This Paranormal Footage Will Give You the Creeps

Do you believe?

From objects moving without explanation to eerie shadow figures at the foot of your bed, you never know how a paranormal entity will choose to make itself known. One thing is for sure, each piece of paranormal footage in this list is creepier than the last.

6. Paranormal Footage: Objects Caught Moving on CCTV

Our first example of creepy paranormal footage, shot in El Beni, Bolivia and uploaded to YouTube by luis ignacio Arze velasquez, shows exactly what can happen when a playful poltergeist gets up to no good.

Poltergeists are a specific type of ghost that can wreak havoc on anyone unlucky enough to cross their paths. Typically, spirits are a visual, auditory, or tactile phenomenon that are said to be sometimes perceived by people in the mortal world. Experts believe, these spirits are unable to interact with people or objects physically, as it requires a great deal of energy to do so. If a spirit is able to gain strength through some paranormal means, such as by feeding off of emotional disturbances, it may become a poltergeist: a spirit that is able to interact directly with the physical world. They are typically attached to a particular person rather than to a place.

This paranormal footage seems to depict the activities of a classic poltergeist. The video begins by showing a cluttered room as recorded by a security camera. At first the room is completely still except for the dust floating past the camera, although some viewers believe these may be orbs. Then, one of the room’s plastic lawn chairs begins to slide noisily across the tile floor. There is no one in the room who could be responsible for moving the chair.

As soon as the chair reaches the darkened area on the far side of the room, a ceramic object suddenly falls from a high shelf, shattering on the ground. Just before the footage cuts off, some items on the wall begin to shake back and forth. These bizarre happenings seem to be classic examples of a mischievous poltergeist, who is most likely harmless. For now, at least.

5. Paranormal Footage: Poltergeist Haunts Sleeping Girl

The shadows that wait in the corners of our darkened bedrooms are the stuff of nightmares. When the lights go out and everything is cast into darkness, you never know what could be lurking on the other side of the room. In another bit of freaky paranormal footage depicting a poltergeist, YouTube channel SuperRandomActivity brings us this truly disturbing content filmed in a little girl’s bedroom.

Worrying about what was going on in her bedroom as she slept, this girl and her family decided to place a camera in her room overnight. What they saw was shocking. Although there is no one in the room besides the young girl in the bed, at around 5:30 AM, the closet door opens and closes on its own. Then, the corner of the blanket covering the girl suddenly flips up into the air. After this, all is still for a few seconds when the girl wakes slightly to toss and turn in the bed. During this time, there are several bizarre glitches on the film that could indicate a paranormal presence.

The girl’s blanket moves again, and the camera picks up the sound of other objects possibly falling to the floor off-camera. A cabinet door then opens on its own, and a large bulletin board tips over and topples to the ground. To conclude, the possible entity yanks the girl’s blankets all the way to the floor.

It appears that this particular poltergeist may have a specific attraction to this little girl. Some viewers of the video believe that it’s fake, theorizing that someone on the floor moved all of the objects. However, some of the movements of the blankets wouldn’t be possible to fake without the camera capturing a person’s hands. Is it possible that this little girl has an invisible visitor coming to her room each night? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

4. Paranormal Footage: Haunted Classroom

In another bit of freaky footage from Bolivia, YouTube channel Vision Paranormal brings us this bizarre clip from a classroom. As if public speaking wasn’t terrifying enough, when a student attempts to deliver a presentation in front of the class, something strange and terrifying begins to happen.

As the student begins his speech and the teacher hits “record,” the student’s poster becomes the center of attention. If you watch closely, the cardboard slowly peels away from the whiteboard, starting at the bottom corner. When the student turns, the cardboard poster suddenly flies off the board entirely, wrapping itself around his body.

