Chilling Footage That Cannot be Explained

Sometimes things happen that we just can’t explain. Other times, these things are caught on camera for everyone to analyze. Here is some chilling footage that cannot be explained.

6. Chilling Footage: Police Witness Paranormal Activity


This chilling footage was uploaded by Most Viral Videos. It takes place at night in a park with outdoor workout equipment. There’s no long preamble, the footage shows us immediately what’s going on. It looks as though there is a ghost (or two) using the exercise equipment.

A group of policemen surround the workout equipment, which seems to be moving on its own. The eerie sound of the metal slamming onto the ground as it moves is certainly disturbing. While it’s not known why the group of officers were in the park, some viewers have speculated that local residents called the police out to investigate the strange moving equipment.

The police are so stunned by the event that some of them even take out their own phones to film it. After posting the footage to the internet, it quickly spread, going viral on numerous social media sites.

While many viewers have called the footage a hoax, it’s hard to believe these police officers would put their reputation and careers on the line to play a simple prank.

What do you think is going on in this footage? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

5. Chilling Footage: Mysterious Orbs Fall From Sky


This chilling footage from Ireland was uploaded by the folks at RTERadio1. RTE is an Irish public broadcasting service that provides state-funded radio to those living on the Emerald Isle.

The video opens up with a man sitting in his car pulled off to the side of the road. The radio is playing casually in the background as the camera pans up towards a gray sky. Cars and trucks pass by, and you can hear the road noise through the windows of the vehicle. Everything seems fairly normal until suddenly a trio of incredibly bright white dots appear on the screen. They look to have a smoke trail running behind them – it almost looks like the strange objects are slowly falling.

While they are falling, more lights appear from the clouds. There are now more than six lights falling towards the ground, and none of them have a clear origin. There is no sound accompanying them, and there are no colors besides the radiant-white brightness that is nearly blinding. This rules out the possibility that the falling orbs were caused by fireworks. Oddly enough, they seem to be moving away from the camera while they descend. They eventually begin to blip in and out of vision.

Some viewers have speculated that it might be some kind of military exercise. While many UFO enthusiasts have called the phenomenon extraterrestrial in nature.

Until further information comes to hand, this bizarre sighting will have to remain a mystery.

4. Creepy Creature Spotted in Woods


Viewed over one million times on YouTube, this chilling footage from Strongsville, Ohio, was posted by TRazor88. He certainly didn’t expect to see such a startling apparition while out exploring the woods with friends.

In 2010, a group of friends were walking around the woods at night, hoping to get photos of paranormal orbs floating through the air. They photographed various parts of the forest in order to document their findings. However, they also took a bunch of pictures of one another gallivanting about. We see them in a myriad of shots, sometimes posing for the camera, and other times walking off into the distance in different directions.

Everything seems fairly normal until some of the pictures were analyzed later. One photo, in particular, was incredibly startling. An almost demon-like hand appears to wrap around a tree in several shots. The video shows us a zoomed-in area of the photo where you can almost make out a humanoid-like head lurking behind the tree bark.

None of the participants in the nighttime adventure noticed anything particularly strange or heard any eerie noises. It boggles the mind as to what could possibly have been hiding behind the tree. Did it have malicious intentions? Everybody made it back safely, but who knows if it’s still lurking in the woods to this day. One thing’s for sure, I wouldn’t be heading back into those woods any time soon. How about you?

3. Chilling Footage: Strange Creature Seen in Sky


Throughout human history, civilizations have had different ideas about dragons, and whether they are real or not. There have been debates about whether or not dinosaur fossils have been interpreted as the bones of dragons. Regardless if mythological or not, these beings of scale and fire have captivated the human mind and have led to endless speculation. This spine-chilling footage was uploaded to Youtube by Nevers Mpuku, who certainly makes a compelling case for the existence of flying, scaled beasts

The video is brief, but it begins allegedly in a small town in China. A crowd of people is gathered outside with a camera pointing into the skies. In the footage, we see a view of the relatively clear surroundings, except for one mysteriously vertical white cloud. Suddenly, there is a wiggling black figure that appears from the tree line. The crowd explodes with excitement and amazement, as it is similar in appearance to a mythological Chinese dragon.

The video zooms in on to the body of the dragon, giving us a great side shot. It appears to be almost swimming through the air while completely vertical. We can clearly see the outline of a tail with what appears to be a fin, and it also has spindly arms and legs. As it reaches the top of the cloud, however, it almost disappears entirely as if going through a portal into another world.

While a large portion of viewers think it’s nothing more than CGI, some believe this is a genuine sighting of a Chinese dragon.

2. Bizarre Beast Photographed in Woods


This chilling footage is a full mystery! From Haunting Ghost Nederland, this chronicle of creepy happenings has sent the internet ablaze with speculation on just what could be going on in the forests of Western Europe.

The footage opens with a man walking through the woods, tracking the source of a mysterious sound. Lurking behind one of the trees in the distance is a mysterious humanoid figure. It appears to have a lot of hair, and very long arms. It’s difficult to get any clear details because the creature attempts to hide itself behind the thick trees. The man calls out to the creature and attempts to run up to it, but before he’s able to make any sort of contact, it vanishes.

One would think that’s the end of the story, but there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye here. A few days after, the young man received a text message from an anonymous source saying that they knew the origin of the creature. Supposedly, this creature is a combination of human, chimpanzee, and a third unknown gene, all spliced together in a laboratory experiment. According to the text, the creature is named Typhon-2, but she responds to the name “Ty”. She’s been walking around the woods, but it’s unknown if she is simply an escaped project, a failed experiment, or part of something larger that has been funded by the government.

There’s no way to verify any of the information that the video claims so it’s hard to give a definitive response. Many viewers think it’s nothing more than a stunt to get a few views on Youtube, however some do genuinely believe this footage shows some kind of undocumented creature – whether it was created in a lab or not remains unknown.

1. Planet-like Orb Appears in Sky


From the Youtube channel Toheed’s Collection comes some chilling footage of far more than just a ghost or strange creature. Here we have, what some have speculated, is a sign of the ending of the world.

The footage, which was supposedly captured in Iraq, opens up with what appears to be a beautiful rainbow that is in a perfect circle. To the right, is a giant orb of some kind.

In the background, what must certainly be a large crowd of spectators witness this strange occurrence. They sound incredibly panicked; and have good reason to be.

As the bizarre globe begins to spin, the crowd screams even louder. The footage zooms in on the orb which almost looks like a planet. It appears to be covered in a large amount of cloud spiraling around it.

Unfortunately, the video footage ends before we’re able to figure out just exactly what’s going on. The comments are rife with speculation. Some people claim it was not a sign of anything evil, but rather a gateway to heaven opening up for those who have suffered the most.

What do you think is going on in this bizarre piece of footage? Is it just a clever piece of CGI with some screams dubbed over, or is it a genuine sign of the end times? Let me know what you think in the comments below.