Paranormal Events Caught on Live TV

Are These Real Ghosts Caught on Live TV?

From a ghostly presence caught on camera to a UFO seen during a live TV news report, we look at paranormal events caught on live TV.

6. Ghostly Figure Spotted During Presidential Visit


Posted to the YouTube channel Kenya CitizenTV, this clip has become one the more notable paranormal events caught on live TV.

Taken as U.S. President, Barack Obama landed in Nairobi, Kenya, the footage at first appears to be fairly standard. The President is seen disembarking from his plane, then stopping to speak with the crowd gathered to greet him.

He takes his time, exchanging pleasantries with as many bystanders as possible. However, several minutes into the broadcast, something very strange is captured on camera.

The anomaly is fast and if you blink as it passes, chances are you will miss it. Even when the footage is slowed down, the object or entity is no more discernible. However, a quick glance at the shape is enough to reveal its seemingly spectral appearance. It moves extremely quickly and is clearly transparent but at regular speed, only the blur of a grayish-blue color can be seen as the shape blazes past the camera.

Possibly even stranger, is the fact that no one present seems to notice it moving. Is it possible that it was travelling too fast for the human eye to perceive? Let me know what you think the camera has managed to capture in the comments section below.

5. UFOs Seen on Live TV


Many paranormal events caught on live TV happen during news broadcasts. Whether it’s the desire of supernatural beings to make their presence known is debatable. However, poltergeists are said to possess the ability to manipulate objects around them and this is often thought to be their way of attracting attention.

This next clip, uploaded to YouTube by Steven Ng seems to be quite the opposite. Just a case of a news crew being in the right place at the right time.

Supposedly broadcast in Turkey, it appears that the crew was actually covering an unrelated story when they managed to capture this startling footage.

As the cameraperson films the reporter set against the city behind them, several passersby can be seen walking in the background. Most pass right by the news crew. However, one man in particular can be seen standing next to the waterfront.

It soon becomes clear what has captured his attention as three UFOs appear in the sky.

Suddenly, a slew of people run over to see the impressive sight. The cameraperson seems to be the first of the news crew to spot the craft as the reporter too, soon rushes for a closer view.

Oddly, the video clip cuts out with the UFOs still visible, floating uncompromisingly above the buildings. Was this just a well planned prank? Or did this news crew really capture footage of several craft from another world? Unfortunately, without further information the answer will have to remain a mystery. At least for the time being.

4. Eerie Activity During Instagram Live


Uploaded to the YouTube channel cristianbelloweb, this clip originally appeared on an Argentinian TV channel based in the Entre Rios province.

In the footage, a man and a woman are seen broadcasting live on Instagram, likely due to social distancing protocols. However, it seems that the transition of many broadcast programs from inside the studio to inside the homes of TV personalities has not led to a decrease in paranormal activity caught on camera. In fact, this new trend of broadcasting from inside one’s home might be an opportunity to capture even more creepy events.

As the two speak to each other, the background of the man’s home is seen to be illuminated by a lamp placed on a table behind him. Suddenly, the lamp flickers before appearing to be tipped over by some sort of unseen force.

Whether it’s the sound of the lamp falling or the lack of background light that catches the man’s attention is unclear. However, he appears to be understandably shocked and confused by what has taken place.

While it is possible that the lamp could have simply been pulled over by someone standing out of view of the camera, it seems unlikely that anyone would set up such a prank during an important live interview.

What do you think? Was the lamp’s bizarre movement the work of an inconsiderate trickster? Or could it have been manipulated by something supernatural? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

3. Paranormal Activity on Albanian Talk Show


Posted to the YouTube channel ORIGINAL VIDEO, this next clip was supposedly captured on an Albanian talk show. As the footage begins, the host seems to be talking about something entirely unrelated to paranormal activity as you can clearly hear the name, Amy Winehouse being mentioned.

Suddenly, the two hosts are taken by surprise as one of several newspapers flies off the table, seemingly ripped into the air by some sort of unseen force.

Clearly bewildered by what has just happened, the male host picks up the newspaper from the floor, proving that there are no strings or wires attached to it.

He then requests that the clip be played back multiple times which clearly shows that he didn’t knock it off the table either. Rather, it seems as though the paper was mysteriously lifted into the air.

Watching the footage, it’s easy to see why so many who’ve viewed the clip think that the paper’s sudden movement could be caused by a paranormal force.

While it’s unclear whether or not this was the work of a pesky poltergeist looking to get the host’s attention, one thing is for sure. It is certainly a creepy video and an eerie experience that these two hosts won’t soon forget.

2. Ghost Sits on Bed During Investigation


Posted to the YouTube channel Express News, this video follows a team of paranormal investigators as they explore a haunted house. While many of these ghost hunting programs set off in search of the supernatural, few can report having broadcast paranormal events on live TV. This seems to be the case here, as this group miraculously manages to capture what could potentially be genuine ghost footage.

As the video begins, the group is seen making their way through a creepy, old building. For the most part, they are subjected to standard hints of possible paranormal activity. Braving the possibility of getting up close and personal with a spirit, the group appears to refuse to leave until they are able to confirm contact with a supernatural being.

By the end of the video, it seems apparent that at least one of the investigators has chosen to stay overnight, setting himself up in a bed in the eerie house. A spirit then appears to take this as a clear invitation to make its presence known.

At the 26:00 minute mark, their equipment begins to beep. A few seconds later, the door begins to open and close all by itself.

Somehow the man manages to calm his nerves and tries to get some rest. As the man sleeps, his equipment begins to beep once more. Suddenly, something invisible appears to sit down on the bed alongside him. A clear indentation forms as the man is slowly awoken by the scary events.

Watching the clip, it seems that this scenario would be very difficult to hoax as there doesn’t appear to be anything visible pressing down on the corner of the bed. Could it be possible that these paranormal investigators have finally gotten the proof that they were searching for after all? And what’s more, it was broadcast on live television for all to see.

1. Ghostly Face Seen on Live TV


This footage was taken at a school in Mexico City that suffered terrible damage as a result of an earthquake. What it has captured, could very well be one of few paranormal events caught on live TV that was likely seen by many but actually noticed by few.

At first, the news broadcast doesn’t appear to show anything out of the ordinary. Just workers and officials as they go about their duties while surveying the damage. However, it appears that the camera might also have inadvertently captured a ghostly figure among the debris.

As the camera zooms in on one area in particular, it looks as though there is an eerie face peering out from a crack in the wall. It looks pale, with dark, sunken features and has a chilling, supernatural presence.

The news team do not seem to notice the face, instead paying attention to the workers that hurry past. Those present don’t seem to notice it either, clearly focused on the job at hand.

It appears that the only reason that the spooky face was spotted at all is that this particular footage looks to have been captured by someone recording the live report from off of a television set. The camera holder clearly seems to see the strange figure as they zoom in on the face peering out from between the cracks.

While it’s difficult to know for certain what has actually been captured on this broadcast, the face definitely does not look human. But what do you think? Could it really be a ghost? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.