These Ghost Photos Are Scaring Sceptics

Often when it comes to photos of ghosts there is always a little bit of doubt in the air. Skeptics will dismiss any hint of the supernatural with a plausible alternative. However, these ghost photos are scaring skeptics.

8. Ghost Photos: 1984 Car Crash

1984 car crash with screaming ghost face
Seeks Ghosts

The story behind these ghost photos is as sad as it is disturbing. These photos have been retold over the years as the tale of The Ghost That Screamed and 30 years later they are still causing a stir.

The origins of this story date back to a 1984 car accident involving four teenagers. The exact circumstances leading to the crash are unknown. However, some have blamed the winding roads.

Regardless of the cause, the teens lost control of their vehicle that night. They hit a curb and crashed into nearby trees. As fate would have it, three of the four teens survied the crash. It proved fatal for the boy in the front passenger seat.

At just 16 years old, the teen boy tragically lost his life. What followed was a routine police inspection, complete with photos capturing the scene of the crash. Not having witnessed anything abnormal at the time, the police officer sent the photos off to be developed.

However, what the police department found in those photos was distressing. The first signs of supernatural interference were floating red and yellow dots visible in many of the photos. However, they would not go on to raise any red flags on their own. But one of the photos in question would haunt those who saw it for the rest of their lives.

The photo seems to have captured the boy’s spirit yelling in agony. There is a disturbed face clear and visible.

Some even believe you can see the outline of a brown Labrador. Some say it’s the very same dog that belonged to the boy, recently deceased.

Skeptics involved had to admit it seemed the photos captured two unique spirits. There’s the boy himself in agony after the accident and the boy’s pet there to guide his soul.

7. Uninvited Dinner Guest

Scary ghost photo shows entity at family lunch

Posted to Reddit by user diygardening, this picture can only be described as nightmare fuel. The photo was taken at Easter, and was simply an attempt to capture a nice gathering of friends.

As the title of the submission explains, the photo features one guest who was certainly not invited. We see the food laid out and the group of friends standing by. But there is one glaring addition to this photo that certainly does not belong. There is a mirror directly behind the group of friends in the photo. In the mirror, you can see the creepy and shadowed face of their uninvited guest. It is enough to make anyone jump in shock.

It looks to be a person with long hair, wearing a white mask.

Like many similar ghost photos, this one seems to reveal a being whose presence was not known until the parties involved were able to examine the photograph. However, once they did, it seems almost certain they were horrified by this creepy figure.

Let’s hope this unwanted guest didn’t stick around for too long after the photo was taken.

6. Selfie Gone Wrong

Entity shows in selfie.
Irish Mirror

Sent to the Irish Mirror by Paula Whelan, this selfie of her daughter’s friend appears to have gone horribly wrong.

In this instance, the selfie seems to have strayed past fun and silly and gone straight to disturbing instead. While looking through the selfies in order to delete the less-than-perfect ones, the friend came upon something utterly horrifying instead.

Positioned right behind the girl seems to be a ghostly figure. Enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine and make them take a cursory glance behind themselves. There appears to be what looks like a man’s face just above the door frame.

The longer you stare at this particular photo, the more eerie it feels. The deep black eyes almost pierce into you from the camera.

Some viewers claim it’s nothing more than a photoshop job but the family insist they’ve not manipulated the image in any way.

5. Ghostly Child Appears in Photo

Ghost child appears in family photo.

Posted by Reddit user Project_Mindless, this photo suggests more than a simple ghost haunting. Taken at a family gathering, we see six people all smiling happily at the camera. However, if you look closely it would seem a spirit has attempted to join them.

With all the happy faces, it seems as though none of them had any idea this dark shadowy figure lingered behind them while capturing the photo. Directly behind the poster himself is a small dark figure, heavily shadowed.

If you zoom in for a closer inspection, you get a better idea at what this shadow truly is. You can see a small child-like spirit directly behind the group. Reminded of the child from The Grudge, the poster and his family were seriously creeped out upon reviewing the photo. They say they have no idea who the boy could be or why he was there.

With no other potential explanation for the face behind them, the group seems to believe a ghost chose their family’s gathering to visit that day.

4. Cute Baby Photo Captures Entity?

A ghost appears in baby photo.

Uploaded to Reddit by user RickieOnRadio, this is yet another ghost photo set to creep you out. It reveals an invisible and horrifying presence in an otherwise peaceful home.

