre in the photo: what appears to be a girl or woman in a purple dress. The figure seems to be sitting in a chair behind the girls with her hands folded neatly in her lap. Because of the positioning of the people in the photo, we are unable to see the figure’s face. However, the rest of its body is crystal clear.

Bethany was shocked when she noticed the woman in the purple dress. According to her, there was no one else in the house besides her, her sister, and her nephew. The figure appears so close to them that there’s no way someone could have snuck in without them noticing. The family has no idea who the woman could be, but her appearance certainly has them spooked.

1. Sharon Rectory House


When Paranormal Investigators Ireland visited the supposedly haunted Sharon Rectory House in Donegal, they were hoping for some creepy ghost sightings. They were not disappointed.

The building has seen numerous Irish ghost sightings in the past. Visitors and locals claim to see various ghosts walking the halls throughout the day and night. A woman who once lived in the house with her family published a book detailing the terror of living there, with stories of numerous physical attacks by what she thought to be demons. According to a history of the place, it was the sight of a gruesome double murder that could be the cause of the terrifying paranormal events.

When the paranormal investigators began their evening, they set up a camera at the base of a staircase. They placed a ball at the top, hoping to capture ghostly activity. The ghosts obliged. In the eerie footage, we can see the ball suddenly being pushed down the stairs. However, there is clearly no one near it. According to the investigators, this staircase was the site of several other strange events that night. One person who attended the investigation collapsed on the stairs. Another claimed that she felt someone trying to push her down the stairs.

In this famously haunted location, there’s no telling what could happen. If these investigators are correct, there is certainly something sinister happening at the Sharon Rectory House.