Mysterious Videos That Will Leave You Speechless

These Mysterious Videos Should Not Exist!

From a video of a man being followed by a shadow to footage of a woman transforming into a witch these are mysterious videos that will leave you speechless.

5. Mysterious Figure Caught on Security Camera


TheMvegastyle‘s YouTube channel posts many different types of videos from tech help to parodies and even skits. However, they never seem to post any paranormal footage and that’s what makes this clip extra creepy.


In 2016, the channel posted this video entitled Why You Need Security Cameras. They had apparently been notified that several people had been seen lurking around their house so they decided to set up a security camera to see if they could catch the culprits in action.

Sure enough the camera did show several teens in the area. However, nothing ever seemed to come of it.

Then, two years later the same security camera captured this mysterious video as one of the residents of the house pulled up to the garage in their car.

As you can see, their is something wrong with the footage. It is all pixelated and half of the screen is green.

As the car enters the garage, a figure can be seen walking along the sidewalk towards the house. The footage remains blurry as the figure passes, then, for a split second it clears, revealing something truly terrifying.

The figure appears to be wearing a long black cloak with a white collar and has a small, pale head.

One viewer compared the figure to that of a 17th century plague doctor. Others suggested that it looked more like The Slender Man – the supernatural being thought to have originated on the Something Awful forums back in 2009.

The commentator of the video mentions that the figure could have even been a witch of some sort. He says that he recently replaced the camera’s batteries and that he checked the footage the following day and it had returned to normal. If this was the case, could it have been the figure that caused the strange camera glitch in an attempt to hide its identity?

What do you think this security camera has captured? Is it really a witch? Or is there another explanation for this mysterious figure’s presence? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

4. Shadow Person Follows Man


This mysterious video was uploaded to DUNIA PERISTIWA‘s YouTube channel in April, 2018. It shows a truck parking in an unknown location. The driver soon exits the vehicle and begins to cross a road.

At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary. However, as the man crosses the road it becomes apparent that there is something wrong with his shadow.

It doesn’t cast across the ground but rather stands alongside him as if it is another person. Even when the car’s headlights hit the man, the shadow remains upright.

If you watch the beginning of the video carefully, just as the man exits the vehicle, you can actually see that the dark shape seems to step out of the truck when he does. Then, as he passes by the back of the truck you can see his real shadow as well as the dark figure that is following behind him.

Many viewers has suggested that it could be a shadow person – a dark, shadowy figure that is thought by some to lurk at the edge of our peripheral vision. It is said that the only way to actually see a shadow person is to catch them on camera as the human eye is not fast enough to see them.

What do you think? Is this man really being followed by a shadow person? Or is it just an optical illusion caused by the lighting and poor video quality? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

3. Possessed Woman Stands on top of Tree


In 2017, this unsettling footage, seen here posted to Ganjam’s Pride‘s YouTube channel began circulating the internet.

It shows a woman standing motionless atop a very tall tree as amazed onlookers watch from below. The woman appears to have remarkable balance as you can clearly see that her arms are folded behind her back and she never uses them to support herself.

Originally, many thought that the footage was faked and that it was just a statue that someone had placed in the tree as a prank. However, soon after the video surfaced more footage appeared that actually shows the woman climbing the tree.


It only takes her a few minutes to reach the top of the tree where she stands motionless before eventually descending. When the woman reaches the ground, she is met by several of the amazed onlookers.

Many believed that the woman had to have been possessed by some sort of evil spirit and curiously, if you watch the footage closely you can see what appears to be a large bird sitting on top of a nearby cloud!

While it’s possible that the poor quality of the video is creating some sort of optical illusion, to the naked eye it certainly does look very bizarre.

Could it really be possible that some sort of magic was responsible for these strange events? Or is there a more logical explanation? Unfortunately, without further information we may never learn the truth behind these mysterious videos.

2. Shadowy Figure Seen at School

This spooky clip was uploaded to Janeth Mendoza Ponce‘s Facebook page in January, 2019. The video’s description says that her daughter captured the footage while playing outside a school. It also mentions that there were only three people present when it was filmed, two of which were running while the other one was holding the camera.

If you watch the video carefully you can see a dark, shadowy figure running in front of the girls. It appears to be hiding behind one of the posts then as the girls approach it seems to run around the corner.

While it’s possible that the dark figure is simply another person, there is certainly something about it that seems strange, almost other worldly.

Similar to the earlier footage of the dark figure seen following the man as he crosses the road, several viewers of this clip have suggested that it could also show a shadow person.

Whether or not this video has actually captured something supernatural is still open to debate. However, one thing is for sure. If the footage is real then these girls will certainly think twice about playing around outside at night time.

1. Woman Possessed by Witch

The Cage in St. Oysth, Essex.

The Ghost Hunt UK

In December, 2017, paranormal investigator, Brad Mac and several others visited a place known as the The Cage in St. Oysth, Essex.

The Cage as it has come to be known was once a medieval prison and even held many women who were accused of witchcraft. The most famous of which, was a woman by the name of Ursula Kemp who was well known in the area for her extraordinary healing abilities.

The Cage medieval prison.

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Despite being a good woman and a fine mother to her son, a local woman accused Kemp of witchcraft and she was tried and executed in 1582.

Since then, The Cage has had a long history of hauntings and many visitors have claimed to have witnessed instances of paranormal activity.

During Brad Mac’s investigation of the property, he and the others set up several cameras around the premises and began searching the rooms for anything unusual. During the night, the team claimed that they heard disembodied voices and footsteps as well as experiencing bites or pinches on the leg.

While this all sounds rather scary, it’s what they captured on camera that will really send chills down your spine.

As several members of the team gather in a room, Mac and another investigator named Dave watch on via CCTV. Suddenly, the face of one of the women begins to change.

Woman appears to transform into a witch.

The Ghost Hunt UK

Woman's face seems to resemble a witch.

The Ghost Hunt UK

Woman looks like a witch.

The Ghost Hunt UK

As you can see from the photos that Mac took of the screen it appears as though her face is actually transforming into a witch. Her nose becomes elongated and humped. The space around her eyes darkens and when she smiles her mouth appears to be twice its normal size.

Front photo of Debbie after the incident.

The Ghost Hunt UK

If you compare the images to those that were taken of the woman after the incident, you can clearly see the dramatic changes.

Fearful of what was happening, Dave told the woman to immediately return to the CCTV room. Once there, she began clawing at her back in discomfort.

Then, the woman removed her jacket, revealing four, long burn marks.

According to Mac, once the woman returned home she began to experience terrible nightmares and even witnessed strange occurrences around her house.

Whatever happened to the woman that night remains a mystery. However, some paranormal enthusiasts believe that it could have been the spirit of one of the accused witches once held at The Cage that was attempting to possess her.

Looking at the footage it’s certainly hard to deny that something very strange did occur but what exactly is still unclear. Was it really a witch attempting to possess the woman? Or could there be another explanation for her apparent transformation?

To read the full story visit The Ghost Hunt UK‘s website.