The Creepiest Things Ever Seen Under Bridges

Trolls Aren't The Only Creepy Things To Be Found Under Bridges!

From a strange creature caught lurking under a bridge to one of the most haunted tunnels in the US, we look at the creepiest things ever seen under bridges.

7. Troll Lurking Under Bridge


This creepy photo, captured at the scene of an accident somewhere in Asia shows local rescue crews alongside an overturned vehicle. If you look closely at the dark space under the bridge you can clearly see a strange creature peering out. Its head and eyes are large and it appears to have a hunched posture. It almost looks as though it is taking a peek to see what is causing the commotion.

Some viewers have noticed that the creature closely resembles a troll – the ugly, slow witted creature that first appeared in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore.

Legends say that these beasts can be found dwelling alone in isolated places like mountains, caves and under bridges.

Could this photo prove that these mythological creatures really do exist? Or is it more likely to be a clever Photoshop job?

6. Crocodile Bridge


In Costa Rica, there is a place known as “puente de cocodrilo,” or crocodile bridge.

The bridge, which crosses the Tárcoles River is a hot spot for tourists hoping to get a close up look at the reptilian residents that live below.

This amazing footage was uploaded to Drone Orlando‘s YouTube channel in September, 2015, and shows just how many crocodiles actually lie waiting below the bridge. For every one that you can see there is probably also several that remain submerged beneath the murky water of the river.

One viewer noted how horrific it would be if you accidentally drove your car off the bridge at night. The impact of the initial crash and fall would be bad enough but then you would have to somehow avoid being eaten by the dozens of blood thirsty crocodiles that are waiting in the darkness!


This remarkable footage, uploaded to Alex Forbes‘ YouTube channel in January, 2019, shows the moment that a photo taking tourist drops his cell phone over the side of the bridge!

It lands right in the middle of a large group of crocodiles that are wallowing on the muddy banks of the river below.


In this next video, a man ventures down to the river to try and retrieve the phone.

Aware of the intruder’s presence, the crocodiles thrash violently in an attempt to ward him off.

However, the man is armed with a large stick and is eventually able to scare the beasts away. He then wades into the river and actually manages to retrieve the phone.

While it’s unclear if it still worked, the tourist was at the very least, able to return home with an amazing story to tell his friends.

5. Bunny Man Bridge

The Bunny Man Bridge.

Atlas Obscura

Due to its close proximity to a series of scary events that occurred in the early 1970’s, Colchester Overpass near the town of Clifton, Virginia, is known to the locals as Bunny Man Bridge.

Around midnight on 19th October, 1970, US Air Force Academy Cadet Robert Bennett and his fiance were returning from a football game when they decided to visit an uncle who lived in the area.

As the couple parked their car in a field, they noticed something moving in the darkness behind them. Suddenly, the front passenger window was smashed by an axe wielding man dressed in a bunny costume. He screamed at the couple, saying that they were parked on private property. Scared, they started their car and quickly drove away.

They reported the incident to police and 10 days later, security guard Paul Phillips spotted a man dressed in a bunny costume using an axe to chop at a porch post of house that was under construction. The man yelled at the security guard, saying  ‘You are trespassing. If you come any closer, I’ll chop off your head.’

In the following weeks, more than 50 sightings of the Bunny Man were reported to police and a local newspaper even claimed that the Bunny Man had eaten a resident’s runaway cat.

Since then, the Bunny Man has become the subject of many local ghost stories. Some claim to have seen his spirit lurking by the Colchester Overpass. Others say that in the period leading up to Halloween you can find the carcasses of dead wildlife hanging from the bridge.

As the Bunny Man was never apprehended, no one knows what actually happened to him. Does his ghost haunt the Colchester Overpass? Or could he still be alive, roaming the nearby wilderness with a very sharp axe?

4. Scary Face Spotted Under Bridge


This brief but disturbing clip was uploaded to Freddie Harrison‘s YouTube channel in April, 2019. It is footage taken from Google Street View and the video’s title says that the location is somewhere in Ithaca, presumably New York.

