These Freaky Ghost Videos Will Deprive You of Sleep

Looking to give yourself a late night fright? These freaky ghost videos will deprive you of sleep and keep you awake!

6. Freaky Ghost Videos: Poltergeist Moves Glass


This ghastly scene was uploaded by Escape Paranormal. What looks like a group of young girls catching up, turns out to be something far more sinister.

The footage opens up to a group of girls sitting around a seance-like table in a darkened room. The chandelier hanging above them just adds to the creepy setting. It feels like something right out of a horror movie, and as we continue to watch, the footage seems to prove this.

The blond girl on the far right decides to take a sip from a nearby glass while looking at her phone. After she sets it back onto the large table, less than a second later the glass moves aggressively to the side. The girls all react with stunned expressions, jumping from their seats as the soda threatens to spill over the rim of the glass.

There doesn’t appear to be any strings attached to the glass, as the girl has just taken a sip from it. Also, the momentum of the glass looks too strong to be condensation on the bottom of the cup.

Although we have no idea what could have caused this to happen, many viewers believe it to be the work of a poltergeist. Have you ever had objects move inexplicably in your home? Let us know in the comments section below.

5. Freaky Ghost Videos: Extreme Paranormal Activity

Strange door baning during police operation in Brazil. Saw it on a police officer’s Twitter page today. Very strange. Seems like an abandoned hospital from r/Ghosts


This next freaky ghost video was posted to Reddit by user mister_miracle_BR. This police team, who are allegedly from Brazil, got more than they bargained for when they entered this old building.

The footage opens up to the scene of a police operation underway in an abandoned hospital.We see a group of officers armed with rifles make their way inside. It’s night time, and the only light we have comes from torches mounted to their guns.

As we watch, we see the door violently opening and closing on its own. The cameraman zooms in on all possible angles to show that nobody is hiding behind or around it. There’s a loud slamming and banging noise that continues throughout the entire video.

The men begin to panic, and as they walk into the room the sound of a ceramic pot smashing somewhere nearby can be heard.

What could be cause the door to swing so violently? Some viewers believe that there’s a string attached to it. However it would have to have two strings jutting out in opposite directions in order to get the swinging effect. The police officers walk straight into the room and don’t seem to step over any rope or string.

Many who have watched this mysterious footage believe it’s a genuine poltergeist haunting.

4. Freaky Ghost Videos: Poltergeist Haunts Kitchen


Freaky ghost videos have been cropping up everywhere lately, and this one was uploaded to Youtube by the channel ZeaL. There is a trio of clips that show what appears to be a truly haunted kitchen.

As the first clip opens, we see a young, bearded man setting up a camera in his kitchen, seemingly to catch some strange happenings. At about 10pm, we witness one of the pepper mills falling over aggressively. It makes a loud “thwap” that echoes throughout the kitchen. Before long, the young man and his girlfriend return to investigate the situation.

The next day at about 9pm, the pair is in their kitchen again, and suddenly the electronic egg beaters turn themselves on. This startles the poor girl who was collecting eggs from their refrigerator.

In the final clip, things get even more spooky. At about 10pm the next night, the young man is standing by his refrigerator drinking a glass of water, when suddenly, one of the gas burners on the stovetop nearby turns on. Apparently, having grown accustomed to this, the young man doesn’t even react. Shortly after, one of the cast iron skillets is slowly dragged over onto the burner.

Interestingly enough, this young man is more interested in accommodating his poltergeist rather than chasing it out. After finishing his glass of water, he casually reaches into the refrigerator to retrieve a pair of eggs. He leaves them out for the ghost before leaving the scene.

While the ending of this clip seems to suggest the whole video is staged for a gag, no one knows for sure. It could be that the couple in the video have gotten used to the bizarre happenings around their house and are no longer afraid.

Keen to get your thoughts on this one. Hoax or real haunting?

3. Haunted School?


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This series of freaky ghost videos was upload to Instagram by Tuncay’s Channel. School may be out for the day, but that doesn’t mean the building is empty.

