These Unsettling Photos Are a Complete Mystery

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If there’s one thing that the internet loves more than hilarious memes, it’s unsettling photos that don’t seem to have any plausible explanation. For some reason, ghosts seem to enjoy making appearances in photographs even more than they enjoy scaring people visiting haunted locales. Below, read about 10 unsettling photos that gave their photographers serious chills.

10. Unsettling Photos – Ghostly Child in the Tree

This unsettling photo shows a ghost child appearing in tree.

When Laura Watson took her two children and their cousin on a picnic to Plessey Woods Park, she never expected to come home with unsettling photos that would cause her family to live in fear for weeks. When the family arrived at the park, the area where they wanted to picnic was more or less deserted. The children began exploring and soon came upon a large tree. The children decided to climb it, and Laura took out her phone to capture a photo of the moment. It wasn’t until they arrived home later that she spotted a disturbing entity in the photograph.

Just behind her son, the face of a ghostly child seems to be peeking out from behind his shoulder. The ghost’s hand even seems to be resting on the other child’s shoulder as he looks toward the camera. Laura was perplexed and frightened. There were definitely no other children in the area, and her son certainly would have noticed a hand on his shoulder.

Who is this mysterious ghost child? Some think it looks like a girl with pigtails, but others believe it is a boy. However, no one has been able to conclusively determine the ghost’s identity.

9. Scary Birthday Party

This unsettling photo shows a ghost boy in mirror.

The Watts family always believed that their house was haunted. Mrs. Watts would sometimes hear a child calling for “Mum,” and her children insisted that it wasn’t them calling for her. The family would also find objects moved without explanation. They asked a medium to visit the house. The medium believes that the home is haunted by the spirit of a young boy looking for attention, so the family has tried to coexist with the ghost.

During a birthday party for one of the children, the family’s fears about a haunting were confirmed. In a photo that shows Mrs. Watts in a mirror carrying the birthday cake into the room, she isn’t alone in the reflection. Near the bottom of the mirror appears the gray face of a young boy.

The family tried to explain the photo, but all of the children that were in the house at the time are clearly visible in the photo. With no earthly explanation for the eerie face in the mirror, the Watts family could only assume that their ghostly boarder used the birthday photos as another opportunity to make his presence felt.

8. Unsettling Photos – Entity in the Water

Eerie ghost appears in water behind girl.

When this family took a trip to a scenic waterfall in Malaysia, unsettling photos were the last things on their mind. However, the group selfie that they took near the water revealed that they may have had an extra guest during their carefree day of fun.

When the family looked at their photo after returning home, they noticed a creepy, white figure standing in the water behind them. They believed that no one else was there when the photo was taken, and the ghostly white nature of the figure was enough to convince them that they had been visited by a spirit.

According to internet users who know the area, this waterfall is definitely haunted. Evidently, the highway near the waterfall has been the site of numerous unfortunate deaths, and many believe that the spirits of the victims have made the waterfall and river their eternal haunting grounds.

7. Eerie Face in Selfie

Selfie of man with a strange black figure appearing in background.

To most of us, taking a selfie is pretty routine. With cameras in our pockets at all times, our phones are often filled with pictures of ourselves. It isn’t often that these selfies turn out to be deeply unsettling photos.

The man in this photo was clearly taking a selfie when someone decided to photobomb him. Unfortunately, the being in the photo doesn’t appear to be human. Just behind the man’s head and shoulder, a dark face peeks out at the camera. The entity has a bald head and deep, dark eyes that appear almost as voids in its head. It has a menacing stare that surely made the man in this photo wonder what sort of entity may be lurking in his home.

6. Unsettling Photos – Creepy Face

Eerie face appears in background of photo, girl catches bird.

The little girl in this photo had quite a bit of excitement when a colorful bird flew into her house. After she and her family were able to capture their new feathered friend, the girl wanted to take a picture with the bird. When the family later reviewed the photo, they were shocked at what they saw.

Looking closely at the girl’s hair, there seems to be a mysterious face looking out from behind the young girl. The features of the face aren’t clear, but the entity seems to have a pale face with dark, menacing eyes. The figure must be low to the ground as it seems to look up from behind the child’s head.

The family was at a loss to explain the bizarre face in the photo. There was no one behind her when the shot was taken, so their only explanation was that a ghostly entity must have paid them a visit.

5. Floating Specter

Photo of young boy with ghost in the background

Pictures of children are rarely unsettling photos. Normally, people like the photographer of this photo are trying to capture the adorable moments that often happen when children are around. This little boy decided to stick his tongue out at the camera, but the viewers of the photo were much more focused on the entity that appears to be lurking behind him.

Just behind the boy, there seems to be an entity with dark hair and a gray dress floating in the air. Its arms hang limply and its head is down, almost as if it were hanging from the ceiling. Some have suggested that a person behind the child was holding up a coat or that a toy had been thrown in the air and appeared blurred in the image. However, many who have seen the photo believe that there is a clear enough face to establish that the image shows a ghost.

4. Unsettling Photos – Strange White Apparition

Lady in kitchen with white apparition in background

As the woman in this photo was preparing food, she had no idea that a creepy apparition may have been lurking in her kitchen. Just behind the woman, there appears a white, blurry figure. The figure is definitely human in shape, but the features are too blurry to make out. It looks like something moving behind her was caught on camera and showed up on film as a blur.

Many are quick to dismiss this photo, believing that the camera must have captured another person as they walked behind the woman. However, the complete lack of color in the blur suggests a creepier and more ghostly explanation.

3. Face in the TV

creepy child's face appears in TV.

The two children in this photo were innocently playing with a ball when someone snapped their picture, completely unaware that the resulting photo would turn out to resemble something from the movie Poltergeist. The children are playing their game in front of a large, old television. The TV is turned off, but the screen is far from blank.

Reflected in the screen, you can clearly see a large face. The face appears to be that of an infant. Some have discounted the photo, suggesting that it is most likely the reflection of a child standing out of sight of the camera. However, because of the size and angle of the face, there is no way it could be a mere reflection. The family responsible for this unsettling photo has no idea who this mysterious ghostly child could be.

2. Unsettling Photos – Reflection of a Boy

Unsettling photo of ghost boy appearing in mirror.

Reflective surfaces seem to have a magnetic pull for ghostly apparitions. You never know when another face might appear standing behind you as you study yourself in a mirror. In this photo, two women pose on a couch with a mirror hanging on the wall above them. On first glance, the photo doesn’t appear out of the ordinary. However, at the edge of the mirror appears the pale face of a creepy little boy.

The boy looks almost mischievous, as if trying to peek into a place where he knew he shouldn’t be. Although some believe that the reflection could be that of a real little boy standing outside the view of the camera, the angle makes that impossible. To show up in the mirror as he does, the boy would have had to stand close enough to the mirror to be seen by the camera. So who is this mysterious apparition?

1. Crying Ghost Girl

Crying ghost girl captured in photo

A lot of people wonder what goes on when a large group of girls heads to a public restroom together. If this photo is any indication, they could be heading there to spend time with ghosts.

In this photo, a group of girls stands in front of a large bathroom mirror while someone takes a photo from behind them. You can see the girls’ backs and reflections of some of them in the mirror, but the most terrifying part of this photo is reflected in the bottom corner of the mirror. Here, there appears a ghostly pale little girl who appears to be sobbing in pain or terror. Her hands are clenched close to her face and her hair seems to be stringy and wet. However, it is her face that is truly chilling. Her features are twisted into a heartbreaking expression.

Clearly, the girl whose reflection appears in the mirror experienced some sort of trauma before her death. Could this public restroom have been the location for her untimely demise?