These Unsettling Videos Can’t be Explained

These clips are chilling!

These days, there are more unsettling videos that seem to defy explanation on the internet than users can possibly hope to keep up with. Let’s explore a few of these disturbing and deeply unsettling videos that have the internet too scared to fall asleep.

8. Unsettling Videos – Ghost Caught on Camera?

Our first terrifying video comes from the YouTube channel Real Ghost, a channel dedicated to sharing videos shot by amateurs that they claim feature real ghosts. This footage comes from their store of unsettling videos.

The video is set in a sparsely wooded area in Japan. The camera is unsteady, almost as if the videographer’s hands were shaking as they move the camera around to capture a full view of the area. The footage is blurry as well, making it difficult to get a clear view of anything that passes in front of the lens, but the area does appear to empty of life, save the person behind the camera. The shot passes in front of the same areas numerous times before something suddenly changes.

Out of nowhere, the figure of a woman in a long white dress appears next to a tree. Although her position makes it look as though she is walking, the figure is completely still. The camera passes over her quickly, almost as if the videographer didn’t notice her at first. When the shot quickly returns to the spot where the woman stood, she has disappeared without a trace.

Many viewers have alleged that the video is fake, pointing to the unmoving figure as evidence that the ghost was staged. However, its sudden appearance and quick departure is unnerving.

7. Eyes in Attic

YouTube user phexid is known for uploading videos of people doing fun things in cool locations. The fact that the channel has only ever uploaded this one ghost video makes the footage all the more disturbing, as it is less likely that it was staged for the sake of YouTube fame.

In the video, the man holding the camera states that he was hanging out at home when he heard a strange noise over his head. He checked inside a nearby closet and found a hole in the ceiling. Assuming a small animal had made its way into the space beneath the roof, he decides to use his camera to investigate.

When he puts the camera through the hole, he quickly captures the image of a pair of green, glowing eyes looking out from the darkness. The space is too dark to capture anything else, but the man is still shaken. He still believes it is an animal, however, and places the camera in the hole again for a better look. This time, however, he captures some eerie audio. As he films the creature, the camera picks up the sound of high-pitched laughter. The sound is enough to terrify the man, and he quickly abandons the hole in the ceiling.

6. Unsettling Videos – Poltergeist in Children’s Playroom

Let’s take a look at another gem from Real Ghost’s archive of unsettling videos. To make matters even more frightening, this footage comes not from a desolate spot in the woods, but from the inside of a place that should be perfectly safe: a children’s playroom.

The footage comes from a closed-circuit security camera set to monitor the playroom. It was shot around midnight in the basement playroom in a private residence.

The video begins with a shot of various toys scattered across the playroom floor. Then, a ball suddenly starts to twitch and then roll across the floor. No one enters the room before the toy begins to move. After a few more seconds of stillness, a toy lawn mower also begins to roll around on its own, as does a riding toy. A rocking horse begins to sway, and a teddy bear flips over. At one point, a rocking chair moves; shortly after, the TV turns on. The chair begins to rock faster and faster, only stopping when the TV shuts off: almost as if a ghostly child had been rocking in the chair while watching the TV.

The parents in the home believe the footage depicts ghostly children enjoying the toys late at night when they believe no one is watching.

5. Pulsating Orb in 18th Century Palace

Pavlovsk Palace was built in St. Petersburg, Russia in the 18th century for Tsar Paul I. Tsar Paul attempted to bring change to Russia by rooting out corruption and providing greater rights to peasants. These changes angered much of the Russian nobility, several of which stormed his bedroom to strangle and trample him to death. Although his death occurred at another imperial residence, many believe that his ghost now haunts Pavlovsk Palace.

In several unsettling videos from the palace’s security cameras, the staff that currently work there believe they have found proof of the tsar’s ghostly presence. In each video, a bizarre orb floats slowly past the camera. While many may believe that the so-called “orbs” are actually bits of dust catching the light, the orbs in these videos move in ways inconsistent with that theory. Instead of moving quickly in random paths, these orbs move slowly in straight lines.