The view starts from above the city and slowly zooms in. The user navigates down to street level and then under a bridge where they focus on the right side of the structure. They then, zoom in on what appears to be a creepy white face with large, black eyes peering out of the darkness.

The face is only visible for a split second before the video ends. However, if you pause the clip you can see that it might actually be some sort of mask.

While it’s unclear what it is exactly, one thing is for sure – it is definitely very unsettling!

What do you think this YouTuber has found on Google Street View? Could it be the face of some sort of mysterious creature or is it a mask that’s been hung in the darkness designed to spook passing pedestrians? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

3. The ‘Bloody’ San Juanico Bridge

The San Juanico Bridge.


Part of the Pan-Philippine Highway that spans the San Juanico Strait in the Philippines, the San Juanico Bridge has long been the subject of rumor and controversy.

A birthday gift from President Ferdinand Marcos to his wife, Imelda the bridge was inaugurated on her birthday – 2nd July, 1973.  Upon its completion, it was tagged by many as a ‘white elephant’, as the bridge was thought to have cost far too much money to justify its construction at the time.

However, the most disturbing thing about the San Juanico Bridge is not its price tag but rather the rumors that began circulating after it had been built.

It is said that during the bridge’s construction, Imelda Marcos consulted a fortune teller who told her that it would never reach completion unless the blood of children was spilt on the bridge’s foundation.

The rumors say that Marcos ordered the street children of the area to be rounded up and killed. Their blood was then mixed in with the cement used to complete the bridge’s foundation.

A mermaid supposedly saw what was happening and placed a curse on Marcos. She was said to have grown scales on her legs and developed a nasty fish-like odor. That is why she only ever wears long skirts and bathes frequently.

To this day, many locals still believe that the bridge is haunted by the spirits of the children said to have been sacrificed during its construction.

2. Mysterious Creature Seen Under Bridge


We have already featured this clip in a previous video. However, no list of the creepiest things ever seen under bridges would be complete without this unsettling footage.

Filmed in Kyiv, Ukraine, the video was uploaded to LAST LEAF STUDIO‘s YouTube channel in July, 2016, and appears to show some sort of mysterious creature hanging underneath a bridge.

As the beast makes its way towards the center of the structure, its size and shape really become apparent.

It looks like some sort of very large human or even an ape. However, they way it moves seems to indicate that it could be something else entirely. If you zoom in on the creature, you can see that it actually moves both of its rear legs at the same time as if it is pulling itself along the railing.

When the clip first surfaced, some thought that the creature could even be a bear that had escaped from a local zoo. Others disagreed, suggesting that its size was far too large to be any known animal.

Whatever the beast is, it certainly seems well versed at climbing and looks right at home as it makes its way along the underneath of the bridge.

What do you think it could be? An extremely strong human? An ape of some sort? Or could it actually be a creature that is yet to be classified by modern science? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. The Sensabaugh Tunnel

The Sensabaugh Tunnel is one of the most haunted places in the United States.

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Located in Tennessee, the Sensabaugh Tunnel is thought to be one of the most haunted places in the U.S.

Believed to have been constructed in the 1920’s and named after the original owner of the land – Edward Sensabaugh, the graffiti lined tunnel now sits in disrepair.

There are many stories of how it came to be haunted. However, the most popular is that Sensabaugh himself went insane. He was said to have murdered his entire family, including his newborn baby and then dumped their bodies inside the tunnel.

According to locals, any vehicle that stops inside the tunnel won’t be able to start up again.

Drivers who’ve made it through say that they’ve seen apparitions and heard disembodied cries of despair. Some have also claimed to have had baby’s hand prints appear on their car windows and heard approaching footsteps when no one was around.

One resident even reported seeing a ghostly woman while another claimed to have been grabbed by something as they waded through the murky water that flows through the tunnel.