Do These Clips Prove We’re Living in a Simulation?

It’s a strange theory, but one that many believe wholeheartedly: the idea that our entire world is actually one giant simulation that we experience by being plugged into a massive computer. Who controls that simulation is up for debate. Believers in this bizarre theory point to photos and videos that appear to show glitches in reality as proof that we are actually living in a simulation. Let’s take a look at a few of these unusual videos.

7. Car Disappears



One of the hard and fast rules of the reality we live in is that things can’t suddenly disappear without a trace. However, if we are living in a simulation, this video shared to YouTube by Portreem makes a lot more sense.

Dashboard cameras are the latest “must-have” technology for people who spend time behind the wheel of a car. These handy devices record the road in front of you as you drive. They provide concrete evidence of who was at fault if you get into an accident, or serve as an electronic witness if you’re accused of breaking the law. This video puts one user’s dashboard cam to new use: recording glitches in the very fabric of reality.

It’s a snowy day, and cars are driving cautiously down a busy street. As the dashboard cam is placed inside the car, we can see the heavy snow and splashing water from other vehicles regularly obscuring the view outside the windshield. The white car driving ahead seems to briefly disappear behind a large smudge of snow on the windshield. However, when the wipers clear the windshield, the white car is gone without a trace.

Some of the viewers of this video insist it is a hoax. Others believe the car sped up or turned around while the windshield was obscured. For some, the smudge on the windshield is a clear indication that the video has been tampered with. However, there are those who are certain that the car’s disappearance is a glitch in the very fabric of reality. Which theory speaks to you?

6. Boy in Blue Appears Out of Thin Air

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If we are living in a simulation, TikTok might be the best place to look for proof. This hot new social media app allows users to upload their own videos and set them to music. In this video by TikToker katherinegisellem, a group of kids and teens participate in one of the hottest TikTok trends: showing off your amateur dance moves.

When the music first starts, all that is visible in the shot is a large field behind a fence. Then, the group of kids enters from behind the camera and crisscross across the screen to take their positions. Once they are in formation, they begin their silly dance.

On first glance, nothing in the video seems out of the ordinary. However, if you watch closely, you’ll see that one of the dancers seems to have appeared out of thin air. The first kids to enter the shot are two girls. They walk close together, but there’s enough space between their arms for us to see that there’s no one walking if front of them.

However, when a few more kids join in the mix, a boy in a blue shirt suddenly pops up from in front of the first two girls. Although the scene is somewhat chaotic, it would have been impossible for him to slip into the front of the group without being caught by the camera.

If you slow the footage down, you can see the boy in blue just seems to appear out of thin air.

So, where did this mysterious child come from?

This is definitely a creepy TikTok video no one can explain.

5. Man Paused on Side of the Road


In the hustle and bustle of a busy city, it’s unusual to see people standing completely still – let alone frozen in a breakdancing move. However, if we’re living in a simulation, anything is possible. This video by YouTuber Breakman proves just that.

As the car travels down the street, the occupants notice something quite odd and take out a camera to record the phenomenon. On the side of the road, the clip shows a man who appears to be in the middle of a break-dance move.

One of his shoulders is on the ground, his head bent at an awkward angle and his legs sticking up in the air. It isn’t unusual for break-dancers to hold such a position for a second or two. However, this man remains in the bizarre pose for the entirety of the video. It’s as if he had been frozen in the middle of a street performance.

The occupants of the car record him as they pass by. He remains entirely still; we don’t even see slight twitching or shaking that we would expect if the man were holding himself up in the strenuous position.

To many, this footage is irrefutable proof that we’re living in a simulation. They believe that the man in the video was somehow paused, causing him to remain frozen in his posture much longer than should have been physically possible. Is this a feat of superhuman strength or a bizarre glitch in reality? Either way, there’s something highly unnatural happening in this footage.

4. Folder Changes Color—Update


Previously, Sky News was splashed over the internet when they publicized a video that appeared to show a strange glitch. Could the same glitch happen twice?

