Mysterious Videos Sent in by Slapped Ham Viewers

The world is a mysterious place!

Our Slapped Ham viewers have done it again! Watching our terrifying mysterious videos has inspired more of our fans to send in mysterious videos of their own. From UFOs to eerie ghosts, our viewers have seen it all. Let’s take a look at some of the most bizarre videos that our viewers have captured.

7. Mysterious Videos – Strange Object in the Sky

Slapped Ham viewer Clare Suleyman shared this truly perplexing video shot on an iPhone by her teenage daughter. It was taken in Altrincham, UK at around 4am. When the young girl glanced up into the sky in the wee hours of the morning, she spotted something that no one has been able to explain.

The video appears to show a ring of light hovering in the dimly lit sky. According to the girl who shot the video, the object remained hovering in the sky for around 30 minutes. Whatever it was, the object never moved as the teenager watched in confusion. Then, it simply disappeared.

Although the object appears too far off to really determine what it was, the shape resembles numerous other mysterious videos that claim to depict alien crafts hovering in the sky. Often, UFOs are said to be “saucer-shaped,” and from a distance, appear as rings. In the dim light of the early morning sky, it is possible that only lights lining the outside of the alien saucer were visible from the ground.

As there are no human crafts that are made in a round shape such as the one shown in the video, it seems probable that the flying object captured in the video is indeed an alien craft – making it one of the most credible recent UFO sightings captured.

6. Shadow Person Caught on Camera

The mysterious videos that circulate around the internet are often the stuff of nightmares. One such video that will have you shaking in your beds is this strange film captured by Sara Galliway in South Florida in the United States. The scary video was picked up via a doorbell camera at around 6:15am, and the family was understandably shaken when they saw what the video captured.

In the still of the night, you can see the street outside the house from in between several pillars that make up the front porch of the house. From behind one of the pillars, a shadowy figure suddenly appears. The street is visible on both sides of the pillar, so the camera should have caught the figure’s approach. However, it seems to appear out of thin air.

To make matters even more terrifying, the figure seems to be transparent. It briefly stops in the middle of the street, when it seems to stare straight into the camera. It darkens, as if becoming solid for a moment, then becomes transparent again as it walks away.

Could this camera have captured one of the elusive shadow people? These creatures are often spotted in dark and shadowy areas. It is believed that shadow people are the visible manifestations of spirits visiting this world. If the theory is true, this video is even more disturbing than our viewer thought.

5. Mysterious Videos – Shadow Animals

Mysterious videos don’t just capture shadow people on film. Evidently, shadow animals walk among us as well. This video shared by Jessa Simone seems to depict cats made of shadow.

The video, captured by a doorbell camera, shows the front of a house in the dark of night. In the shadows near the front stairs, there appears to be two sets of glowing cat eyes peering out from the darkness. This isn’t entirely unusual, stray cats often search for cozy places to curl up for the night. This theory seems to be confirmed when a cat trots across the porch. However, as the glowing eyes look on, the feline is followed by another cat: this one made of shadows.

You might be thinking that this was just a glitch in the camera. However, shortly after the first shadow cat disappears into the darkness, the eyes watching from the stairs seem to move out of the darkness and slide across the porch. These felines, too, seem to be made entirely from shadow.

What were these mysterious felines that appeared on our viewer’s camera footage? One possibility is that these cats, similar to the shadow people, are the physical manifestations of deceased creatures. Another theory is that these cats were the shadowy familiars of terrifying dark witches. It isn’t clear why the eerie cats were lingering on this porch late that night, but their appearance is certainly spine-chilling.

4. String of Orbs

Some mysterious videos are made even more bizarre by their settings. A viewer who wishes to remain anonymous submitted this video. They state that is was shot in an area of Alaska in the United States at a confidential spot, the location of which is too sensitive to be disclosed.

The video was taken from security cameras monitoring this unidentified area. It appears to show a string of orbs hovering above the ground. After a few moments, the string moves further away from the camera. Then, the orbs slide quickly up the wall. The viewer who submitted the video states that wall was nine feet tall and made of brick.

According to the viewer, the facility where this video was shot is known to be haunted by several spirits. One is a shadow man that has been seen lurking about the facility. There is also a spirit that they believe is the ghost of a woman who was murdered nearby. The viewer states that they have numerous photos of orbs and of the shadow man that were taken at the facility. In one of the photos of the shadow man, he appears as a demonic figure with long horns.

It is unclear where these terrifying ghosts came from. However, the mysterious nature of the facility where the video was shot could be a clue to the origin of these bizarre hauntings.

3. Mysterious Videos – Unidentified Flying Object

Slapped Ham fan Kyle Schimke shared these mysterious videos courtesy of the Facebook pages owned by two people identified as Loki and Myles. The videos were shot in July of 2019 in Sydney, Australia. According to the many who have viewed the videos, they might depict alien craft.

Numerous videos taken in the dark of the night show bizarre lights shining in the sky. The lights appear just above the treeline. There appear to be numerous lights hovering in a row, as if attached to the edge of a flying alien craft. The lights shine in multiple colors, and people all over the area spotted the unexplained lights in the sky. The lights seem to blink is sequence as they hover in a single spot in the sky. They don’t resemble lights that would be on any sort of plane. In addition, the people who spotted the lights claim that they appeared too high to be a drone or remote control helicopter.

Some others who saw the lights also suggested that it may have been a reflection of police lights glowing in the sky. However, the locals didn’t report any police activity in the area that night. Could these videos depict a visitation from an alien craft?

2. Strange Shadow Smashes Mirror

There seems to be a lot of activity among the Shadow People lately. Another Slapped Ham viewer, Luis Orellana, shared a video that seems to depict the work of a shadowy figure. The video is from a security camera trained on a small stairway. It is light at night, and the area is still and quiet. The only movement comes from small insects flying through the light shining down on the camera.

Suddenly, a shadow seems to fall across the camera. Then, a piece of a mirror leaning against the wall suddenly turns, as if knocked askew by a strong wind. It then crashes to the ground and shatters all over the pavement.

A moment after the mirror splinters into thousands of pieces, another shadow seems to be moving on the same spot where the glass shattered. It appears as a human figure leaning over the broken glass. After pausing for a moment, the shadow disappears.

In most mysterious videos of shadow people, they appear as mysterious but passive figures. In this video, the shadow person could be expressing anger by taking it out on the glass. The image of the shadow leaning over the glass after it breaks makes this video truly frightening.

1. Mysterious Videos – Eerie Robed Figure

When you spend an evening at home alone with your significant other, you probably aren’t expecting to end up shooting a spooky video. However, the people in this video, attempting to shoot a cute clip as they cuddled on the couch, ended up getting some very mysterious footage.

The video was submitted by Slapped Ham viewer Shenaleexoxo who shared this video shot by two of her friends. According to the people who shot the video, they were completely alone in the house when they took the video. As they play around with the camera, you can see multiple views of the room. However, at one angle, a dark, robed figure appears standing at the end of the couch.

The figure is hard to make out, but it appears to be a tall, human-shaped creature lurking in the corner of the room. The two people shooting the video don’t react to the appearance of the lurker, so it seems likely that the figure only appears on the video. What is this mysterious figure that only the camera can pick up?