These Scary Videos Are Freaking People Out

These clips are freaky!

Ghosts are usually associated with haunted houses and abandoned places. However, as these scary videos show, ghosts and other supernatural phenomena can actually pop up just about anywhere. Keep your eyes open and your camera ready, and you may just capture a ghost on film. For now, take a look at these scary videos that are really freaking people out.

6. Scary Videos: Ghostly Girl Caught on Camera



YouTuber Sharon Bailey wasn’t expecting to make any scary videos when she took out her video camera to record her little girl showing off some dance moves. However, it seems like a spirit decided to turn this solo into a group act.

In a dark room of the house, the little girl stands in a dramatic pose, prepared to show off the dance moves she created, inspired by Elvis. The young girl starts swaying and moving to the music as her stoic dog looks on. A few minutes into the dance, the girl suddenly stops and glances to her left for several seconds, as if she had seen something in the corner of the room. She eventually returns to her dancing.

Shortly after, the footage takes on a strange quality. The previously clear film begins to appear smoky, as if a white mist is rising up from just below the camera. Just after the smoke dissipates, the woman behind the camera asks her daughter if she saw anything. The girl doesn’t respond, but the dog seems to think something’s up.

Then, something truly extraordinary happens. Just behind where the girl is dancing, a blurry figure appears to run past. It moves too quickly to see any features, but it appears to be the same color as the white mist that had just risen up in front of the camera lens. No one seems to notice the ghostly figure until reviewing the footage later. The woman filming claims that she and her daughter were the only ones at home when the video was taken, leaving the ghostly figure shrouded in mystery.

Perhaps the King himself made an appearance to show his appreciation for the girl’s tribute?

5. Ghost Uses Toilet Paper



Like most of us, Sargon Joelsson believed that our bodily needs were no longer a pressing issue in the afterlife. However, in his scary videos uploaded to YouTube, he seems to have captured evidence that this may not be the case.

The video focuses on a simple roll of toilet paper. The roll is near its end, hanging on a holder attached to a wall. There’s nothing strange about this setup. However, when the toilet paper begins to move on its own, Sargon reaches for his camera.

Over the next few seconds, the toilet paper begins to slowly unroll, eventually piling up on the floor just below. It begins to move faster and faster, practically spinning itself right off the holder. Eventually, the entire roll is laying in a messy pile on the bathroom floor.

Throughout the video, the entire roll, from the holder to the pile on the ground, is completely visible. This makes it impossible for an unseen hand to be pulling or spinning the toilet paper just out of the camera’s view. In addition, the holder itself remains completely stationary, so this video is clearly not the work of some sort of electronic, spinning toilet paper holder. Is something supernatural at work here? Perhaps a playful poltergeist looking to cause trouble?

4. Bizarre Black Object Caught on Camera

Odd black ball ripping through space and time? from r/Ghosts


CCTV security cameras have recently become one of the best ways to capture scary videos. Redditor thechrisspecial found this out when watching some footage taken from an outdoor security camera, which shows something highly unusual.

The bizarre video begins in a pretty ordinary way. We see a man in a hat standing near a metal gate blocking off part of the roadway. He has a pile of luggage at his feet, as if waiting for someone. There are trees all around, but there is nothing natural about what happens next.

As the man remains completely still, a black orb begins to move horizontally across the center of the screen. The round object suddenly appears near the middle of the shot. It floats just above one of the metal gates, blocking off the road in an almost straight line until disappearing off the screen. Nothing else moves while the black object makes its way across the camera.

Although this particular orb is not the same color as typical, round ghostly apparitions, many who have viewed the video are still convinced it is most likely a spirit. Others theorize that it could be some sort of small UFO. However, some viewers are convinced that the video was faked, pointing to the complete lack of movement in the background throughout the footage. Could this video be a hoax? Or, did something paranormal cause a glitch in the film?

3. Scary Videos: Strange Shape Speeds Through Sky



YouTuber ealred was one of many British viewers not expecting to see any scary videos when they tuned into their local news station to check out the morning headlines. But something not quite natural had other ideas for this broadcast.