As the video opens inside a school after hours, we are treated to a series of lights flashing on and off across multiple classrooms. They are across the other side of the school about 10 metres away. As the lights flicker on and off, we can clearly see that nobody is in the room. So what’s making the lights behave so strangely?

The camera holder and their companions investigate by walking around the balcony to get a better view. However, before they can make it over, all the doors on the third floor begin to open rather aggressively. It almost looks like they’re about to be ripped from their hinges while they slam into the exterior walls of the school.

Alarmed, the group jumps back in surprise. Seconds later, chairs from inside the rooms begin flying outside. They go crashing into the balcony rails. The Group runs away terrified. The entire time they’re running, chairs are being thrown and even making their way to the bottom floor of the school, where they smash against the ground.

These freaky ghost videos show that even centers of education aren’t safe from hauntings. What would you do if your school turned out to be haunted?

2. Glowing Entity Caught on CCTV


This creepy video was uploaded to the Youtube channel Scary Farm. It begins with what looks like an ordinary nighttime shot of a public basketball court. However, it isn’t long until far more eerie things begin to occur.

Before long, we see an odd glowing light near a lamp post. It almost looks like the lamp post is getting brighter. At first, it hangs in the air, not seeming to do much. After a few more seconds, however, it begins to move.

Almost like a dancing beam of light, it falls towards the ground while making various shapes such as a fish hook or the letter “U”. Nobody knows just exactly what caused this to happen.

Some have speculated that it’s some type of particle from the lamp that fell and could have possibly refracted light from above that glinted oddly off of the security camera footage. This is easily dismissed, because later on in the footage, the glowing apparition appears to make its way across the concrete pavement towards the right-hand side of the screen. It continues onward until it reaches the exit of the playground area, and then disappears.

If you zoom in and slow the footage down, you can see just how strange the object really is. It descends from the sky, with a sort of mist like quality. It then completely vanishes on the right hand side of the screen.

While it could simply be CGI, the particle effects and lighting match the scene almost perfectly. It’s these little details that have left most viewers perplexed as to what this strange object could be.

1. Freaky Ghost Videos: Documented Haunting

@kittyk38LAST NIGHT CAM VIDEO ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##viral ##paranormal ##poltergeist ##creepy ##hauntedhouse ##ghosts ##haunted ##scary ##realhaunting ##nightvision♬ original sound – kittyk38


TikTok star kittyk38 has delivered a trio of ghost videos that have sent chills down the spine of the internet!

In the first video, we see footage from a camera placed in a bedroom. On the right, you can see the cupboard door open just a crack. Then a loud thud can be heard. This strange sound alerts the person sleeping in the bed. As they wake up to investigate, a ball falls out of the closet. Once the person realises that no one is there, they exit the room rather panicked.

@kittyk38Overnight Cam in Basement ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##viral ##paranormal ##poltergeist ##ghost ##hauntedhouse ##haunting ##creepy ##overnightcam ##infrared♬ original sound – kittyk38


The second video shows us an impromptu ghostly jam session in the basement of the very same house. At night, the owner was hearing increasingly strange noises coming from downstairs, so they decided to set up a security camera to see if they could find out what was happening.

To begin, a strange amount of orb-like particles are floating about in what should be a still room. You can hear some muffled noises happening in the background. Then, a clanging cymbal can be heard. Moments later, a painting falls off the wall.

@kittyk38THIS JUST HAPPENED! ##fyp ##foryou ##foryopage ##viral ##paranormal ##poltergiest ##ghpst ##hauntedhouse ##haunting ##realhainting ##creepyshit ##creepy ##scared♬ original sound – kittyk38


In the third and final video, kittyk38 takes the advice of her large TikTok following and attempts to confront the ghost. At the top of her stairs, she explains to her audience the various cymbal noises keeping her awake at night. When she goes downstairs, she discovers that the drumsticks have fallen to the carpet nearby. She turns the phone to get a better look, but as soon as she does, one of the paintings falls down and strikes one of the cymbals.

Would you be brave enough to go down to the basement after hearing such strange noises? Or would you nope on out of there? Let me know in the comments below.