Scary Ghost Videos That No One Has Seen Before

Have You Seen Any Of These Scary Ghost Videos?

Are these real ghosts caught on camera? We take a look at some scary ghost videos that no one has seen before.

6. Scary Ghost Videos: Ghost Spotted in Cemetery?



While some scary ghost videos provide viewers with frightening jump scares, others can be terrifyingly subtle. Such is the case with this video posted to YouTube by GhostsRreal66.

The short clip was filmed in a cemetery during the day and no people are visible for the entirety of the video. With the graveyard so quiet, it seems as though it could be the perfect time for a ghost to explore the area.

Towards the very end of the footage, a small, wispy shape appears near some of the gravestones. While slightly difficult to make out, the uploader has taken the time to explain what they think the shape could be.

As mentioned in the video’s description, they believe the figure in the video to be the ghost of a young boy. The uploader goes on to suggest that, given the way the ghost seems to be dressed, they look as though they’re from the early 1900’s.

If the misty shape seen in this video is indeed the ghost of a young boy, one wonders what could have happened that lead to his early demise? Given his clothing, one would also have to wonder just how long this supposed spirit has been wandering the cemetery grounds.

5. Translucent Entity Descends From Sky


Uploaded to the Ghost Hunters YouTube channel, this next video is certainly unique. A man and a boy are seen walking around outside, enjoying nature. The trees around them are barren, with twigs and branches piled up nearby, just in view of the camera.

The natural divots and steps, create an eerie “fairytale” setting, giving the impression that something strange is about to happen.

As the pair begin to walk away, a ghostly figure suddenly descends from the sky. It’s presence seems to go unnoticed however, as the camera holder and those seen in the video don’t appear to immediately notice. It certainly seems as though they were not deliberately attempting to catch a ghost on camera.

The figure dashes across the screen, almost floating down to ground level before suddenly disappearing from sight.

Could it be possible that the pair did see the eerie intruder and took that as their cue to leave the area?

While there is little information available about this video, it’s hard to speculate on what the wispy figure could actually be. I’ll throw this one out to you the viewer. What do you think the camera has captured? Is it really a ghost? Or could there be another explanation for this mysterious video? Let me know in the comments section below.

4. Scary Ghost Videos: Mysterious, White Shape Spotted on Security Cam


Uploaded to YouTube by Mazdafreo, this security camera footage shows another white, wispy figure similar to the two seen in the previous videos.

In this instance, it seems the security camera was set to capture footage of the uploader’s driveway late at night. As the footage rolls, a white, translucent shape can be seen darting between vehicles on the driveway. At first, the figure seems to be moving as though it isn’t quite sure where it’s going.

If the figure captured in this video is indeed a ghost, its erratic movements could be taken as a sign that it is trying to avoid being detected. If this is the case, then it’s unclear whether the figure is making an effort to avoid detection by human eyes, or more likely, the security camera?

Regardless, the wispy shape seems to move between the vehicles on the driveway too purposefully to be something as mundane as a spec of dust or an errant ray of light.

While many scary ghost videos show figures that appear to float aimlessly down hallways, this shape seems to behave with purpose as if it is aware of what it is doing.

If this security camera really has captured evidence of a ghost then one has to wonder what it was doing in the area in the first place?

Have you ever had a security camera capture something spooky? If so, let me know about your experience in the comments section below.

3. Ghostly Figure Caught on Camera


Like many scary ghost videos, this haunting footage posted to the YouTube channel GHOST DZ, isn’t easily explained away.

At first, the clip seems normal enough. Just a couple waving from a boat enjoying a relaxing day on the water. However, roughly 20 seconds into the video an odd, ghostly figure makes an appearance. Its movements are quick and if you were to blink you could easily miss it.

Unlike in previous videos, the figure here seems solid, with each appendage clearly visible. It appears almost as if it is projected on the side of the boat. The figure runs from left to right before suddenly falling into the water below.

The ghostly character’s appearance and movements are so bizarre that a single viewing of this video does not do it justice. If you watch closely, it actually looks as though it trips on the side of the boat. Then, once in the water, it seems to be carried away by the current.

However, once the figure enters the water it seems to move much faster than the water is actually flowing. This could lead some skeptics to believe that what we are witnessing is little more that special effects trickery.

What do you think? Could this be a real ghost sighting? Or is the footage simply the result of some clever editing? Unfortunately, as there is little information available about the video we’ll have to leave it up to you the viewer to decide.

2. Paranormal Entity Seen in Convenience Store


Uploaded to the YouTube channel CasperWebTv, this video features a potential ghost in a much more common form. The security camera footage shows an empty convenience store late at night. Suddenly, a transparent figure begins walking around on the left side of the screen.

Oddly, the video’s title suggests that the footage shows a man being possessed by a ghost. This certainly seems misleading as there doesn’t appear to be any people visible throughout the clip. What is seen in the actual video looks more like a spirit or ghost moving ethereally up and down the isle.

At times, it even appears as though the figure can be seen taking visible steps rather than simply floating around. It’s movements too, seem purposeful enough to leave the viewer wondering if this potential paranormal entity had some sort of earthly connection to the store?

The actual uploaded footage seems to have been recorded by someone off of a monitor. As if they have used their mobile phone to capture the strange figure’s movements. Perhaps the store’s ghostly visitor was noticed by a security guard who decided to put the clip online for all to witness its supernatural presence?

1. Flying Spirit Caught on Camera?


The final scary ghost video on our list was captured at a Detroit brewery. Uploaded to the local news channel, Click On Detroit | Local 4 | WDIV‘s YouTube channel, this clip certainly goes a long way towards cementing the brewery’s haunted reputation.

The footage shows an oddly shaped white figure floating right above the camera as it is pointed towards the building’s ceiling. While it appears that no one noticed the anomaly at the time the footage was recorded, it does look as though the news crew might have actually captured evidence of a real ghost.

The brewery itself is housed in a former church that dates back to the 1930’s. According to its staff, ghost sightings have become common place in this creepy setting.

Paranormal explorers from the Detroit Paranormal Expeditions group were called upon to investigate. In an attempt to curb the supernatural activity, the investigators teamed up with the brewer to create a sage infused beer.

Traditionally, sage has been used as part of a ritual known as ‘smudging.’ An act that is thought to ward off evil and promote spiritual cleansing.

To celebrate the launch of the new beer, the local news crew filmed several of the brewery’s patrons attempting to contact any resident spirits. During the event, their cameras inadvertently captured a mysterious, floating shape that some have described as ‘angelic’ an even a ‘spirit that’s protective of the building’.

Despite the convincing video evidence, several viewers believe that the ‘supernatural’ sighting is simply too convenient, claiming that it appears to be little more that a publicity stunt from the brewery.

When asked if the strange shape could have been lens flare Jeff Adkins, a member of Detroit Paranormal Expeditions noted that there was no light inside the room at the time the video was captured. Brewer, Brad Etheridge also confirmed that the shape was not a bat as there are none on the property. With these theories dismissed it leaves little alternative as to what the mysterious figure could actually be.

What do you think has been captured in this video? Could it really be some sort of paranormal entity? Or is there another explanation for this creepy footage? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.