Scary Footage Caught by Ring Doorbell Security Cameras

Would you answer the door?

Theses are the scariest things caught by Ring Doorbell security cameras. From a terrifying house fire to a mysterious businessman selling a bike, these are the creepiest doorbell camera videos ever captured.

11. Ring Doorbell Camera Saves Lives

This scary doorbell camera footage was uploaded to a Youtube channel called Michael Hernandez in December 2017.

The video shows something catching fire in a neighbour’s property. The fire slowly gets bigger and bigger until it has almost engulfed the entire yard. The flames begin to catch onto the roof of the house. Eventually the homeowner comes to the front door and is shocked to see the yard on fire. He runs to get a small fire extinguisher but quickly realises he’s in trouble.

The man seen in the footage later said that his Ring Doorbell app had been notifying him of movement at the front door. It wasn’t until the fourth notification that he finally awoke to see what the commotion was. His fiance called 911 and the household managed to escape through the backdoor.

Luckily, no one was injured during the incident. It’s safe to say that the Ring Doorbell app saved this family’s life.

A GoFundMe campaign was launched to help with the rebuild of both the houses – close to $6500 was raised by the local community.

10. Eerie Package Delivery

This is some creepy doorbell camera footage that was uploaded to a Youtube channel called AlaskanDiva in mid-2016.

At the very beginning of the clip you can see a mysterious person standing at the entrance to the porch. It looks as though they leave a package on the ground then get in a car and drive off quickly.

The package is somewhat blurred and can be seen in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Whatever the object is, it begins to pulse and almost looks like it inflates a little. It gets bigger and seems to float up and out of the view of the camera.

When the footage was shared across social media a number of explanations were put forth. Some viewers saw the incident as a prank of some kind but still couldn’t identify what the package was. Others saw the footage as supernatural, claiming that the shadowy figure at the beginning was a ghost and the black, blurry object was his spirit dematerialising. Finally, a lot of viewers thought it was nothing but a bug that coincidentally started crawling along the side of the camera just as the visitor left the house.

Love to get your opinion on this strange piece of footage. Is it a prank, ghost, bug or something else entirely? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

9. Mystery Woman Rings Doorbell

On August 24th, 2018 in a Sunrise Ranch neighborhood in Montgomery, TX, a partially undressed woman rang several doorbells in the middle of the night.

A frightened resident called police saying that a woman wearing what looked like restraints with no shoes on was ringing their doorbell late in the evening.

The footage went viral, making national news. At first, no one was able to identify the woman as police searches intensified. Local officials were worried that something may have happened to the woman as she appeared to be in distress in the footage.

On August 29th, the woman was identified as a 32-year-old local resident whose name was kept private for safety reasons due to suspected domestic violence.

Police were called to a home in Sunrise Pines at around 11 AM on a threat of suicide. When they entered the property they discovered the body of Dennis Collins who had died from a self-inflicted gunshot. Collin’s girlfriend was the woman in the doorbell camera footage.

The woman, known only as ‘Lauren’, later did an interview for Inside Edition. She told reporters that she woke that night to Collins kneeling on her chest, trying to stuff clothes in her mouth. Lauren managed to escape and frantically tried ringing doorbells in the neighbourhood for help.

8. Strange Girl Bites Doorbell Camera

This is a creepy little piece of footage taken in an unknown part of the US.

It shows a woman lurking outside a house acting strangely. She approaches the doorbell camera but is startled by a passing car. She tries to act naturally so as to not draw attention to herself. Once the car passes she once again approaches the camera. This time however, she tries biting it.

While this footage may be nothing more than a strange friend coming to visit, if I saw someone trying to bite my doorbell camera, I’d think twice before letting them in.

7. Ghostly Orb Pays a Visit

This next short clip seems to show the moment a ghostly entity visits a house.

The homeowner was sitting inside when they got a notification that movement was detected outside their front door. When they went to look there was no one there. Perplexed, the owner decided to review the footage – what they saw gave them the creeps.

In the footage you can see a glowing orb of light pass by the camera. It drifts by slowly before disappearing into the stone wall on the left. The curious thing about the object is that it has enough density to trigger the motion sensor in the doorbell camera.

One viewer said they had the exact same thing happen to them a number of times. They claim they rang the manufacturer, Ring, for an explanation and they said it was most likely an insect passing by. Many commenters agree that it’s most likely a bug of some kind. However, many believe that this is the spirit of a deceased loved one that is lingering around the property to keep them safe.

6. Drunk Teenager Caught on Camera

This doorbell camera has caught the scary moment when a drunk teenager entered a property.

In the footage we see a very intoxicated young man stumble up to the entrance of this unknown home in the US. The man pulls at the doorbell camera, almost ripping it from the door. After a moment of hazy contemplation, he decides to climb the fence and slip into the backyard.

It’s not known whether this man was an intruder or not. It may well be that this young boy lives at this address and was hoping to slip by his parents undetected after a night of heavy drinking.

So it’s either a scary break in or a very funny story to be told at this kid’s 21st birthday.


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