10 Pets That Saw Something Their Owners Couldn’t

Can These Pets Actually See Ghosts?

Animals are often thought to possess the ability to see things that humans cannot. From a dog pushed by a ghost to a cat that chases a spirit around the house, we count 10 pets that saw something their owners couldn’t.

10. Dog Pushed by Ghost

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ve3pjo6PLc[/embedyt]

This video uploaded to Mr Green’s YouTube channel in 2016 shows a small dog named Freddy barking at a window. There is clearly nothing at the window however Freedy growls fiercely as though he can sense something there that his owners cannot.  Just as the dog turns to look at his owners, it appears to be pushed by some sort of invisible force. Even the uploader of the video thought the dog had been touched by something invisible writing in the description ‘Just a normal night me the Mrs and our dog Freddy then all of a sudden he went mental at the wall or window and then yep whatever it was just touched him this is no joke what is it I’m freaking out.’

Freddy continues growling at the window and then suddenly runs into the hallway barking. His owner follows him and captures Freddy behaving very unusually. He paces back and forth, scratching at the door as though he wants to be let outside, possibly to chase whatever he saw through the window. Freddy then heads into the kitchen, looking very agitated.

The dog finally returns to the lounge room but continues to pace nervously back and fourth. His owner picks him up and just as he does Freddy begins to bark ferociously towards the window.

Was Freddy actually pushed by a ghost? Is this dog sensing some sort of presence that his owners cannot. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

9. Dog Senses Spirit in Hallway

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIUenLliT5M[/embedyt]

In 2011, Avilesr60 captured this footage on her phone and uploaded it to YouTube. It shows her dog who appears to be too scared to walk down the hallway. She continually calls the dog but for some unknown reason, it is extremely hesitant. The dog slowly moves forwards but can clearly see something off to the right that its owner cannot.

Suddenly, the dog starts to bark furiously as it backs away down the hallway.

The woman begins repeatedly yelling ‘Leave my dog alone!’ As though she thinks there could be an invisible presence scaring the dog. Again, the dogs attempts to come to the woman but once more it stops, barking at something.

It might be possible that the dog is barking at a shadow that is being cast by the hallway nightlight. However, the dog passes the light several times and seems to see something just off to the right.

What do you think is making this dog too scared to walk down the hallway? Could it actually be sensing some sort of invisible presence that its owner simply cannot see?

8. Cat Sees Apparition

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBWZ39r8SEE[/embedyt]

This short clip uploaded to YouTube by daralzand in 2012, shows their cat behaving very strangely. It is perched on top of the door frame almost as though it has chased something up there. Suddenly, a strange blue shape floats by the camera and the cat immediately follows it with its eyes.

A male voice then says ‘Now that was weird’ as though he too could see the bizarre shape.

Is this video proof that cats can actually see spirits? What do you think the mysterious blue apparition could be? Is it a ghost or something else entirely?

7. Dog Senses Something in The Kitchen

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAcd1FNfr8c[/embedyt]

This video uploaded to YouTube in 2013 by kennybrowne17, shows his dog Lola acting very strangely. The clip begins with Lola standing in the entrance to the kitchen when something seems to scare her. As the dog backs out of the room, the camera holder decides to get up and see what she is afraid of. He scans the kitchen but there is nothing there.

Lola attempts to enter the kitchen again but just as before, she senses something is not right and leaves.

Lola then walks into the lounge room and sits on her pillow. The uploader can be heard asking the dog if it’s the ghost in the house that is freaking her out?

The dog finally gathers enough courage to enter the kitchen again and this time, manages to make her way over to her food bowl on the floor. She takes a few bites then suddenly begins to back out of the room.

She tries once more, but again she appears spooked and backs out of the room. As she moves, she looks as though she feels she must keep her eyes on something.

The dog darts into the back room and the video ends.

What has Lola the dog so spooked that she refuses to eat her dinner? Can she see something in the kitchen that her owner cannot?

6. Dog Pack Spots Ghost

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=st5jYUWUk00[/embedyt]

Uploaded in 2014, to GhostWorldTV – Ghost & Paranormal Videos’ YouTube channel, there is very little information available about this video. It shows a pack of dogs walking down the street when they suddenly stop just as a white apparition begins floating towards them. The dogs scatter as it gets closer.

While it’s possible that this video has been edited, the dog’s are definitely reacting to something. What do you think? Is this pack of dogs being chased by some sort of mysterious apparition or is it just clever visual effects?


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