Scary Doorbell Camera Videos Leaked

Security cameras catch the creepiest things!

Cameras are everywhere these days, including doorbells. Most people use these cameras to take a look at who is ringing the bell before going to open the door, but surprisingly, this new technology has resulted in thousands of bizarre and scary doorbell camera videos flooding the internet. Below, read about some of these truly terrifying doorbell camera videos.

8. Scary Doorbell Camera Videos – Confused Intruder

A woman in California recorded some very disturbing footage on her doorbell camera late one night. It all started when she heard someone pounding on her front door and ringing the bell. She didn’t recognize the person outside, so she didn’t answer the door. The woman outside the door then began screaming for someone to let her inside, terrifying the homeowner.

After a few minutes of banging on the doors and windows, the woman’s behavior got even stranger. She backed away from the door and then ran toward the window with her shoulder pushed out, shattering the window. She then pulled out the screen and reached inside.

At this point, the homeowner began screaming at the intruder, who seemed confused as to why the homeowner was demanding that she leave. The police arrived shortly after and arrested the young woman. There is a suspicion that she may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the incident, which could have explained her bizarre and erratic behavior. For anyone who has ever gotten a strange visitor at night, this is one of the scariest doorbell camera videos around.

7. Luggage Thief

A Portland man and his family were preparing for a vacation early one morning when their doorbell camera registered an alert. The man assumed it was because his wife was outside loading luggage into the car, but was shocked when he checked the camera feed.

Outside, a man had walked onto the porch and was walking off with one of the suitcases waiting to go into the car. He attempts to walk off casually, pulling the wheeled bag behind him. The footage then shows the homeowner flying through the door to stop the man. The intruder dropped the bag and the homeowner chased him away.

The homeowner in the footage later said that his decision to go outside and chase after the intruder was probably a bad move. The man could have been very dangerous, and this footage could have ended up becoming one of the internet’s more gruesome doorbell camera videos.

6. Scary Doorbell Camera Videos – Daytime Villainy

A woman in Dallas who had the technology to record and live stream doorbell camera videos had a similarly disturbing encounter one day when she was away from home. Sitting at work, she got a notification that someone was at her door. She looked at the video feed and saw two strangers. Just as she started watching the video, the men noticed the camera and left the house. Shaken, the woman kept watching. It was lucky for her that she did.

A few minutes later, the two men returned to the house. The video footage shows the men getting out of their car and coming up to the door. Then, one of the men attempted to kick down the front door of the house. The woman at this point decided to use the microphone option to confront the men and bluff to them, stating that she had called the police. This caused the men to panic and run away.

The woman later shared the video footage with her local police department so that other residents could be warned about the potentially dangerous strangers. Later, the men were apprehended and arrested by police.

5. Smash What’s in There

It can be quite surprising what doorbell camera videos can record, even in the harsh light of day. One Sacramento man who uses the technology was surprised when he received an alert at work, only to find a strange man lurking in his front yard. The man appeared intoxicated, and the homeowner was understandably worried about the stranger’s intentions. He used the microphone on the camera to confront the deranged man.

When the homeowner asked the intruder to leave, the video shows that the man began kicking the front door of the house. He seemed confused, asking the homeowner why he was talking to him. The homeowner tells the culprit that he needed to leave before the police were called. At this point, the man began gesturing toward the front door and stating that he was going to “smash what’s in there.”

At this point, the homeowner had enough and reported the incident to the police. The intruder continued kicking the door but was unable to gain access to the house before the police arrived and promptly arrested him.

4. Scary Doorbell Camera Videos – Fighting the Flames

In the dry land of Kansas, fire is an always-present concern. However, the homeowner in this video was not expecting to see raging orange flames when he checked an alert from his doorbell camera.

Much to the homeowner’s surprise, the video feed revealed a fire licking at the foliage in the front yard of the home. In the distance, the video shows another building completely engulfed in flames. The homeowner later found out that a nearby apartment building had caught fire and that the flames were spreading throughout the neighborhood. Several buildings had already succumbed to the flames when the inferno spread to this homeowner’s front yard. The video shows a neighbor attempting to stomp out the flames.

The homeowner hurried back to their house when they saw the video, expecting to find their home burning to the ground. However, the neighbors in the doorbell camera video had successfully stopped the fire from making its way to the house, saving this fortunate person’s home. While the video of the fire is certainly terrifying, this story at least had a happy ending for one homeowner.

3. The Smiling Salesman

Door-to-door salesmen are not as common as they used to be. Once, salespeople peddling their products on your doorstep were a regular nuisance, but today, the practice has largely died out. Because it is so unusual to find someone selling things outside your door, the San Diego homeowner in this doorbell camera footage was understandably suspicious when his camera revealed a salesman waiting outside.

The homeowner used the microphone to speak to the salesman, who then offered a name and address, asking if he was at the correct place. The homeowner told him that it was the wrong address, and the salesman politely apologized for the mix-up. Suspicious that the man had a specific name and address, the homeowner shared the video with the local police. It turned out to be a smart decision: the man was wanted for a total of 19 home robberies in the surrounding area. Had this homeowner allowed him inside to make his sales pitch, their home would probably have been the next target.

Not long after this video was recorded, the fugitive was spotted by police in another nearby neighborhood. The criminal pulled out a gun and hijacked a car, leading the police on a car chase. The chase ended with a shootout between the fugitive and the pursuing police officers. The criminal was wounded in the gunfight and arrested.

2. Scary Doorbell Camera Videos – Abandoned Child on Doorstep

This doorbell camera footage, shot outside a home in Texas, has been frightening and saddening viewers ever since it went viral in 2018. The footage shows a woman walking up to the door holding a young boy by the hand. The woman knocks on the door, then turns and quickly walks away, leaving the child on the porch, looking around in confusion. The homeowner then opens the door and finds the child outside the door alone. Police assumed that the woman in the video was the child’s mother and that she abandoned him at a random house.

The woman in the video later came forward to dispute the claims of abandonment. She stated that her aunt was the child’s mother and that the aunt had instructed her to take the child to his father’s house. She stated that she followed her aunt’s directions to the house and left the boy there after knocking on the door because it was cold and she wasn’t wearing a sweater. Because there were cars in the driveway and she heard people inside, she assumed someone would quickly bring the boy inside. She blames her aunt for instructing her to leave the boy at a home that clearly was not the child’s father’s.

Police took the boy into their custody until they could investigate and determine whether the child should be allowed to return to either of his parents.

1. Package Thief’s Poetic Justice

People do a lot of online shopping these days, and thieves have begun looting porches and making off with packages. This homeowner’s doorbell camera recorded two thieves in the act and also caught one thief’s immediate justice being served.

The footage shows a woman coming up to the porch to grab two packages. As she makes off with the loot, she slips in the grass and falls to the ground. She tries to get up but cries out in pain when putting weight on her ankle. Her accomplice eventually comes to her rescue. He picks her up and carries her to the getaway vehicle before returning to the yard and scooping up the packages.

While the bandits did get away with the crime, the homeowner is hopeful that the doorbell camera video will lead to their eventual arrest. If not, the thief will at least have a hefty hospital bill to pay after her crime resulted in what looked like a painful injury.