Chilling Ghosts Caught on Live TV

Super Creepy!

Do you believe in ghosts? If you don’t already, then these videos will have you questioning everything you know. Check out these 6 chilling ghosts caught on live TV.

6. Ghosts Caught on Live TV: Ghost Spotted in Pizza Restaurant



Some supernatural mischief may be on the menu at this particular Dion’s in Albuquerque, as seen in this spooky surveillance footage released by KRQE News 13.

You may be familiar with this popular pizza chain if you’ve spent time in New Mexico, Texas or Colorado. However, you probably never stopped to think if there could be a ghost hanging out in the kitchen before. Well, you will now.

In this footage we see what appears to be a ghost causing a big mess behind the counter inside a Dion’s restaurant located on Morris and Montgomery in Albuquerque. We see a large item on the counter apparently being shoved with significant force to the ground.

Of course, some skeptics attribute the ghostly activity to a combination of gravity and a slick surface. It does appear that the counter area in question is made of stainless steel. That could explain why even the slightest disturbance somewhere in the restaurant could create a domino effect with the falling objects. However, it’s hard to deny that sweeping action that seems to take place to cause the objects to come sliding down like they do in the video.

Love to get your opinion on this curious piece of footage in the comments below.

5. Scary Face Watches White House Press Conference



Could the White House be haunted? The jokes about politicians and ghouls basically write themselves. However, one piece of footage dating back to 2013 that was uploaded by CNN does raise some serious questions about a haunting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This clip from CNN has racked up thousands of views as sleuths all over the Internet have tried to affirm or debunk the sighting. What should you be looking for as you watch the footage? A mysterious face seems to hover just beyond President Obama’s shoulder throughout the duration of his speech. Notably, the face doesn’t seem to move or change expressions at all throughout the 10-minute clip. It appears to be peeking out from inside the White House.

Of course, this seemingly spooky video is full of holes that skeptics can easily point out. The first is that Obama is speaking outdoors on what seems to be a very sunny day. We can already see that the glass window behind him is full of reflections and bouncing light. We can also take into account that dozens of cameras and lights are being pointed in the direction of the window in question. It’s not hard to imagine that the “face” could really just be a distorted reflection of something that is out of the camera’s view. What do you think? One of those intriguing ghosts caught on live TV, or just lighting playing tricks?

4. Ghosts Caught on Live TV: Cup Moves Across a Table on Live Television



Journalist Carlos Molina became the story when he had a ghostly experience on live television in 2015.

The presenter was filming a live broadcast on the Honduran Teleceiba channel when a glass of water was caught moving across a table on its own! You can see the “haunted cup” just to the left of Molina’s hand in the footage. It makes a very slow and steady gliding motion that covers a few inches in the blink of an eye. The movement did indeed catch Molina’s eye immediately. The disturbed and confused presenter pointed out what he had just seen to the colleague sitting right next to him at the table.

Molina has since confirmed that production crew working on the program were not behind any kind of hoax. He has also shared that he felt a shiver going through his body just seconds before the cup moved on its own. What’s more, he describes the strange sensation that he felt throughout his body as a supernatural phenomenon.

However, whatever was behind the incident was not giving off good vibrations. Molina claims that he was left feeling “traumatized” following the incident. He also said that he was unable to move the glass with his hands following the incident because it was stuck to the table.

Sceptics would surely need more convincing with important details about whether there was any moisture between the cup and table. That detail could quite literally throw cold water on the entire “ghost” theory. In this case, it is possible that condensation that formed on the bottom of the cup was responsible for the slide. Was this a case of a real ghost encounter or some real fake news? It’s almost impossible to say.

3. Ghost Caught Live on Mexican Television Show



Fans of dramatic television in Mexico are familiar with a hit show called “La Dona” that stars Aracely Arámbula. It appears that some drama that almost seems too spooky to be true was conjured up during a taping of the popular show back in 2016. We’re talking about one of the creepiest ghosts caught on live TV!

Arámbula uploaded a photo of what appears to be the face of a ghost peeking out from over her shoulder during the filming of an intense scene. You can actually watch the entire scene to get some perspective on the footage uploaded by a user named Faith Lehane on YouTube.

Scary ghost caught on live TV by Aracely Arambula

The face appears from the 23-second mark through to the 26-second mark. It can be hard to spot the face during all the action. However, the still image shared by Arámbula on her Instagram page shows what appears to be a very clear outline of a face. Do you think a ghost made its way onto the set as an uninvited extra?

2. Ghosts Caught on Live TV: Ghost of Michael Jackson Appears in Television Broadcast



Did the King of Pop show up on a CNN broadcast after his death in 2009? Some footage from IndianaOutback on YouTube suggests the answer is yes.

The sighting happened during a tour of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County, California, that aired on CNN’s “Larry King Live” program back in 2009. The sighting is very fleeting. It occurs while the host is touring the bathroom in the home’s bedroom suite from roughly 4:45 to 4:47. However, it isn’t until close to the end of this six-minute video that we catch a glimpse of a shape that has an eerie similarity to the silhouette of Michael Jackson. What’s notable about the figure in question is that the posture witnessed here does seem quite reminiscent of the way Jackson was commonly seen walking onto the stage with his head tilted down with his shoulders hanging over just slightly.

What exactly are we looking at when we focus on the section of the footage starting at 4:45? We can see the shadow pass over a wall located down the hall from where Larry King’s crew is filming. It appears to pass by one of the home’s large fireplaces before vanishing. What’s worth noting is that we never actually see a person pass by that same fireplace. That does help to rule out the idea that the shadow belongs to a crew member or visitor to the house.

It’s not your mind playing tricks on you if you can swear you’ve seen this clip of the alleged ghost of Michael Jackson on here before. We’ve actually discussed and dissected this clip when talking about the wildest ghosts caught on live TV in the past. However, this creepy clip is just so iconic that it’s worth taking a look at again!

1. Ghostly Runner Caught on Camera During Live Football Match



This final clip from our list of ghosts caught on live TV comes from a football match between Racing and River Plate in Argentina back in 2014. The clip was filmed at the El Cilindro stadium near Buenos Aires and has been provided by a YouTube user by the name of crazy man. If you’re seeing the figure of a person running along the field, then no, it’s not your imagination playing tricks on you. We’re seeing it, too. The translucent, grey-hued figure appears to be able to move through the field’s touch lines completely unencumbered. In fact, it almost seems like he is running through people at certain points.

Is there a reasonable explanation for why a shadow person was caught on camera running in the stadium? Some people think they’ve solved the mystery of one of the strangest ghosts caught on live TV. The easiest explanation is that the figure is really just a person wearing a grey shirt. A technical glitch could easily cause a person in dull-colored clothing to be “lost” by the camera.

However, many people simply aren’t buying that explanation. They believe it is some sort of unsettled spirit who may be trapped within the confines of the stadium. It’s ultimately impossible to say. The footage shows the shadow figure from a number of angles to offer a full picture of the sighting. The figure is consistently translucent regardless of which angle you’re looking from in the video. So what do you think…grey shirt or reckless ghost wanting in on the soccer action?