Scary Videos of Ghosts Giving Everyone the Willies

Do you think you’re immune when it comes to scary videos of ghosts? It seems no matter where we look on the internet these days, we are met with more and more scary videos. Well, these scary videos of ghosts are giving everyone the willies. Watch if you dare…

6. Eerie Appearance



Posted to TikTok by user maryyylizzz9, this video will have viewers watching over and over again. In the video, the uploader seems to be doing just what teenagers like to do most on TikTok – they’re filming themselves doing a dance for the camera.

The uploader says in the video’s description that this clip was in her drafts and was appealing for viewers to explain the strange man that can be seen behind her.

As it’s a rehearsal that was never meant to see the light of day, we see the uploader walk through a few dance moves, making her way towards the camera. As she moves to her left, an elderly man can be seen walking towards the camera. The girl ends the video moments later, blissfully unaware of the man behind her who is now out of sight.

If you slow the footage down, you can actually see that the figure is walking backwards toward the camera.

This would be incredibly hard to pull if it is indeed a hoax. The erratic movements of the girl would make it difficult to hide someone the entire shot.

Since going live, the video has racked up 11 million views, with thousands of comments speculating on who the old man might be. Theories range from ghost, to stalker to a friend who helped stage the video.

@maryyylizzz9Reply to @bella.cozzolino STORYTIME!! the vid wasn’t edited and for those of you asking, at the end of the vid i was talking to my sister not the guy

♬ original sound – MJ 🤩🤩

Maryyylizzz9 has since posted a video update in which she insists the video isn’t staged and that she doesn’t know who the person was. She does however think that the man might have managed to walk away when she went to pick up her phone after the dance had ended and just didn’t notice a person behind her.

So what do you think? Ghost, coincidence or something else entirely? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


5. Child Appears on CCTV



Uploaded to YouTube by user Transitus Fluviis, this video claims to feature real footage of a small ghost boy captured by CCTV. This channel is known for posting scary videos of ghosts. It claims each video features real instances of paranormal activity.

The footage comes from a camera stationed in the upper corner of a convenience store. It has been positioned to keep an eye on both the counter as well as the front door.

At around 30 seconds into the clip, you can see a small child appear out of thin air. It looks as though they materialise out of nowhere, rather than simply walk up to the window.

A man is seen behind the counter, working, and attending to menial tasks. He does not respond to the figure clearly present outside the door. The young child raises an arm and looks to be eerily long. Although admittedly this could be the two windows creating a warped perspective.

The figure steps to the side and looks through the other part of the window. It’s at this point the young child seems to shift in and out of focus, almost as if switching in and out of a solid form.

The worker’s ignorance of the boy’s presence is another telling factor, which raises a few questions. Was the boy truly a ghost, so incorporeal as to be easily ignored if one were not looking for him? Or was he perhaps the type of spirit that can be captured on camera but not seen in real life? Or further still, perhaps the child is just some riffraff that the store clerk is choosing to ignore.

Either way, the man pays the boy no mind. The boy remains staring longingly inside, all the while appearing to wish to come in as he waits alone, leaving viewers to wonder at the strange boy’s fate.

4. Cereal Poltergeist

Husband got up for some cereal and security cam caught this 😱 from r/OfficialSlappedHam


Sure to stump, frighten, and even amuse is this next video posted to Reddit by user kittyk38. The uploader explains that after she and her husband were concerned by a cupboard that seemed to open by itself the previous night, they set up a camera to record in the kitchen the following night.

That very night, the uploader’s husband is seen grabbing some cereal as a midnight snack. After pouring the cereal, the man puts the box down on the counter and retrieves milk from the refrigerator. As he does so, the cereal box is seen sliding down the counter by itself.

Although the man does not see the box slide, he does see it has moved when he turns around. Only a bit confused, the man moves the box back to where it had been. As he pours milk into his bowl, the box moves once again. Although this time it appears to only have been nudged a bit.

The man looks slightly more concerned, but finishes pouring the milk. He moves to replace it in the refrigerator once again. As his back is turned, the box begins to slide down the counter once more. This time the man turns around in time to see it continue sliding purposefully.

Very clearly spooked, the man does something very few people are seen to actually do in genuinely scary videos of ghosts – he jumps and moves away from the box comically fast. He runs out the kitchen. The man’s reaction is most likely the real deal, as he runs away from the cereal poltergeist haunting his kitchen.

3. The Man in the Mirror

A spirit trapped in a mirror located in a haunted Irish castle seems like the plot of a horror movie. Yet lead paranormal investigator Siobhan McAuley seems to have captured proof. The ghost is known as the Man in the Mirror.

There were two separate stories in the Irish Mirror. The original piece was by Mark Corcoran, followed up by a second piece by William Dunne a month later. They both feature the video and photos captured by the six-person paranormal investigations team during a public lockdown of one of Ireland’s most haunted castles: Leap Castle in County Offaly.

Spotted by the investigator on two separate occasions, she was sure to capture what she considers video evidence of the ghost’s presence the second time around. This time, the lead investigator points out to her fellow partner that the man visible in the mirror seems to be wearing a straw hat. The two seem to be able to make out separate and distinct features in the mirror.

Like many scary videos of ghosts, this video has come into its own fair bit of contention. Another group of paranormal investigators seems to deny any claim of a ghost’s presence in the mirror. They claim the mirror simply needed to be cleaned.

While at some points in the video you can actually see something that resembles a man wearing a hat, it’s a little odd that the ‘man’ only moves when the investigator moves her torch. She even admits in the video that the entity moves opposite to her movements.

With two directly opposing investigative results, viewers are left to decide for themselves, just what have they seen in the mirror?

2. Eerie Figure Caught on Dash Cam



Uploaded by YouTube user Ch3Thailand, this next clip captures something frightening on dash cam.

The footage was captured in the middle of the night. As the car drives down an empty highway a figure seems to materialise out of nowhere. Continuing on, the car seems to pass right through the mysterious figure.

This video gained a fair bit of media attention in Thailand, where it was captured. After being shared on social media, the video was picked up by a Thai English language news outlet.

Strange videos like these reach peak levels of speculation when they broach the mainstream, and this one is no different. The clip has drawn a fair amount of skepticism with some viewers asserting that the figure was simply the result of a reflection on the window.

However, discerning viewers find it unlikely that a window reflection could so accurately show a person standing up straight and unmoving in the center of the road in such a way.

If it was just a person wandering aimlessly on the highway, perhaps drunk, how is it that they managed to pass right through the driving vehicle and disappear without a trace?

1. St Augustine, Florida



It is no coincidence that St. Augustine, the oldest city in the US, is also frequently referred to as the most haunted city in the US. The source of many scary videos of ghosts, fixtures such as the oldest house or school in the country seem to be rife with historical ghosts.

Posted to the YouTube channel Paranormal Planet, this video takes us on a tour of some of St Augustine’s oldest sites, all of which are reported to be haunted. The oldest house in America stands in an area known for a vicious slaughter by the Spanish Armada.

In an old room just adjacent to the oldest house in America, the uploader claims the Spanish Armada slaughtered up to 50 people. It’s here that they set up a timelapse shot to see if they can capture anything unusual on film.

Shortly after the 2:40 mark, a shadowy figure is seen walking between rooms. It glides eerily from door to door.

Given the area’s history, it’s clear why ghosts would remain tied to this place. Being older than any other single area in the continental United States, and being the site of many historical battles, there is more to these buildings than meets the eye in the light of day.

Almost like a movie, it would appear these shadows tend to walk across the buildings of their old stomping grounds, seemingly restless and haunting such areas of strife for all eternity.