The student replaces the poster and continues his speech. As he does so, the small bin to his left begins to subtly slide. It does so several times, as a few of the students wonder what’s going on. Following this, it is the table next to him that draws attention. As the student stands at the board, the table is suddenly pushed toward him. All of the other students jump from their seats in shock as the table is pushed into his side. As they try to come up with an explanation, the student’s hat, which he placed on the table before beginning his speech, suddenly flies off the table. This is the final straw for the freaked out students. Before the hat even hits the floor, they have jumped from their seats and headed for the exit.

Perhaps this school should have this particular classroom investigated by a paranormal expert. For this student’s sake, this will hopefully be the last time that a ghost shows up in the audience when he has to give a speech.

3. Ghost Walks Office at Night

Most of us assume that when we leave the office at night, nothing interesting will happening near our desks until we return the following day. According to this footage by Binaca Tunes Video Manoranjan, taken from a security camera in their office, that may not be the case.

The anomaly in the footage was spotted when company management was reviewing the footage for maintenance purposes after the office had been empty for the weekend. The video is dark, but it appears to show a cubicle or reception desk. The office is still for several seconds, until the shadowy silhouette of a person appears from the shadows and walks straight toward the camera, fading away as it supposedly disappears into the wall. The figure appears out of nowhere, and disappears just as suddenly.

When this footage began circulating around the office, numerous employees began to feel uneasy about their workspace. Their discomfort was partly because they believe they know who is haunting them. One year before this paranormal footage was shot in the office in Bhopal, India, an employee of the company was found dead on company premises. Many of the current employees are certain that the spirit spotted in the footage is that of their deceased coworker.

2. Glass Flies Off Shelf in Pub

According to Brian Karppinen, his local bar is no stranger to paranormal footage. Katie’s Of Smithtown, a pub in Smithtown, New York, USA, regularly experiences strange activity as captured in this footage.

The CCTV footage shows just about the entire bar counter. At one end of the counter, a young bartender is leaning over the bar to speak to a customer. As she takes his order, she is suddenly shocked by a pain in her leg. She turns around, only to discover that a shot glass has flown from the shelf and struck her calf. Several patrons seated at the bar immediately stand and begin pointing, asserting that they saw the glass fly from the shelf on its own.

In addition, several viewers have said that if you look closely at the register as this paranormal activity is happening, you may catch a quick glimpse of a ghostly face watching the hubbub.

The staff and customers at Katie’s have seen glasses fly from the shelves before. A long time ago, there was a hospital running on the same land where the bar exists today. In 1909, the hospital burned to the ground, killing numerous patients and staff members. Today, it is believed that the spirits of those who perished in the fire haunt the bar. In addition to the wayward glasses, customers and staff have reported hearing strange noises, toilet seats jumping open, and even spotting ghostly figures in 19th century clothing.

So far, the ghosts of Katie’s pub have been more of a nuisance than a danger. Paranormal aficionados regularly visit the bar to grab a drink, have a bite to eat, and keep an eye out for the spirits that have made the pub famous.

1. Shadow Figure Caught Running by Window

We don’t usually expect paranormal footage to be shot in a brightly lit room. However, that’s exactly what happens in this clip presented on YouTube by Ghosted UK.

This footage comes from a camera placed at St. George’s Theatre in Norfolk, UK by a paranormal investigation team. The camera shows an image of a large, brightly lit room. On the far side of the room are a set of glass doors. It is behind these doors where the fun begins. If you watch closely, you’ll see what appears to be a shadowy figure darting back and forth past the door. The figure is fairly transparent, and seems to blur as it moves.

The ghost-hunting team that captured the footage believes that the incident is clearly paranormal; if these shadows had been caused by a person, they would be visible on the film. In addition, the outside doors are made from heavy oak, so the shadows couldn’t be caused by light from the street.

Those who have visited St. George’s aren’t surprised by the footage. Staff and actors regularly hear strange whispers in the stairwells and spot shadowy figures watching them during rehearsals. The shadows always disappear too quickly to be examined closely, but those who have seen them believe they look awfully similar to the entity in this footage.