Unexplained Photos That Are Just Plain Eerie

these pics are creepy!

From ghoulish ghosts to creepy cryptids, spooky sights often pop up in the unexplained photos that end up on camera rolls. Is it a trick of the light? Some dust on the lens? Or is something truly paranormal happening in these bizarre photos? Take a look and judge for yourself at these unexplained photos that are just plain eerie.

6. Unexplained Photos: Mysterious Girl Appears in Roman Church

Ghostly girl photographed in Roman church.
Credit: Chris Z

When Slapped Ham viewer Chris Z. heard his friend was heading for a vacation in Rome, Italy, he wasn’t expecting to see any unexplained photos when they returned from the trip. However, this visit to The Eternal City resulted in evidence that some things may live on forever.

The American tourist was walking around the Church of Jesus and Mary when they noticed a few people praying. They stopped to take a picture. When they later reviewed the vacation photos, they noticed something eerie in one particular photo. There’s a ghostly girl standing behind the communion rail. The person who took the photo is absolutely certain that there was no little girl nearby when they originally snapped the picture.

Credit: Chris Z

Anyone who has visited a church in Rome probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that a ghost was spotted at a Roman religious site. As one of the oldest cities, Rome is known as a hotbed of spiritual activity. Although the Church of Jesus and Mary doesn’t have any famous hauntings to speak of, certain aspects of its history could provide a clue to this ghostly presence. In 1849, the church was sacked in a wave of anti-clerical riots. The confessionals were violently torn out and burned. This violent act could have led to restless spirits.

In addition, the church is home to the tombs of several members of the Corno and Bolognetti families. Could one these deceased parishioners interred within the church’s walls be responsible for the unexplained photos of a mysterious, ghostly child?

5. Unexplained Photos: Waverly Hills Sanatorium Ghost?

Credit: Aaliyah P

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky, USA is no stranger to unexplained photos, including these submitted by Slapped Ham viewer Aaliyah P. Opened in the early 1900s, this former hospital has seen more than its fair share of suffering.

When our viewer’s friend visited Waverly Hills, she was hoping to come home with some unexplained photos. The sanatorium did not disappoint. A wide-angle photo of the outside of the hospital looks normal on first glance. However, a close-up of one of the windows shows a pale, ghostly face watching the visitors from the darkness of the hospital. The visitor who took the photo is certain that no one was in the window when they snapped the photo.

Creepy ghost girl spotted in unexplained photos at the Waverly Hills sanatorium.
Credit: Aaliyah P

The sanatorium was constructed during a viral outbreak of tuberculosis, which is a deadly disease that claimed many lives. Records suggest that around 64,000 patients died at this hospital alone. Beneath the hospital lies an underground tunnel known as the Body Chute. It was used to transport dead bodies out of the hospital. Today, many claim that those whose bodies left the hospital through this tunnel never really left. Their spirits are still seen and heard by many who tour the tunnel. Visitors have also had eerie experiences in Room 502, where many claim the spirit of a former nurse, who died by her own hand in the room, awaits.

Perhaps one of the spirits said to reside in the dark underground tunnel was in the mood for a change of scenery?

4. Sea Serpent Spotted on Google Earth

This unexplained photo seems to show a sea serpent on Google Maps.

Most people use Google Earth to plan a route, look at traffic, or virtually explore places around the world. However, Pita Witehira seems to have found another use for the popular website: hunting cryptids.

He was using Google Earth to do research on his vacation property on the east coast of the Far North District of New Zealand’s North Island. In the process, he spotted something quite unusual in the water: a huge wake, too large to have been caused by any animal known to live in these waters.

According to Witehira, a disturbance this size would have been caused by a creature about 12 meters long. This is far too large for a shark. The sharp turn in the wake suggests it couldn’t be a whale. If a boat had caused the disturbance, the picture would show frothy white water where its motor churned the surface.

