Scary La Llorona (Weeping Woman) Sightings Caught on Camera

Do These Videos Really Show The Weeping Woman?

From sightings of La Llorona caught on camera to her blood curdling cries heard in the dead of night, we look at scary La Llorona sightings caught on camera.

6. La Llorona Spotted by Drone Camera

A man, who had recently moved into a new house decided to explore the surrounding area by mounting a GoPro camera onto a drone. When he flew the drone overhead, he managed to spot a strange figure that was lurking nearby.

As the drone flies closer to the mysterious figure in the clip, you can see that it appears to be a woman wearing a long, white dress. She remains perfectly still as the camera approaches.

The man believes that the ghostly figure dressed in white might actually be the infamous La Llorona – The Weeping Woman.

According to South American legend, a beautiful woman named Maria once married a rich nobleman and they soon had twins – a boy and a girl. However, the nobleman began to lose interest in his wife over time and eventually left her.

One day, Maria was out walking by a river with her children when she spotted her husband with a younger woman. In a fit of rage, she picked up her children and threw them into the river, drowning them. Once she realized what she had done, she too leaped into the icy water.

It is said that La Llorona now spends an eternity searching for her lost children and that she will kidnap any children she finds wandering at night. If you hear her cries you should immediately run in the opposite direction as it is believed that they can bring misfortune or even death.

Those who claim to have seen La Llorona often describe her as wearing either a black or white dress with a long, flowing veil – very similar to the figure seen in this video.

So, could it be possible then that the drone has actually managed to capture the weeping woman on camera? Or is there another explanation for the mysterious figure’s appearance?

5. Couple Encounter La Llorona in Argentina


This video, uploaded to YouTube by Nachito Villagra in March, 2017, was supposedly captured near the river that passes by the city of Gualeguay in Argentina.

The clip begins as the camera holder and one other are walking through a field. It’s dark and they have little to guide them except a single flash light.

As they make their way through the grass, one of them shines the light up ahead and is immediately disturbed by what they see – a figure dressed in white that appears to be lurking in the darkness.

Suddenly, the mysterious figure lets out a blood curdling scream and the pair makes a run for safety just as the footage ends.

While the uploader obviously survived to tell the tale, they believe that it was actually La Llorona that they saw that night and many viewers tend to agree with them.

The figure is difficult to make out in any great detail. However, it certainly does appear to be wearing a long, white gown just as the Weeping Woman is often portrayed in South American folklore.

Could it be possible that this pair actually did stumble upon La Llorona? If so, was she searching the nearby river for her lost children? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

4. The Blood Curdling Cries of The Weeping Woman

The terrifying legend of La Llorona states that anyone who hears her cries may suffer misfortune or even death! She is often heard wailing “¡Ay, mis hijos!” which translates to “Oh, my children!” or “Oh, my sons!”

It is said that if her cries sound near, then she is actually far away and if they sound distant, then she is very close.


In this video, uploaded to YouTube by Nathan Channel in 2017, you can hear what many believe to be the cries of La Llorona as she wanders the night in search of her children.

The footage was supposedly uploaded by a security guard who managed to record the awful sound while on duty late one night.


The same tortured screams can be heard in this video uploaded by Gazija in 2014.

The wailing is loud, shrill and pierces the still night air and while several viewers have noted that it could simply be dogs calling out in the darkness, it is the last scream at the end of the video that sounds terrifyingly human. If it is indeed La Llorona, it would be enough to make all who hear it return to their homes and cower with fear.

Just like the previous video, this clip has captured a noise that many are certain is the infamous weeping woman crying out in the night.

3. La Llorona Caught on Gas Station CCTV


This creepy video was uploaded to YouTube by Armando velasco in March, 2019. It’s an excerpt taken from security footage of a gas station somewhere in the municipality of Atizapán de Zaragoza in Mexico.

You can see a figure dressed in a long, white dress that almost appears to be floating as it glides eerily past the gas station.

While, it’s possible that it could simply be a person dressed in a costume, several viewers have noted that this seems unlikely as the clip was captured on security CCTV which would make it very difficult for the prankster to obtain the footage.

Even though it’s difficult to know for certain just what this gas station camera has actually captured, the figure does appear to move in a supernatural way. However, without further information, we may never learn the truth behind this mysterious La Llorona video.

2. La Llorona Lurking in The Shadows

This creepy clip was uploaded to Mexican Vines Facebook page in November, 2018.

The video begins as the cameraman can be heard saying ‘…and she just disappeared on the sidewalk!’ while another man is seen running across the road to investigate.

After failing to locate anything unusual, the man soon decides to cross back. The cameraman keeps filming however, and just after the second of two cars pass by, the mysterious figure reappears.

It looks very much like an old woman. She has a hunched posture and very long arms and she appears to move rather fast as she shuffles along the sidewalk.

What makes this clip so compelling is that if you look closely to the left of the yellow fire hydrant you can see that the figure seems to appear from the shadows just as the second car passes.

Some viewers have suggested that this clip also feels less likely to be staged as the woman is wearing black and not the typical long, white dress so often seen in videos of La Llorona.

Despite this, several skeptics have doubted the clip’s authenticity, choosing to believe that woman is more likely a construct of some clever special effects.

However, if the video is a hoax, it is certainly one of the best I have ever seen.

As the woman moves along the sidewalk you can see that she passes several clumps of grass in the foreground. If the video was a fake it would be very difficult, not to mention time consuming to make her movement seem real.

What do you think? Is this really La Llorona? Or could it be some other type of supernatural creature? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. La Llorona Spotted in Colombian Cemetery

This scary video, posted to LiveLeak in May, 2019, appears to show the moment a ghostly woman vanishes from a cemetery.

In the clip, you can see that the woman is dressed in a white gown and has her long black hair draped over her face. She shuffles slowly across the lawn of the old graveyard. Her stooped posture seems to limit her movements as she slowly pivots back and forth. It almost appears as if she is searching for something…or someone.

Then, as the video is drawing to an end the woman suddenly vanishes!

While some viewers believe that the abrupt way in which the figure disappears indicates that the clip could be a fake, locals from the area of La Esmeralda in Eastern Columbia, claim that the ghostly woman is actually a child killer. They say it’s the spirit of a mother who murdered her children in a fit of rage and legend states that she must eternally wander beside their graves – a tale all too similar to that of La Llorona.

While it’s not possible to know for sure just who or what this mysterious figure really is, it certainly does fit the description of the Weeping Woman.

So, is this yet another sighting of the infamous La Llorona? Or could there be more than one ghostly woman in South America searching for her lost children in the dead of the night?