We showed this clip just a few weeks ago, however we have a bizarre update to report. The original footage we showed depicts a chancellor as he exits a building with a large red folder tucked underneath his arm. He heads down the street, becoming briefly obscured by the cars parked along the side of the road. A few seconds later, he emerges from behind the cars still clutching the folder. However, the folder has changed from a deep red color to bright green.

Some of the viewers believe that the news station deliberately altered the color of the folder to mislead the public about the state of the country’s budget. In terms of finances, the color red usually indicates declining funds, whereas green has a more positive connotation. It wouldn’t be completely unheard of for a news station to manipulate colors in this way. However, many other viewers are convinced that the sudden change in the folder’s appearance is a glitch in the fabric of the universe.

In the time since we covered the original clip, new footage has come to light. This footage shows the chancellor standing on the sidewalk with a briefcase that resembles the folder he held in the original video. He holds the briefcase out in front of him and moves it from side to side, displaying it for the awaiting crowds. In some versions of the footage, the briefcase is red. Then in other versions, it’s bright green. In still another version, the briefcase starts out green and changes to red as it moves.

Is this new footage further proof of camera trickery? Or, does it indicate that we are in fact living in a simulation?

3. Pope Disappears on Live TV


In this video shared to YouTube by FLAG ON THE PLAY, a bit of news coverage is enough to make many people question whether they are living in a simulation.

This video clip comes from a live news broadcast. Reporters watch from the ground as the Pope conducts a prayer for those affected by the pandemic. He stands in a dark window of the Vatican, his bright white clothes illuminated by the sun outside. When he concludes his prayer, he slowly turns and begins to walk away from the window. You would expect him to gradually fade into the darkness of the room as he walks away from the light of the window. However, something strikingly different happens.

The Pope turns away from the window and pauses for a moment. Then, he disappears in the blink of an eye, leaving behind only the dark window where he had just been standing. How could such a shocking thing happen in the middle of a live broadcast?

Some viewers of the video believe the answer is simple: that the broadcast wasn’t really live, and we’re seeing an awkward cut in the film. However, others have their own theories. Some suggest that it was a glitch in reality, and there are those who believe the Pope is exhibiting terrifying demonic powers. So far, no one can say for sure what caused this bizarre event.

2. Boy Pauses in the Middle of the Road

Security cameras are a common source of strange videos that appear to defy reality. With more of our lives being caught on camera, it isn’t surprising we are finding more evidence that suggests we are living in a simulation.

In this video, which comes from an unknown source, a security camera on the side of a building shows a group of three boys walking together down the street. One of the boys lags slightly behind the others. As the trio walks, something happens that makes him fall even further behind. He suddenly freezes in place in the middle of the street.

The boy is paused in an awkward position. His legs are frozen mid-step, and one of his arms hangs in the air. A close-up of the video shows that the shadows crossing his face continue to move even though he is paused, indicating that this isn’t likely to be camera trickery. After a few seconds, the boy resumes walking, not seeming to realize anything was amiss. He runs to catch up to his friends, unaware that he may just be living in a simulation. What do you think?

1. Bird Paused in Mid-Air

This bizarre clip was uploaded to Twitter by user ConspiracionESP. It seems to show a possible glitch in the Matrix.

In the footage we see a bird frozen in mid-air. It’s body is still and its wings aren’t flapping, yet it stays in place without anything holding it there.

The camera holder pans the shot, showing several onlookers pointing at the bird, clearly stunned at what they’re seeing. This piece of information seems to prove that the bird hasn’t been placed in the air digitally after the video was shot, as the witnesses are clearly acknowledging the bizarre phenomenon.

Curiously, when the footage zooms in, you can actually see some of the feathers on the bird’s wing move in the breeze. So the bird isn’t completely frozen in time, it has some texture to it that is still in flux.

Some commentators believe that the bird might be caught in a very fine cable that doesn’t show up on film. However, the majority of viewers are gobsmacked by the footage and are at a loss to explain what is going on.

Could this be evidence that we’re living in a simulation? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.