One explanation for these unexplained photos comes from the mythology of the native Māori people of New Zealand. According to Māori legend, creatures known as taniwha live in the deep, dark parts of rivers, lakes, and oceans. Most descriptions of the creatures suggest that they look like huge geckos with spines along their backs. Taniwha are typically considered guardians of the nearby tribes. They warn them of approaching enemies and sometimes save people from drowning. Perhaps the homeowner who spotted the creature on Google Earth should consider it an auspicious sign?

3. Unexplained Photos: Nessie Strikes Again?

In this series of unexplained photos, a strange creature that resembles the Loch Ness Monster has been spotted.
Credit: Steve Challice

Google Earth isn’t the only place to find unexplained photos of bizarre cryptids. When Steve Challice was vacationing in Scotland, visiting the Urquhart Castle overlooking Loch Ness, he was lucky enough to snap a photo that has many thinking about the infamous Loch Ness monster.

On first glance, the photo in question appears to be of an ordinary fish. However, Challice estimates that the creature is at least eight feet in length. He took the photo when he noticed a large ripple in the water. After watching the spot for a few seconds, he saw the large creature briefly come to the surface of the water before diving below again. He believed it was some sort of catfish, and posted the photo online in hopes that someone could identify it. However, many believe that it is no ordinary fish, but rather the famous Nessie.

As early as the sixth century, there have been reports of a huge cryptid living in the waters of Loch Ness. “Nessie” is typically described as having a long neck and one or two humps that are often seen protruding from the water. There have been numerous sightings over the years, as well as organized expeditions searching for Nessie. However, no one has ever produced definitive proof of the cryptid’s existence. Now, Steve Challice’s photo has become one of the scores of photos contributing to Nessie’s legend. Are you convinced?

2. Imaginary Friend Comes to Play

If a photo posted to the Facebook page iHorror can be believed, then the McDonald’s play area may not be the carefree place we once thought. There could be something much more sinister hiding within the slides and tunnels.

A mother took her daughter to have some fun in the playground at their local McDonald’s. Though the playground is often crowded with noisy children, on this day, they were in luck. The playground was completely empty. The little girl headed to one of the elaborate jungle gyms to play while her mom sat down to relax. When the little girl peaked out through one of the transparent plastic windows of the jungle gym, her mother grabbed her phone to take a quick photo. Nothing seemed amiss.

Later, when the child asked to see the photo, her mother was horrified to discover that her daughter wasn’t alone. Instead, a gray, eerie face was peering through the window alongside her. Trying to remain calm, she asked her daughter who the other child in the photo was. Her daughter calmly stated that it was her imaginary friend, Beto.

Who could this eerie face be? Many who have seen the picture online believe that Beto is most likely a ghost. Some paranormal experts believe it isn’t unusual for a ghost to latch onto a particular person and follow them to various locations. Many paranormal enthusiasts also believe that spirits tend to be more attracted to children. What do you think, friend or foe?

1. Ghostly Child

Eerie photo shows ghost child glowing in the foreground.

The idea that ghosts are attracted to children seems even more believable after viewing this next photo taken by a mom who was visiting the Riverside Museum in Glasgow, Scotland with her nine-year-old son. This haunting photo left the mom wondering if she came home with one child too many.

The mother and son walked through a Victorian-themed display at the museum, taking pictures and having a fun time. When they went home and reviewed the photos, both mother and child were disturbed by what they saw: the ghostly image of a young girl waving at the camera. Although the girl is mostly bright white, she seems to have curly brown hair and to be wearing a floral dress. The mother also noticed that in the previous photo, a white mist seemed to be forming near the bottom of the shot, making her believe that the little girl’s appearance was paranormal in origin.

Many believe that the mother simply caught another child in the photo, who appeared bright white because of the flash. However, she is certain that her son was the only child around when she took the photo. She also points out that in the numerous other photos she took, no child appears besides her son.

The museum’s owner wasn’t surprised to hear about the ghostly photo. This particular area of the museum is a replica of the Mitre Bar, built on the exact spot where the pub originally stood. While the pub was in operation, the staff frequently reported spotting the spirit of a young washer girl who tragically died there years before. Could this be the same girl who appears in the photo?