Freaky Videos That’ll Sort You Right Out

Are you a lover of freaky videos? We have done a round up of some of the more mysterious videos out there that will get you thinking.

6. Freaky Videos: Glitch in the Matrix


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Posted to the bitch Instagram page, this video seems to, quite literally, show a glitch in the Matrix. Captured outside, the video shows a point in the sky where the inexplicable is occurring.

In the middle of the air, surrounded by palm trees, a strange object seems to be floating. It looks like a palm frond frozen in space and time.

It almost looks like we’re seeing a glitched simulation. Half the elements in the video seem to make sense, but it looks like the palm frond has been copied and pasted to the wrong part of the sky.

The video zooms into the weird object, showing that it isn’t simply a doctored photograph. Some commenters thought perhaps there was a thin power line or piece of string holding the palm leaf up.

While viewers may not be certain to what exactly is happening in this video, freaky videos like these certainly lend credence to the idea that we just might be living in a simulation after all.

5. Eerie Figure on the Road



Uploaded by YouTube user Dave World, this video is sure to leave viewers with the creeps for quite a while. Captured on a dashcam, the video first focuses on another vehicle driving just ahead.

After a bit of time, the vehicle must swerve to get around something in the way of the road. It is only when the vehicle with the dashcam approaches that same area that questions, as well as concerns, start to be raised.

There are quite a few freaky videos on the internet featuring ominous figures standing in the middle of the road. But the scariest are those that seem to be quite clearly corporeal.

While some footage may allow room for doubt as to whether or not there is actually a figure there at all, there is no room for denial in this video. As the car comes closer, it is quite clear that a man is standing right in the middle of the road.

Eerily still, the figure appears to be completely unconcerned with the possibility of being hit by a vehicle. In fact, the figure’s stance almost appears to be a challenge to oncoming vehicles, practically asking them to do their worst.

Upon closer inspection, the figure appears to be unnaturally pale and expressionless. While the video claims the figure is a ghost, this creepy figure in the middle of the road barely needs a supernatural influence in order to unsettle viewers. Regardless of whether this is an actual supernatural figure, the idea of a person standing in the middle of the road like this is concerning enough to leave viewers feeling jarred.

4. Freaky Videos: Scary Encounter on Night Shift

@matthall36if enough ppl want i’ll do a part 2 explaining the aftermath.. ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##xyzbca♬ original sound – Matt Hall


As with that last clip, these freaky videos posted to TikTok by user matthall36 show that a figure doesn’t have to be supernatural to be terror-inducing. These videos were recorded after-hours at the TikTok user’s place of business and accompanied by a frantic call to the police. The actual horror one feels for the person in this scenario is real.

The first video uploaded is a chilling documentation of the traumatic event. A man is seen outside the building. It is clear that the situation had already been progressing before the video was recording. The uploader is already on the phone with the police as this is taking place.

The video shows security camera footage of a man eerily dragging what appears to be a heavy bag right down the road.

As the man gets closer to the building, it is clear the uploader is terrified. To the uploader’s dismay, the man walks right up to the building and pounds on the door.

Clearly distressed, and with nowhere to hide, the man begs police to get there as quickly as possible.

@matthall36Here’s part 2 of the security camera video! ##part2 ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##xyzbca♬ original sound – Matt Hall

Given the popularity of the first chilling video, a second video was posted to the channel in order to explain the context of the creepy event in more detail.

The uploader explains that he had been working a night shift when the motion-activated cameras detected someone nearby. Given the man’s odd behavior, the uploader called 911 as the man approached and then started recording the video.

The man apparently disappeared after the video ended, leaving his bag behind. The police arrived, only to discover the bag contained bloody clothes. With the man gone and his bag of evidence apparently left behind, it is clear that while the tale is over for this TikTok user, the police investigation has only just begun.

3. Man Disappears on Security Camera

Probably a video glitch but my wife is freaking out.. from r/Ghosts


Posted by Reddit user erick31, scary Ring camera videos have gained a lot of attention in recent years. While some users have a lot to say about camera glitches, others are less convinced by this explanation.

Either way, these occurrences are certainly frequent enough to raise some doubts as to what discerning individuals are seeing. In this case, a man is captured by the Ring camera. He is nonchalantly walking down the sidewalk in front of this couple’s home.

However, as soon as he reaches the end of the sidewalk in view of the camera, the man’s body seems to slowly disappear until there is nothing left. Where the man once was, only the background provided by the neighborhood remains.

Extremely odd and instantly disconcerting, some viewers have raised doubts as to what it is they are seeing exactly. Some viewers assert the odd effect to be some sort of video glitch relative to light.

While it is certainly plausible for these cameras to glitch, therefore creating odd visuals, that may not necessarily be the case in this instance. If you look closely, the man’s body disappears slowly, rather than all at once. This leaves the objects behind him clear as day in the video.

Rather than distort that entire side, only the man seems to be tampered with. Ruling out a camera glitch, the implications of this video instantly appear to be far more concerning than one may have originally believed.

From a supernatural perspective, one has to wonder what it is they are seeing here exactly. The disappearance of a ghost? Or something else entirely? That’s for the viewer to decide.

2. Freaky Videos: UFO Seen from Plane

Tweeted by user ConspiracionESP, this video begs the same question – is this real or fake?

The footage has been captured from an aircraft in the sky. It is clear the original uploader began recording as they sensed something was wrong with the aircraft opposite them.

Well-trained pilots and frequent fliers are well-versed with in-flight protocol. They are able to discern fairly quickly when something in the air is not quite right. Such is apparently the instance here. An object is first spotted flying on nearly the same level as this aircraft, in the opposite direction.

Coming closer, the flying object appears to be nothing like any aircraft seen before. Boxy yet flat, the craft instantly looks more like something out of a sci-fi movie than a commercial or army aircraft.

What’s more, the object appears to adjust its course quickly once it realizes it is closing in on the aircraft this video was recorded in. Dipping down beneath cloud cover, it is clear that whatever craft this was, it did not want this one to get a closer look at it.

The mystery of the odd aircraft may never see a conclusion. This leaves viewers and UFO enthusiasts to wonder just what exactly was seen that day.

1. Ring Doorbell Anomaly



The last of these freaky videos was posted to the Ring website itself. Seemingly just an average security video, the anomaly in this video is subtle and easily missed.

However, closer viewings reveal a small light visible near the home’s driveway at the beginning of the video. The light zips right down the sidewalk to the street, where it seems to almost materialize as a figure on the road.

Eerie and unsettling, repeated viewings do nothing to calm the idea nagging at the back of one’s mind that whatever it is they are seeing is not quite natural.

When the figure reaches the end of the sidewalk and hits the road, it appears to materialize into another form entirely. A trick of the mind or a trick of an otherworldly spirit? That’s clearly up to the viewer to decide, as it seems unlikely a follow-up to this odd video will ever be posted.

However, videos like this do a good job raising speculation as to whether or not any of these open-ended Ring camera videos will ever get the proper investigation they deserve – or if they will be blamed on camera glitches forever more.