10 Creepiest Things Caught on Dashcam

These Dashcams Have Captured Some Really Scary Things!

From a monster seen lurking by the side of the road to a taxi that stops to pick up a ghost, we count 10 creepiest things caught on dashcam.

10. Creepy Creature Crawls Through Grass

While there is very little information available on this video, it certainly doesn’t detract from the fact that it is some very creepy footage.

It was captured at night along what appears to be a remote, dirt track. As the car stops, a bizarre figure emerges from the darkness and crawls across the trail. It looks humanoid, moves on all fours and appears to have pink or grey colored skin.

While it’s possible that this video is a hoax, there is definitely something unsettling about the figure. It looks as though it has an elongated neck and doesn’t seen to have any hair anywhere on its body, even its head.

What could this mysterious creature actually be? If you have any more information on this video, let us know in the comments section below.

9. Ghost Appears Twice on Indian Road

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BmnIXS6mSo[/embedyt]

This footage, captured on a motorbike was uploaded to ram 1207613’s YouTube channel in 2016. It was reportedly filmed on the way to Ooty, a town high in the hills of Southern India.

As the rider rounds a corner, a mysterious figure is seen standing on the road. The figure, which is only seen for a split second appears to be covered from head to toe in a long, red veil. The rider is shaken by the sighting as panic can be heard in his voice.

While the figure could simply be a person walking along the roadside, its what happens next that is truly chilling.

The rider continues down the dark road, occasionally looking behind to see if he is being followed. Suddenly, the same figure appears again. This time its in the middle of the road right in front of him!

Has this biker captured proof of a ghost haunting the roads of Ooty? Or could it just be two different individuals wearing the same red clothing? If so, what are they doing walking down the middle of the road in the pitch black darkness? What do you think? Is it actually a ghost or just a couple of people out for a midnight stroll? Either way, it’s super creepy!

8. Yeti Spotted in Russia

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykBYtcyB1Rg[/embedyt]

In November, 2016, this unsettling dashcam footage surfaced that was reportedly captured somewhere in Russia. As the vehicle drives along a dark, snow covered road, a strange creature can be seen crossing the road in the distance. Many believe that the mysterious beast could actually be a yeti.

While the footage is dark and you only catch a glimpse of the creature, it appears to be covered in thick fur and moves with a lumbering gait, similar to a gorilla.

What do you think this dashcam has captured? Does the footage really prove the existence of the mythological yeti or is it something else entirely?

7. Unexplained Flash Lights up Sky

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4C_7FuJVG0c[/embedyt]

In 2014, a dashcam captured this extraordinary footage in the night sky above the Sverdlovsk region in Russia.

The vehicle is seen driving along a highway just after 6:30 pm. The road is completely dark except for a handful of tail lights in the distance. Suddenly, the sky lights up as a bright orange flash illuminates the surrounding area. It only lasts for a few seconds before everything returns to darkness once again.

While the cause of the blast remains a mystery, several theories have attempted to explain it. The most common being that it was actually an exploding meteor, similar to the Chelyabinsk meteor that hit the area a year and a half earlier that injured over 1000 people and damaged many residential and industrial buildings.

Others thought that the light may have been a UFO or even some sort of top secret military experiment. However the military denied any involvement.

What do you think this mysterious blast could have been? Was it actually an exploding meteor? A UFO? Or was it some sort a top secret government experiment? Let us know in the comments section below.

6. Creepy Girl in Middle of Highway

This footage was captured by a driver along the Upper Bukit Timah road in Singapore. At first, everything appears perfectly ordinary until the car rounds a bend and a woman mysteriously appears above the center guardrail.

If you slow the footage down, you can see that the woman looks to be wearing all black except for a white apron. It also appears that she has no legs! She seems to be just floating above the barrier!

While it could simply be a girl crossing the street and the camera has somehow created the illusion that she has no legs, it still seems strange that she would be crossing such a busy road alone in the middle of the night?

What has this dashcam captured? Is it possible that it’s the ghost of someone who died along this very stretch of road?


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