Although this is not conclusive proof that Tsar Paul I haunts Pavlovsk Palace, the video raises questions about the former monarch’s eternal haunt.

4. Unsettling Videos – Strange Creature Filmed in Alaskan Waters

In the United States, Alaska is known as The Last Frontier. As one of the last states to become an official part of the country, and one that has more wilderness than most other states, Alaska is among the most mysterious locations in the US. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that Alaska is often the setting for highly unsettling videos.

Youtuber Now You Know is known for bringing bizarre and mysterious videos to the attention of their followers. This particular video has brought to mind videos of Nessie, the elusive “Loch Ness Monster” that has been famous for centuries. This footage was shot by a tourist on a boat in the waters of Alaska. The tourist began to film when pieces of a nearby glacier began to fall. Little do they know, they are about to capture footage of a mysterious cryptid.

The clip shows a total of seven strange spikes sticking up out of the water. They appear in two separate groups, as if attached to the neck and tail of an underwater creature. No one has been able to provide a theory naming a known animal that could be responsible for the spikes in the video, so many viewers are certain that the footage contains evidence of an unknown cryptid.

3. Swing Moves on Its Own

In another of Live Leak’s unsettling videos, amateur videographers claim to have captured footage providing evidence of a real-life spirit.

This footage comes from a playground in Saudi Arabia. In the first clip, we see a close-up shot of a swing moving back and forth on its own. While some may believe that the videographer or an accomplice pushed the swing before starting to film, the way the swing moves proves this theory impossible. When a swing continues moving after it has been pushed, the movement gradually slows down until the swing comes to a stop. In this clip, the swing continues moving at a steady pace from beginning to end. The chains holding the swing even twist slightly at various points: something that would be impossible without an outside force acting on the swing.

A second video quiets naysayers who believe that an unseen accomplice must have been using a string to move the swing from off-camera. In the second clip, a passerby shoots the scene from their car several yards away from the playground. The video shows the entire area around the swing, proving that there were no additional accomplices moving the swing.

In that case, what did cause the swing to move like this? Perhaps a playful ghost looking for one last go at a childish amusement?

This is definitely one of the creepiest things spotted in children’s playgrounds

2. Strange Creature Chases Car

This next bizarre video comes from Bashkortostan, Russia, courtesy of Kurtov German. This video also seems to depict an encounter with a strange and terrifying cryptid.

The footage was shot from the inside of a moving car. Through the car’s window, we see a large field of tall grass. The car’s passengers sound alarmed, though at first the video doesn’t show what it is that has given them such a fright; the footage is blurry from being shot through the window of a bouncing car. However, we eventually get a look at the cause of their alarm when a large, humanoid creature appears in the grass. The figure is just a shadow, but its body appears large and strong. As the footage continues, the creature chases the car as the driver attempts to flee. The creature has no problem keeping up with the vehicle, seeming to move with supernatural speed.

Many believe that the video depicts a creature similar to the Bigfoot or Yeti. However, while Bigfoots are often thought of as reclusive and strive to stay away from people, this creature pursues the car for several minutes. Its intentions are unclear, but they look far from peaceful.

1. Unsettling Videos – Security Guard Films Ghost

Raul Arguello was a security guard at Tomás Adolfo Ducó football stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina. One night, when the stadium is deserted, he begins hearing a strange slamming sound. He traces the sound to a changing room where he discovers a wooden door banging open on its own. This happens repeatedly throughout the night, so he turns on his phone camera to capture footage as evidence. It isn’t until he reviews the footage later that he discovers the true source of the terrifying sound.

After getting footage of the door slamming, the guard pans the camera around the changing room to show that the place is empty. Yet, the camera caught something that his eyes didn’t: a shadowy figure passing in front of the camera. Only the shadow is visible in the video, but this is enough to make the video truly terrifying. No one can explain who or what the shadowy creature might have been, but the harrowing experience certainly made an impression on the guard. Not long after shooting the footage, he quit his job to avoid future encounters with the bizarre apparition.