The uploader explains that this photo was taken by their aunt. The photo of her son after he got out of the bath should have been a cute and precious memory. However, it quickly turned into something far more sinister.

The uploader explains that the two were the only ones at home when the photo was taken. This makes the appearance of the person in the corner of the room all the more mysterious and eerie.

In the photo, a strange figure is visible standing in the background; you can see a hand and white outfit of some kind.

What’s even more unsettling, the uploader posted a second photo showing what the room normally looks like unobscured.

A toilet

When you compare it to the first photo, it looks like it would be impossible for a person to be standing in the corner, not unless they were wedged tightly against the toilet.

The poster also clarified that there is/was no mirror in the room when the photo was taken.

Some viewers have suggested the spirit to be that of a nurse or another figure wearing a lab coat. Others pointed out that the thumb on the figure seems to be unnaturally pointed.

What do you think is going on in this strange photo? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

3. Ghost Photos: Unexplained Visitor

Ghost photos of an entity in background.

Sent in by Slapped Ham viewer Tammi D, it came with a terrified plea to be taken for her word. The context behind this photo is both serious and horrifying.

Tammi notes that her granddaughter captured this photo as she was playing around with a phone’s camera. As Tammi explains, no one aside from herself and her granddaughter were present in the room when the photo was taken.

Showing a disturbing figure behind her granddaughter, Tammi asserts the figure was not visible when the photo was taken. This implies that the figure only happened to accidentally be captured by her granddaughter.

As Tammi explains, the presence of the spirit in this photograph is easily the scariest thing that has ever happened in her life. Those who have previously scrutinized the picture have questioned whether the figure was Tammi herself, but she assures viewers that this is not the case.

In fact, Tammi has her own theory behind the origin of the spirit. Like many ghost photos, this one appears to have been captured in a home that is almost certainly haunted. Built on top of an old fort, Tammi is quite positive that many people had likely been buried beneath the home. Looking for peace or purely restless, a spirit seems to have wandered into their old home and into the photo captured by Tammi’s granddaughter.

With some relief, Tammi assures viewers she has since moved from that haunted home.

2. Snapchat Photobomb

Snapchat ghost photo
Irish Mirror

Sent to the Irish Mirror by Grainne Dowdall, it would seem an eerie figure has ruined what would be a perfectly fine mirror selfie. As with previous ghost photos, the spirit went completely unnoticed until the selfie was reviewed.

As the girl strikes a pose in the mirror, another figure is seen striking a pose just outside her window. It looks to be a pale, expressionless face hanging outside of the house.

Creepily, the article confirms that the girl’s bedroom was upstairs, meaning this could not have been someone passing by.

Instead, the latitude of the room and the spirit’s odd appearance all seem to point toward a genuine haunting.

Some viewers have suggested it’s an odd reflection or perhaps even a case of pareidolia, a tendency humans have to identify familiar patterns in the things we see, I.e a face hanging in the window.

Still the image is chilling nonetheless, and until further information comes to hand it will have to remain a mystery.

1. Ghost Photos: The Face in the Ceiling

Strange shape shows up in photo
Irish Mirror

Sent into the Irish Mirror by Ciara O’Callaghan, this last photo is certainly an eerie one. Facebook’s facial recognition software seems to point to the legitimacy of this sighting, throwing off even the most hardened skeptics.

As the family were taking a series of nice family photos, O’Callaghan’s niece grabbed the phone and it snapped a picture of the roof in her haste.

When they looked at the photo, they could see an odd shape in the ceiling that resembled a face. When they uploaded it to Facebook it even gave them the option of tagging it as if it were someone they knew.

With Ciara herself being a self-described skeptic, she admits she has submitted this photo to the public’s discretion in order to potentially find some explanation other than the supernatural. For now, she admits she herself cannot find any other potential cause, going so far as to manipulate the photo in Photoshop, playing with darkness and contrast, looking for any other reason the face should have appeared. However, altering the image only seemed to deepen the mystery.

Strangely, the face in the ceiling bares a striking resemblance to the selfie we showed earlier in this article. Are these shapes related somehow? Perhaps there’s a filter that can imprint eerie faces into photos. Let me know if you’ve seen an app or filter that has similar looking effects, love to hear about it in the comments below.