Creepy Events That Have No Rational Explanation

Oh so creepy!

Creepy events happen everyday, but they aren’t always caught on film. You are in for a treat with these six creepy videos and photos that will have you questioning everything.

6. Creepy Events: Haunted Hearse



Paranormal investigator, Steve Wesson, had heard many stories from the Haunted Museum in Nottingham, United Kingdom. On the evening of January 3rd, he set a motion detecting camera up in the room where a hearse is parked. At the very least, he hoped to get evidence of a shadow or orb moving on camera. What he actually captured is beyond explanation.

As you watch the video, look closely at the front of the Victorian Hearse. You can see the front hitch handle being raised in the air. There is no person around the hearse, and no shadows or mists. The handle is raised all the way and then lowered once again.

In the early 1900s, the local funeral director would arrive at the home of the deceased and transport the body back for preparation before the funeral procession, using this very hearse. It sits on show in the Haunted Museum of Nottingham. The museum itself is a former cinema and still holds many of the original features.

Staff and patrons often say they experience bizarre feelings on the property. Inexplicable cold spots, feelings of intense dread and despair. Perhaps the funeral director has some unfinished business in this old museum?

5. Ghostly Reflection

Alone on a daytime equipment test run – Forrest Lawn private family mausoleum. Look closely, you can see me on the right hand side holding the camera up to focus and take the shot…I was again alone. Yet, I wasn’t. from r/OfficialSlappedHam

There are many graves and mausoleums located in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Omaha, Nebraska. Shawn from Metro Area Paranormal Society (M.A.P.S) shared one of the creepy events he experienced during an overnight investigation.

M.A.P.S investigations often involve still photos taken in quick succession. In this photo, we see the Criss family mausoleum and one headstone. You can see Shawn standing on the right, holding the camera. He claims he was alone the entire day. Yet, on the left you can see a figure staring back at the camera in the reflection. There’s clearly a nose, forehead and hair, but the eyes are sunken and black.

Dr. CC Criss was the Founder of Mutual of Omaha Insurance. He and his wife had one child, a little boy named Harry Mantz Criss. Sadly their son passed away at the tender age of four. This creepy event leaves one wondering if little Harry is visiting his own grave site, or if he is waiting for his mommy and daddy to come get him.

4. Creepy Events: Jesus Floating in the Sky



While sitting outside his residence in Burbank, California, Pablo Morales experienced creepy events that would stay with him for a while.

Pablo managed to get his phone to capture the tail end of this phenomena. What we see is a human form floating in the sky above, behind some trees. In the video, you can hear one person ask, “Is that Jesus?” Those who witnessed this creepy event believe it is Jesus coming down to earth.

According to Christians worldwide, Jesus will return to earth during the rapture to take his followers and believers to heaven. Others believe this could be an alien space vessel here to take people with them.

Is it a human form or is it a cylindrical spaceship? The figure continued to float through the sky and then disappeared behind a row of houses down below. What do you think the shape was?

3. Duwende Footage in Iran



Youtube channel Creepy Macaroni uploaded this video in December of 2019. In it, we see what looks to be a child covered in soot, somewhat moving. However, this ‘child’ is too small to be an actual human being. In fact, it is believed to be a creature called a Duwende.

In the bizarre footage, the so-called Duwende is moving around and sitting atop a note of Iranian currency, which measures just 74mm x 151mm. It then cuts to someone opening a box and removing a squirming little creature.

In Filipino and Latin American folklore, a Duwende is a possessor of the house. Some cultures believe that visits from Duwende foretell an ominous fate, while others believe it will bring the family good fortune. If and when you decide to travel to Iran, be aware of your surroundings. These Duwende are said to be small enough to hitch a ride in a pocket, or bag and make the trip home with you.

While the footage is certainly strange, it’s hard to get a read on what is actually happening. Could it really show the mythical Duwende or is it just some kind of strange film? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

2. Creepy Events: Ghost Girl Caught on Security Camera

I had emailed this to you last year… from r/OfficialSlappedHam

A viewer of Slapped Ham, ‘smellmypudh’, sent in this still frame taken from some security footage. He received this picture from a friend, taken at 3:59am.

The hour between 3am and 4am is considered the ‘witching hour’. Some paranormal enthusiasts believe this is a prime time for entities and beings from beyond our reality to make themselves known. This still photo was taken off security footage from a motion sensor video camera. That means unless there is motion to turn the camera on, there is nothing but a black screen.

At the center of the frame, you can see what looks to be a little girl dressed in a gymslip, which is the outfit worn by girls in the early 1900s for their physical education class. It looks as if she is walking and that she has realized the security camera was recording her.

That is not the only creepy event this location has experienced. Their security systems also include a customer counter, which is reset each night at closing time. Apparently there are visitors to the store throughout the night, as when they arrive some mornings the counter is already showing ten or more customers. Could it simply be a glitch in the software? While there’s a simple explanation for the counter. It’s harder to rationalise a young girl dressed in early 20th century gym attire standing in a locked store at 3:59 AM.

Is this real ghost footage caught on CCTV?

1. Man Finds Video of a Ghost in Safe Under His House



LiveEachDay is a vlogger on Youtube who captures the daily happenings of his busy family. He recently moved into this house with his wife and two children. However, shortly after moving, they discovered a strange locked safe embedded into the floor of one of the rooms.

After trying to crack the code to the safe for some time, the family eventually resorted to blowing the lock off with explosives. Sadly, no jewels or cash were left. Instead it was an old VHS cassette tape and a floppy disk. On the outside of the floppy disk it read ‘—x’.

Since both VHS and floppy disks are almost obsolete, it took time to be able to locate the equipment that they needed to watch and view this ‘treasure’ they discovered. The VHS seemed to be security footage. There is a baseball visible in the background. At about the half hour mark, there is a noise heard on the video, as a light is turned on. Then, the baseball looks like it is suddenly sucked up into the air. There is no other motion or activity found on the video cassette.

On the floppy disk, LiveEachDay found what looked to be a journal page, containing a message from the previous owner. The video had been taped out in a shed and, according to the message, the baseball belonged to something named Arthur.

I say ‘something’, because no person was ever seen. The previous owner just assumed it must have been a boy. According to the journal page, Arthur was not a friendly ghost and the video and disk should not be removed from the safe. The video tape apparently held Arthur, trapped on the video. It’s unclear, how or why.

Needless to say, LiveEachDay returned the VHS tape and the floppy disk to the safe as quickly as he could. The question is, while viewing the VHS, did this young family release Arthur back into their home?