Ghost Sightings That Are Freaking the Internet Out

Could these be real?

Do you believe in ghosts? Some people prefer to explain things away logically and have no room for the paranormal in their lives. But you may think again when you scroll through these six ghost sightings that are freaking the internet out.

6. Ghost Sightings: Ghostly Vapor Caught on Camera



This peculiar haunting has been uploaded by GiaiTriTV. The mysterious footage seems to have captured something truly bizarre.

The video opens up with a rather messy workshop. There are various items strewn about the room, without the camera focusing on anything in particular. There isn’t a single sign of human activity within the entire warehouse. After a few seconds, something eerie and unexplainable occurs. Starting from the right side of the screen, there is a small white line that is about the width of a can making its way into view. It flows effortlessly through the air in a long, thin line before making its way out of the doorway to the left. Then it curves almost like a snake or a bullet train banking around a corner. It is translucent and at least ten feet long.

Just as soon as it arrives, the mysterious apparition leaves, and nothing is left in its wake. Even more bizarre is the fact that certain parts of it are more solid than others. Could this indicate that there are multiple ghosts traveling in a row, or perhaps they are souls following each other and are connected in some way? We might never know. Either way, would you be heading back to work the next day?

Have you ever had a peculiar incident similar to this happen in your workplace?

5. Bodmin Jail Ghost Sighting



Tony Ferguson has brought his ghost-whispering A-game with this new video from the haunted Bodmin Jail! This scary video starts out in a location where criminals and various heinous men in history have faced trial and execution. Some believe it is common for spirits to hang around in places of despair such as this, and with so much death in one place, you might expect to see a few eerie entities. This is exactly what happened for Tony and his team.

The team of investigators committed to spending nearly the entire afternoon and evening inside of Bodmin Jail, keeping their eyes peeled for any supernatural happenings. Although it seemed very quiet for most of the afternoon, once the sun started to set, eerie things began to occur. Everything from strange noises to apparitions started to make their presence known.

The ghost-whispering endeavor culminated in the creepy appearance of a black-cloaked apparition at the end of a hallway. It has what looks like a shaved head and an old-school coat that drapes down past its legs. The ghostly figure doesn’t look at the crew at all, but rather continues on its way. It seems to move with a purpose; each fluid step is soundless.

Some skeptics think Ferguson might have dressed one of his crew up to create the footage, however others have hailed the footage as groundbreaking evidence of an afterlife.

What do you think the cloaked figure was? A modern day prankster or historical spook? Let me know in the comments below.

4. Ghost Sightings: Hospital Haunting



Pasillo Infinito delivers another amazing encounter. This hospital seems to have some supernatural beings living within its walls.

The video opens with a view of the hospital hallway, and at first there doesn’t appear to be anything amiss.

Seconds later, out of nowhere, the lid of the nearby garbage can begins to spin! It turns and turns before stopping at an odd angle. The videographer is highly startled and jumps back, but before they are able to compose themselves, they encounter yet another apparition. There isn’t anything they can do but shiver as what appears to be a ghost with long hair runs across the hallway.

There isn’t a lot of time to catch her in her sprint, but one can easily tell make out the body of a woman. The long hair is black and frizzy with a healthy bounce that mirrors her steps while she manoeuvres her way across the hall. Nothing else is moving. There is something about the situation that screams “get out,” but the camera holder remains. It isn’t until it appears as though the apparition won’t make an encore debut that they continue on.

Could you imagine having ghost sightings like these in a hospital near you? Do you think that hospitals are prone to hauntings?

3. News Team Captures Ghost in Orphanage



New from the organization Azteca America, which is known for reporting on more than just ghost sightings, comes an encounter with the spiritual world.

Upon investigating a local schoolhouse that has been abandoned, the team quickly discovers that there are a lot of markings that couldn’t have been made by humans. The stairway looks as though claws have been scraping at it and there have been reports of eerie figures wandering in the shadows and around the windows from outside.

The team of young investigators begins to film the area in hopes of finding something that would confirm or deny any hauntings. It isn’t until early in the morning that they encounter what appears to be proof of something terrifying. There isn’t a lot to see at first. A figure appears that almost looks like one of the young investigators. It isn’t until everyone realizes that the ghostly apparition is transparent that they understand what they are dealing with.

If you slow the footage down, there is indeed something standing there. It looks to be a young girl wearing a long white dress.

It took the news crew a lot of time to review the tapes to catch the exact moment after-the-fact. It’s enough to send shivers down your spine.

2. Ghost Sightings: Poltergeist Terrorizes Family


Nick Wilde via Desdeelmasalla Zrchoo brings us this next video, which is a series of encounters with a paranormal being that relentlessly frightens the family living here.

At first, all appears normal within the family kitchen. The videographer talks about the various ghost sightings that have occured around their home. It isn’t long until we discover just what happens. The door to the washing machine opens without anyone touching it! The young man filming attempts to rationalize the encounter, but it isn’t long until the microwave opens up as well.

Out of nowhere a chair falls backwards. He quickly calls over his family member to experience the encounters as well, and the chairs begin to fall all around the table. Various items in the cabinets begin to rattle over and over again before suddenly going still. Wildly, one of the cabinets swings all the way open to expose everything inside in a disheveled mess.

The family keeps attempting to tidy up the chairs, but the poltergeist tips them over again and again. It isn’t long before a bottle of water comes flying from a nearby shelf and lands across the floor at the other side of the kitchen. After this happens, the nearby bathroom sink begins to turn itself on and off, and the lighting inside also begins to flicker.

While the bathroom is being investigated, a small trash can in the kitchen gets flung about one foot forward and hits the outside of the nearby oven. It isn’t long before the chairs fall yet again. The family start picking them up, but the spirit immediately flings the chair on the far right in a different direction.

A small dustpan clatters to the ground. It’s not long after that when a nearby bedroom begins to experience power loss. As the family looks up, the lights begin to flicker.

Suddenly, all the lights go out, and the young man screams in terror while taking refuge in the nearby bathroom. All the lights go out in the home. A still image of a mysterious figure appears with glowingly malicious eyes before the video cuts out.

Have you ever seen a haunting as crazy as this one? Where would you try to hide if your family was under attack by a ghost?

1. Terrifying Figure Haunts Woman



Hailing from an unknown source comes a truly terrifying encounter with the spiritual world. While not all spirits are inherently evil, there are definitely those that appear to have malicious intentions.

This woman has obviously had her fair share of ghost sightings. After lying down on her sparsely-populated bed, the woman shares through the captions added into the video after the encounter that she couldn’t breathe and couldn’t move. She attempted to call for help of some kind, but her tongue felt numb. It was impossible for her to speak any words or communicate in general. In the video, we see that she manages to make her way out of bed, but it isn’t long until a terrifying figure rears its ghostly visage.

A figure cloaked entirely in black begins to lurch upwards and rotate outwards towards the girl. Everything but its face is shrouded in darkness. The face of the apparition is as pale as snow and without facial expression. It almost stares at her with a sort of hatred. It doesn’t make any noise, nor any overly aggressive moves.

Perhaps the most terrifying aspect of this ghastly being was the absolute control it had over this poor girl’s physical body without even touching her. Have you ever encountered a sleep-paralysis demon when trying to get some shut-eye? What would you have done in her shoes?