Creepy Ghosts Caught on Camera

These Ghost Videos Are Truly Creepy!

In the 19th Century, spirit photography started making headlines, shocking people with disturbing images of creepy ghosts caught on camera. In the 21st Century, these images seem unimpressive. However, with new innovations in photography and videography, ghost photos and videos are becoming harder to dismiss. Let’s take a look at a few of the most terrifying ghosts caught on camera.

6. Ghost Caught on Camera?



YouTuber C 4 CaT doesn’t usually upload videos of creepy ghosts caught on camera. However, it seems that this clip could be an exception.

In the footage, we can see a man sleeping comfortably in bed. A few seconds into the video, the peace is disturbed when the nearby curtains start moving on their own. While this could easily be explained as the wind, it’s what happens shortly after the curtains have been pushed aside that is sure to give you chills.

A creepy face can suddenly be seen peering through the bars of the window, watching the unsuspecting sleeper from outside. At first, it’s difficult to get a good look at the face. However, you can see that it appears to have eerily pale skin and long, dark hair that obscures its features.

After the figure watches for a few seconds, there is a sudden disruption in the footage, almost like a brief flash of light. After the flash, the face in the window is gone. Unfortunately, for the man asleep in his bed this isn’t the end of the haunting. It is almost as if the entity is now inside the room as moments later, the blankets covering the man begin to lift into the air all on their own. It starts slowly, but soon the covers are violently torn away and thrown to the floor. The sleeper continues to remain unaware of what is happening around him as the curtains begin to move once more, perhaps signaling that the ghostly visitor has finally decided to leave the premises.

There is one final hint of movement outside the window before normality seems to be restored. Shortly after, the footage ends.

5. Manifestation Filmed at Cremation Site



An area where numerous cremations have taken place seems like a good spot to catch creepy ghosts on camera. In this video by TechWorldTv, a supernatural investigator visits a Hindu cremation site in hopes of finding evidence of reported paranormal activity.

The area is solitary; no one appears to live nearby, so the only people likely to visit the site are those preparing the dead. According to the stories, visitors to the site have spotted strange entities on the road leading up to the crematorium.

As the investigator approaches the pagodas where the bodies are burned, he notices that the area is crowded with dogs. For the most part, they are quiet and mind their own business. However, as he nears the pagoda, the dogs all around him suddenly start barking, almost as if they have been frightened by something.

Moments later, it becomes clear what might have the dogs so agitated. Just above one of the platforms where bodies are placed for burning, a semi-transparent, white shape appears. The entity hovers over the area for a moment before flying out of the pagoda. This frightens the investigator and he runs back down the road.

What do you think this mysterious shape could be? Is it really the spirit of someone who was cremated at this site? Or is there another way to explain this anomaly? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

4. Paranormal Activity Caught on Camera



When YouTuber King Crimson started noticing strange things happening in their house, they decided to set up a camera to see what was going on.

At the start of the footage, we see a young boy seated on a chair while reading a book. The television is off; however, moments into the video, it mysteriously turns on. While this could easily be explained by someone off-camera using a remote control, what happens next is harder to rationalize. A Ouija board that is placed on top of the TV suddenly flies off and clatters to the floor.

Curious, the young boy puts down his book and begins to investigate. He sits near the board and starts playing casually with the planchette. After a little while, he is startled by a loud banging noise coming from somewhere off camera. He immediately stops what he is doing and climbs back onto his chair, looking around the room in fear.

According to the uploader, they have no idea how the Ouija board even ended up in the room. It was an item that they claim to have had years ago but hadn’t seen for a long time. They aren’t sure if the young boy somehow found it or if it was moved into the room by something supernatural. Either way, the activity in the footage could easily be blamed on a poltergeist: a particular type of spirit believed to possess the necessary energy to move objects in the physical world. Often, these supernatural entities are more of a nuisance than anything else. However, sometimes they are believed to become dangerous, causing significant harm to those they haunt.

3. Shadow Figure Enters Kitchen



In a video uploaded to the YouTube channel MaximumDisclosure, a mysterious, dark entity can be seen wandering around a family’s kitchen. The footage has left many wondering whether shadow people could in fact be real.

According to the video’s description, after the family started noticing strange things happening in their kitchen, they decided to set up a security camera in hopes of finding out the cause. The footage, it seems, may have captured more than they bargained for.

The room is dim, with only the area near the door illuminated by the light from the hall. If you watch the doorway closely, a strange shadow begins to form. Its shape and consistency fluctuate, but it is clearly large; at some points, it takes up the entire doorway.

After lingering for a few seconds, the shadow figure slowly moves into the room. Moments later, it disappears. The family has no idea how to explain the bizarre footage, but the images on the tape are certainly difficult to deny.

Several viewers have likened the figure to a shadow person. A type of spiritual entity that many claim to have witnessed.

Typically appearing in darkened areas, shadow people are generally thought to be harmless. Still, seeing one would likely be terrifying.

2. Ghost Ship on Lake Superior?



According to this footage captured by Jason Asselin, something strange might be happening on Lake Superior, just off the coast of Michigan? In a place where there’s reported to have been over 6,000 shipwrecks that have claimed more than 30,000 lives, it seems like a promising place for paranormal activity.

While filming a music video, Asselin spotted something strange on the horizon. In fact, after looking more closely, he thought that it appeared to be a large ship.

In the footage, we can clearly see two tall shapes, one thick and one thin, jutting out above the water. The objects are too far in the distance to make out any details, but regulars in the area assert that they have never seen anything like it before.

Supposedly, the bizarre anomaly remained visible for around 20 minutes before suddenly vanishing.

Some who have seen the footage, including Asselin himself, assert that the mysterious shapes could actually be a ghost ship. Others think that they resemble a person walking on water, bringing to mind the biblical story of Jesus Christ. They believe that the second, thinner shape could be the staff that he is often depicted carrying.

No one knows for sure what these strange shapes were, but their mysterious appearance and disappearance certainly caused quite a stir.

What do you think this video reveals? Could it really be a ghost ship? Or is there another way to explain this mysterious event? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. Shadowy Entity Walks Through Doorway



YouTuber, Fearing Buddy is no stranger to ghosts caught on camera. In this video, which appears to have been captured in a sleepy, little town, a mysterious, shadowy figure makes an appearance.

While there is no specific information on where this footage was actually captured, it does show a few small homes alongside a steep, cobblestone road. Suddenly, the peacefulness of this village is disturbed when a dark shape emerges from the doorway of one of the houses. While the outline is clearly that of a human, the figure appears to be made of shadow or black mist.

A close up reveals the entity in more detail. You can see suggestions of facial features and the clear movement of its arms and legs. The figure exits the doorway and begins walking across the street. It moves briskly, never stopping or changing course. It continues walking until it disappears off-camera.

There is no denying that this is indeed a very creepy video. However, it is difficult to determine who or what this entity might actually be. Or, if in fact the footage is even real. Unfortunately, until further information surfaces this clip will have to remain a mystery. At least for the time being.