Like many news stations, this one uses live webcams to showcase things like weather and traffic in the local area. On this particular morning, the newscaster is speaking in a live shot from the Millennium Bridge over the River Tyne in Newcastle. At first, everything in the shot appears normal. The unsuspecting news anchor continues reading headlines without realizing that something strange is happening just behind him.

As the webcam captures footage of traffic on the bridge, a strange white object suddenly appears out of the lower left-hand corner of the shot. It streaks across the screen, moving at an incredible speed. Its movements are a blur, and the only thing viewers can see is that the object is white and incredibly fast.

Numerous explanations have been put forward by the thousands of viewers who saw the strange phenomenon. Some believe that the footage shows evidence of an alien craft. Others believe it was some sort of ghost. Meanwhile, some are certain that it was a more natural phenomenon, such as a bird or glare on the camera.

While no one can say for certain what caused this unusual white streak on the morning’s newscast, one thing is for certain: this station’s viewers are going to be watching the live webcam footage much more closely from now on.

2. Dog Kicked by Ghost?

My dog freaks out for no reason ? from r/Ghosts


Many people believe that animals are much more sensitive to spirits and other supernatural phenomena than humans are. Redditor britton-969 may have captured evidence of this on film when she decided to record a video of her adorable dog.

The footage begins with the cute pup sitting on the floor, looking straight into the camera. He isn’t playing or doing much of anything. However, that changes a few seconds into the video. As the camera rolls, the dog suddenly flinches and steps abruptly to the side, almost as if someone had kicked or shoved him.

The dog stares for a few seconds at the spot where the invisible kick originated, cowering away from the unseen attacker with his head down and his tail between his legs. He then quickly heads to the safety of his owner’s arms, giving a wide berth to the area where the invisible attacker must have been.

The viewers of the video on Reddit are truly perplexed. Many who are dog parents themselves state that the dog’s reaction clearly indicates it had been kicked, poked, or shoved, even though no one appears in the video. Although no one was able to come up with another reasonable explanation for the dog’s behavior, viewers have unanimously expressed their hope that any resident spirit will start being nicer to the innocent pooch.

Is this an example of a pet that saw something their owner couldn’t?

1. Scary Videos: Shadow Person Spooks YouTuber



YouTuber The FAM is known for visiting strange and creepy places and returning with truly scary videos. In this adventure, he visits the abandoned Parkway West Hospital in Miami Gardens, Florida, USA. This hospital is commonly believed to be haunted. The building is falling apart, and is too dangerous for most people to enter. It does attract dangerous trespassers, however, such as a murder suspect who used the building as a hiding place to avoid authorities.

The FAM enters the building, hoping for some creepy encounters. He takes on the challenge alone, prepared to spend the night by himself in the abandoned hospital. The rundown building is like the set of a horror film, and our urban explorer quickly finds himself ill-at-ease. He states that he hears odd noises, and feels like something is watching him from behind. He wonders if there’s another person in the building, or if perhaps a spirit is warning him to keep away from the morgue.

At one point in the adventure, the camera picks up on something that the explorer doesn’t see: a shadowy figure darting past in the dimly lit hallway. Although he doesn’t see the shadow person in this instance, he does notice that a piece of wood hanging from the ceiling is moving inexplicably, as if someone had brushed past it moments before.

Visitors and security guards have reported unusual occurrences in the hospital, such as dark shadows, strange noises in the stairwells, and lights mysteriously turning on and off. Many visitors report feeling as if someone is watching them from the darkness. Some believe these invisible eyes may belong to the ghost of a woman who died in childbirth while the hospital was still in operation.

In an abandoned hospital, there’s no telling what strange spirits may be lingering in the darkened hallways. Hospitals see more than their share of death, so thousands of spirits could be responsible for the eerie occurrences in this terrifying video.

Is this a hospital ghost sighting? Let us know in the comments below.