These Hospital Ghost Sightings Have Patients and Staff Worried

There's Something Extra Scary About Ghosts Seen in Hospitals

From the ghost of a woman photographed in a Bolivian hospital to a possible Grim Reaper sighting at a nursing home we explore these hospital ghost sightings that have patients and staff worried.

10. Ghost of Patient Appears in Elevator

Doctor photographs a ghost in the elevator of a Bolivian hospital - These Hospital Ghost Sightings Have Patients and Staff Worried


This unsettling image was first posted to Reddit in 2014 by user EskimoJake. They claim that their friend who is a doctor, took this picture while working at a Bolivian hospital in 2010.

Supposedly, the doctor and his friends didn’t initially notice the elevator door opening as they were too busy laughing and joking around. When they did finally see it, there was no one inside.

Close up of a doctor's photograph of a ghost in the elevator of a Bolivian hospital - These Hospital Ghost Sightings Have Patients and Staff Worried

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If you take a closer look at the ghostly figure, you can see that it appears to be a female with long, black hair. Her face looks pale and gaunt and she seems to be wearing a hospital gown.

Has the doctor actually managed to photograph a ghost in the elevator? If so, could it be that of a former patient? Perhaps even someone who may have passed away while being treated at this very hospital?

9. Ghostly Nurse Appears by Patient’s Bed

The ghost of a nurse appears in a patient's room - These Hospital Ghost Sightings Have Patients and Staff Worried


There is very little information available about this photo other than that it was taken at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At first glance, it doesn’t appear that the camera has captured anything unusual at all. That is until you spot the ghostly nurse standing on the far side of the bed.

St. Francis Hospital was founded in 1955 and some claim that this photograph may show the ghost of a former nurse who worked there. With her long, white apron and hair neatly tucked under her hat, the figure’s appearance certainly resembles a nurse from that era.

While it certainly is an unsettling image, the lack of available information makes it a lot harder to judge its authenticity. That said, I’m sure the last thing that you would want to see after waking up in hospital is the ghostly face of a nurse from a bygone era blankly staring down at you.

8. Ghost Filmed in Operating Room


This creepy video was first uploaded to ParanormalSeekersTK’s YouTube channel in 2010. Reportedly filmed in a hospital somewhere in Mexico, the footage shows an orderly laughing and joking around in front of the camera when suddenly a mysterious dark figure walks by the window.

The two decide to investigate. They open the door and head into what appears to be an empty operating theater.

Suddenly, a table begins moving on its own. The startled pair rush for the door. As they do, the camera holder does a full 360 degree sweep of the room. There is clearly no one else in there and there is no other door that the figure could have entered or exited from.

So, who exactly was the shadowy figure? Some think that it may have been the ghost of a former patient that passed away in this very operating room.

7. The Little Girl in The Lunatic Asylum

The ghost of a girl photographed at Beechworth Lunatic Asylum - These Hospital Ghost Sightings Have Patients and Staff Worried

This photo was taken in the Grevillia Wing of the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum in Victoria, Australia by ghost hunters Rayleen Kable and Allen Tiller. They took the picture while investigating the grounds at Beechworth and believe that it shows the spirit of a young girl kneeling on the floor.

The figure certainly does look like a child. It appears to be wearing a nightgown and it looks as though it is holding something in its right hand, possibly a doll or teddy bear.

Beechworth Asylum was famous for its lax rules regarding institutionalization. With only two signatures, a person could be committed. Almost ten thousand people died in the building, the patients often restrained and treated with electroshock therapy.

Beechworth is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a young, Jewish woman who was mysteriously thrown to her death from a window. Because of strict religious beliefs, her body lay decomposing on the ground for two days while a rabbi came from Melbourne to officially move the body. Several visitors claim they’ve even seen a young girl under the window where the incident happened.

Another traumatic tale is that of a missing patient who couldn’t be found for weeks. Finally his body was discovered by a local dog named Max near the gatehouse at the edge of the property. A search party was assembled to search the area and they eventually found the patient’s body up a tree. Since then, people have reported seeing a man wandering around the gatehouse at night.

Countless other paranormal sightings have taken place at Beechworth Lunatic Asylum. Visions of doctors walking down dark hallways, screams, nurses kneeling by bedsides, one ghost hunter says a demonic voice told him to ‘get out’ and leave the asylum.

Is it possible that this photograph has captured the ghostly vision one of the former patients of Beechworth? Could it be that the dark history of this property is so traumatic that the souls of employees and residents are forced to wander the grounds forever?

6. Grim Reaper Visits Nursing Home

The Grim Reaper photographed at a nursing home - These Hospital Ghost Sightings Have Patients and Staff Worried


This photo was supposedly taken at a unnamed nursing home just minutes after one of the residents had passed away. According to the story, several staff members and residents had heard the door to one of the rooms opening and closing and the room’s call light also kept mysteriously turning on and off despite the fact that their was no one inside.

Many believe that this photo shows the ghost of the resident and that it was them opening and closing the door. Others think that the dark, shadowy figure may actually be the Grim Reaper sent to collect the soul of the deceased.

It is up to you to decide which story to believe but either way, it certainly is a very unsettling photo.


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