These Scary Ghost Photos Have No Rational Explanation

With the advent of camera phones, people are taking more photos than ever before. Scary ghost photos, which used to be a rarity, have begun appearing more and more often as people take dozens of photos on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at some of these scary ghost photos that no one has been able to explain.

6. Ghost of Toddler Visits Grave

Scary ghost photo shows little girl at her own grave.
CBS Austin

In September of 2018, two-year-old Faviola Rodriguez was tragically killed. Her mother, Saundra Gonzales, along with other loved ones, regularly leave toys and other items on the beloved child’s grave. Saundra was disturbed when the items that she left for her late daughter began disappearing. She also noticed other acts of vandalism at the grave site. She asked staff at the cemetery to keep their eyes open for anyone paying unwarranted attention to her daughter’s grave.

Luckily for the family, a nearby gravestone has a camera trained on it. This family has also experienced vandalism in the cemetery. They believe that their son’s killer, who is still at large, is responsible for the cruel acts. They set up the camera in hopes of gaining evidence to take to the police. However, what they actually saw in the security footage was truly shocking.

Scary ghost photos show a little deceased girl at her own grave.

Images of a young girl appear in the still footage walking near their son’s grave. Concerned about a child wandering the cemetery at night, they showed the pictures to the staff, who immediately recognized the child as Faviola. Saundra, who happened to be in the cemetery that day, tearfully confirmed that it is her daughter in the photos.


In one of the still images, Saundra believes that it shows her daughter walking away with a tall man, who the other family believes to be their son. Saundra is convinced that her daughter came back to the cemetery to lead the man to heaven. Because both suffered tragedies so early in their young lives, the families think that the kindred spirits have been drawn to each other in the afterlife, as evidenced by the footage from the cameras.

5. Unwanted Visitor

Scary ghost photo shows strange face in group photo.

Slapped Ham viewer Jasper Ashbel wasn’t expecting any scary ghost photos when he went out for dinner with a group of friends in 2013. Unfortunately for him, spirits often show up at the most unexpected of times.

The group decided to go to a restaurant near Mulu National Park in Miri Sarawak, Malaysia. This is one of the most remote places in the area, but the friends still believed that they could have a great time. Throughout the night, they took numerous photos to commemorate the occasion. It wasn’t until later that they noticed anything amiss in the pictures.

Six friends were gathered that night, but much to their surprise, a seventh face showed up in one of their photos. As the group posed in front of a dart board, it appears that a spirit decided to take the opportunity to photobomb them. The face appears near the bottom of the photo, tucked in between several of the closely posed bodies. Based on the location of the eerie face, there is no way that someone could have snuck into the photo without the others noticing. In fact, it seems unlikely that the face could even be attached to a body based on its proximity to the floor.

The face itself appears human, but not entirely normal. Its head is cast in shadow, appearing darker than it should have considering the bright light that illuminates the others in the photo. In addition, its eyes appear to be entirely white, giving the face a demonic appearance. No one in the group has been able to explain this terrifying photo, but it seems unlikely that they will return to this restaurant again.

4. Scary Ghost Photos: Family Dog Returns for a Visit

Black and photo shows a ghost of a dead dog.

Redditor Igotshiptodotoday never expected to see the family’s beloved golden retriever again after the dog passed away several years ago. They certainly never expected the dog to show up in any scary ghost photos. Yet, evidence in a photo has made them believe that their pet never really left them.

The dog’s name was Koda, and she loved the Redditor’s mother more than anyone else in the family. The mother was distraught when they lost the dog, but eventually was able to move on. However, when her husband set up a trail camera hoping to get footage of a fox, they got an unexpected surprise.

The photo shows the mom leaning out of the open door of the house’s sun room. She is partially obscured by the porch rails, but she appears to be picking up something from the ground. Just a few feet away, there appears to be a smudge of light or mist. The spot is clearly in the shape of a dog. It appears only a few feet from the mother’s face. If something corporeal had been standing there, she certainly would have noticed.

