Scary Urban Explorations That Went Horribly Wrong

Creepy Things That Have Happened During Urban Explorations

Scary urban explorations are some of the most exciting and terrifying videos for adrenaline junkies and horror aficionados. The world is full of creepy spots with disturbing backstories, and luckily, some brave explorers with cameras are there to let us experience these bizarre locations from the safety of our homes. Let’s take a look at a few scary urban explorations where things didn’t go as planned.

6. Urban Explorer Stalked by Ghostly Figure



Scary urban explorations filmed in the dark of night, are some of the most fascinating yet creepy videos circulating the internet. In this clip, supposedly filmed at an abandoned house somewhere in Japan, an urban explorer gets more than they bargained for when an unexpected guest arrives.

The footage begins with blurry shots of the exterior of the creepy abandoned property. Viewers aren’t able to make out much, other than the dense foliage and dim shadows lit only by the light from the camera. A few seconds into the video, something unusual disturbs the peaceful woodland scene: an eerie hand can be seen gripping the corner of the house. Only the hand is visible; the rest of the mysterious entity is hidden on the other side of the building. The hand appears to be pale and possibly streaked with dirt or mud. Before the explorer can investigate further, it disappears just as quickly as it arrived.

Next, the urban explorer decides to enter the house. As they examine every corner of the messy interior, the camera pans across an open doorway. However, the explorer doesn’t seem to notice the ghostly face peering back at them. Only the profile of the mysterious figure is visible, with most of its features obscured by long, dark hair hanging over its face. The entity seems a bit camera shy, ducking back into the doorway when the light of the camera finds it.

It is unclear who or what this creepy entity may be. However, it’s appearance in the doorway is nothing short of terrifying.

5. Investigators Run from Chilling Growls



Chris Hopkins and his team of friends are the stars of numerous scary urban explorations. In this chilling video uploaded to YouTube, they explore an abandoned naval base, hoping to find something interesting to share with their followers.

On a cold, windy night, they head to the naval base. Almost immediately upon entering the building, the group is startled by a loud banging noise. They quickly run from the building to regroup but soon decide to head back inside to continue exploring the rest of the abandoned base. The remainder of the exploration is largely uneventful. However, when it comes time to leave the building and head back to safety, something terrifying seriously spooks the explorers.

The group has to travel through a wooded area. As they walk and chat about their evening, the quiet of the night is suddenly shattered by an inhuman growl echoing through the trees. The group quickly begins to run from the terrifying sound. However, the creature that emitted the growl seems to follow them through the woods. Luckily, they make it back to the road, but not before one of the boys loses his phone during their frantic escape.

The group is unsure of what type of creature made the horrifying sound. They all agree that it didn’t sound like any animal they’ve ever encountered. They even theorize that the sound could have been made by a ghost or perhaps a cryptid, such as Bigfoot. With only the sounds to go on, it’s unclear what chased them through the woods that night. However, other urban explorers should definitely be wary of visiting this creepy location.

4. Explorers Stumble upon Sinister Ritual



The scary urban explorations filmed by YouTuber, Exploring with Cody sometimes turn up bizarre, supernatural things. However, this terrifying video showcases one of the scariest experiences that he’s ever caught on camera.

As Cody attempts to approach the abandoned building he means to explore, he briefly hesitates when he notices a light outside that keeps turning on and off without explanation. The night is dark, and the strange light is the only thing illuminating the trees outside of the abandoned site. Despite the darkness, the explorers are not the first ones to check out the site; as they approach the building, another group is silently exiting the creepy area.

Undeterred, Cody and his team continue to approach the building and enter through a window. They walk around the empty property capturing shots of decrepit stairs and run-down rooms. For the most part, their visit is largely uneventful; that is, until they hear strange, high-pitched sounds coming from a nearby room. The group decides to investigate the noises. They peak inside the room where the noises seem to be coming from and much to their surprise, they see several flickering lights. Upon further investigation, they discover a small circle of lit candles on the floor of the room. Before they can examine the candles closely, another strange noise sends them running from the building.

Because the team was not alone at the site that night, they theorize that the candles came from the group that was leaving when they arrived. The configuration of the candles and their placement in the abandoned house seem to suggest that some sort of sinister ritual was taking place.

What would you do if you cam across this eerie sight? Would you immediately run? Or quietly continue your investigation? Let me know in the comments section below.

3. Tunnel Creature Caught on Camera



YouTuber Connor Does Adventure is no stranger to scary urban explorations. However, when he and his friends decided to visit an old, abandoned tunnel, they encountered something they will certainly never forget.

Having explored these same tunnels before, the group wasn’t expecting anything too strange or scary to interrupt their filming. At first, the areas of the dark tunnel, lit only by their flashlights, turn up nothing more interesting than graffiti and occasional litter. However, a few minutes into the exploration, things take a turn when they hear a noise that sounds like someone jumping down into the tunnel behind them. They zoom in on the area and manage to capture a shot of a chilling figure peering back at them.

The group runs from the tunnel in terror. Unfortunately, it seems that they ran in the opposite direction to the exit and they can only leave by heading back into the tunnel. Almost immediately, they begin hearing strange cries coming from the darkness. Soon after, the figure approaches. In the light we can see a pale, humanoid creature walking slowly toward them.

Again, the boys run in terror, eventually making it safely to the exit.

While it’s unclear what chased them, it seems unlikely that they will go back to investigate the tunnel or its mysterious inhabitant any time soon.

2. Creeper Chases Urban Explorer



YouTuber, HypeMyke decided to check out an abandoned factory one afternoon and film his experience for his followers to watch. Little did he know, he was not alone in the creepy building.

He approaches the huge building and enters through a doorway that appears to have been violently kicked open. He walks around the building, recording the usual graffiti and litter that most urban explorers find at abandoned sites. Further into the exploration, he begins hearing strange noises that suggest the site may not be as abandoned as he first thought.

Despite the terrifying sounds, he continues his exploration. He comes across other unusual things, like a dead bird and burned spots on the walls. The noises seem to follow him, eventually getting louder. As the sun sets, things seemingly return to normal. That, is until something truly terrifying happens: a shirtless man in a mask jumps out from behind a door. He emits strange, guttural cries and waves his arms as he chases the explorer from the property.

Nothing about the strange man’s appearance seems supernatural. However, his unusual and somewhat threatening behavior was certainly enough to convince the explorer to leave. Sometimes, people are the scariest creatures of all.

1. Chilling Footage Found in Tunnel



Abandoned tunnels are a popular spot for scary urban explorations. There are usually few ways to get in or out, and little light penetrates the darkness as you move further into the passage. In this video, one urban explorer gets much more than they bargained for when exploring what seems to be an ordinary tunnel.

At first, the tunnel is brightly lit. The camera shots are blurry, but we can clearly see that there are working lights illuminating the space. However, as the explorer begins to look around, they are suddenly pitched into darkness. Now, the only light in the space comes from the distant end of the tunnel.

Suddenly, something seems to spook the explorer causing them to fall to the ground. As the camera continues to record, it manages to capture a truly creepy scene – a group of strange figures approaching from the darkness. The shot isn’t clear enough to make out their features, but it does show that all of the figures are wearing the same clothing. They don’t even look down at the camera as they march past.

The footage ends before we find out what happens next. Did the urban explorer make it out of the tunnel? Or were they the victim of something far more sinister? Without further information, we may never learn the truth behind this mysterious video.