Because of the shape of the entity, and the close relationship Koda and the mom had, the family believes that this photo shows evidence of the family pet coming back to visit her favorite human in spirit form. Whether or not this photo actually does show a ghostly canine, the family takes comfort in believing that their beloved pet is never too far away.

3. Unexplained Black Shroud

Strange black shape appears behind young girl.

Slapped Ham viewer Naomi Flynn never expected any scary ghost photos of her very own. However, that changed when something sinister showed up in a photo of a young girl.

Naomi snapped the photo of the little girl in the family’s living room. She was standing in front of the television, and everyone who was in the room at the time is certain that there was nothing strange around that could have showed up in the photo. When the filmed was developed, they were surprised by what they saw.

An eerie black shroud appears to be hovering behind the young girl. It is amorphous in shape, but almost appears like a piece of black cloth billowing and floating in the air. No one is certain of what could have caused this strange entity to appear in the photo. However, the dark color certainly brings to mind the possibility of a demonic entity. Unfortunately, there’s not many further details available about this terrifying photo, but hopefully, the entity never made another appearance.

2. Unexplained Figure Appears in Photo

Creepy figure appears in scary ghost photos.

Scary ghost photos aren’t a common souvenir that people bring home from vacation. Slapped Ham viewer Frank Teves was certainly surprised by what he saw in the photo that his sister brought home from Hawaii.

Frank’s sister, Margie Crosby, visited Kauai, Hawaii with her husband. At the beginning of the trip, they bought a small disposable camera to capture memories of their vacation. On one of the final days before leaving the island to head home, Margie’s husband took a photo of her on the beach, in front of a stunning background of sand and sea. They timed the photo so that no other beachgoers would be caught in the shot and ruin the scenic photo. Unfortunately, something unusual showed up to mar their shot of the beach.

Just behind Margie, there appears to be a person in a blue shirt and khaki pants. The person’s body is contorted in a strange position and the head isn’t even visible. It appears as if this person, or entity, is bending backwards at a bizarre and disturbing angle. The strange figure doesn’t appear to have hands either.

To prove the snapshot wasn’t photoshopped, Frank sent in another picture that shows the original photo being held up. The image was developed straight from the film of the disposable camera.

The figure in the photo is crystal clear, unlike many scary ghost photos that are blurry or translucent. But Margie and her husband are absolutely certain that they were alone on this part of the beach when they took the photo. Besides, the figure appears so close to Margie that she certainly would have noticed someone next to her performing strange bodily contortions. The figure’s clothing also appears out of place for a warm day on the beach. So what could this bizarre figure be?

The family has no explanation for the entity, and this photo has been haunting them for years.

1. Scary Ghost Photos: Construction Site Entity

Scary ghost photo shows ghost at construction site.
The Sun

Adam Lees, a manager at a security company, is used to spotting strange things on CCTV. Normally it is criminals up to no good or even employees causing trouble. However, it isn’t often that he spots what appears to be a ghost.

When Adam got an alert that the infrared motion sensors on a camera at a construction site had picked up movement, he immediately turned on the feed from the camera to see what was going on. Much to his surprise, there appeared to be a woman in a long, white dress walking across the site. The dress billows out behind her in the footage, as does her dark hair. She is carrying something white in her hands. Whatever the object is, it is impossible to distinguish from her pale skin.

Adam was disturbed by the footage. He pulled himself together to dispatch on-site security guards to the area where the camera was triggered. When the group arrived about three minutes later, everything was business as usual. They found no signs that anyone was there, or had been there in recent hours.

The security company is baffled by the strange entity, and Adam himself has admitted to having trouble sleeping since the incident. Supernatural aficionados have been quick to label the entity a “White Lady”: a particular kind of female spirit usually seen in a long white dress. These entities are typically spotted in less populated areas and often have tragic backstories full of sorrow and heartbreak. Perhaps this spirit suffered a tragic death somewhere near the construction site. Without more detail about the site’s history, the woman’s identity remains a mystery.