Scary Masked Intruders Caught on Camera

Knock knock - who's there?

When it comes to real-life nightmares, there’s nothing more terrifying than the thought of masked intruders making their way into your home. What terrifying faces linger behind their masks? What are their intentions as they sneak around in the dark? These are the questions asked by the homeowners in these videos who were terrorized by scary masked intruders who were luckily caught on camera.

8. Masked Man Tapes Camera

Some masked intruders seem determined to terrify people just trying to go about their lives. In this video footage, an alert from a doorbell camera let the homeowners know that someone was outside their home up to no good.

At the start of the video, we can see the masked figure emerging from the darkness and walking up to the porch. As they come into the light, we can see that they are wearing a black and white skeleton mask resembling the type of mask worn for Dia de Los Muertos. The masked figure is wearing ordinary clothes, but the eerie mask gives them a truly unsettling appearance.

As the intruder approaches the door, we see them hold something out with both hands. They approach the door quickly, and soon, the item in their hands covers the doorbell camera. The intruder put a piece of tape over the camera, blocking the view of the front porch.

The homeowners were understandably disturbed, assuming that the intruder was planning on committing some other crime that they didn’t want to be recorded. Nothing else happened that night, but the homeowners are still shaken by the frightening incident. They believe it was most likely a prank by local teenagers, but it was disturbing nonetheless.

7. Masked Intruders – TV Santa Claus Strikes

While most masked intruders choose disguises that are eerie and terrifying, others are downright bizarre. For example, one intruder went viral in 2019 when videos of his nighttime exploits while wearing a TV on his head made their way to the internet.

The intruder in these videos seems to have hollowed out an old tube television and cut a hole in the bottom where they could stick their head in and wear the TV set like a large mask. Footage of this strange figure was caught on numerous doorbell cameras when homeowners got late-night notifications that someone was on their porches. What the intruder did next was even stranger than their choice to use an old TV as an odd disguise.

Wearing the TV on their head, the intruder approached various homes carrying other old tube TVs in their arms. They then left the televisions on the porches before scurrying away into the night. Some have argued that this was clearly a kind gesture, as the stranger was handing out free electronics. However, the TVs were too old to be of much use to their new owners, who were more amused than frightened by this bizarre prank. Most likely, they were attempting to get rid of the old electronics without paying to have them hauled away.

6. What’s in His Pocket?

Not all masked intruders are harmless. Some clearly have criminal intentions when they don their masks and end up being recorded as they skulk around in the dead of night. In this video, a masked intruder pulls something out of his pocket that makes his dastardly intentions clear.

At the start of the video, the quiet of the night is disturbed when a figure in a mask appears from around the side of a house. At first, it is difficult to see the mask clearly, but soon they turn toward the camera and give us a clear look. The mask is black and featureless, making the intruder appear like a shadow stalking the innocent homeowners within. As the intruder approaches the door, they reach into their pocket and pull something out that makes the homeowners forget all about the mask.

From within the pocket, the intruder produces a gun. The camera gets a clear shot at the weapon before the intruder points it toward the door. At this point, the intruder seems to notice the camera, and moves away, likely to look for other ways into the home. They disappear into the night again, possibly scared off by the presence of the doorbell camera.

5. Masked Intruders – The Purge?

Most masked intruders are looking for easy targets. The masked man in this video seems to have decided that the house in question isn’t worth the effort. However, his frightening appearance on the doorbell camera was enough to terrify the unsuspecting homeowners.

The camera shows a man in a white mask, similar to those worn by the antagonists in the movie The Purge, as he walks slowly up to the front of the house. He glances around, looking to make sure that no one is watching him approach. When he reaches the front porch, he attempts to look in through the windows, probably to determine if anyone is home. After looking through the windows for a few moments, he seems to have second thoughts as he turns around and walks back onto the street.

The homeowners were understandably disturbed by his unsettling appearance on their doorbell camera. Luckily, the footage got clear shots of the intruder’s distinctive tattoos, which could help police apprehend the culprit.

4. Canine to the Rescue

The intruder in this video could have caused a lot more harm than he was actually able to accomplish. The safety of the home can be attributed to a trusty guard dog who kept their humans safe from harm.

As the video begins, we can see that the doorbell camera has been triggered by an intruder in a balaclava attempting to open the front door of the house. They seem to get through the door easily and continue inside. A moment after they enter the house, the camera picks up the loud barks of a dog waiting inside the house. Alerted by the presence of a stranger in their home, the dog quickly attempts to scare off the intruder.

The scare tactic works. Mere seconds later, the camera records the masked intruder going back out the front door before taking off at a run. Clearly, the canine inside the house was enough of a threat to send this criminal running for the hills and maintain the safety of the family inside the home, earning this dog a much-deserved belly rub.

3. The Intruder with a Walking Stick

This frightening encounter with a masked intruder is all the more bizarre because it takes place in the bright light of day when most of us would feel that we and our homes are safe from nefarious deeds. However, this video begins in the middle of the day as the doorbell camera is triggered by a person approaching the front of a house wearing a white cloth over the majority of their face. Oddly, they are also carrying a walking stick, as if they had been hiking, and a bright green bag that may contain a weapon or burgling tools.

The masked figure approaches the front of the house slowly, swinging the walking stick as they walk. Near the front door, they use the walking stick to poke around in the plants along the front of the house. They glance around the area, closely inspecting the ground, before turning around and walking away from the house.

Most likely, the intruder was looking for a spot near the front door where the homeowners might have hidden a house key. When it became clear that breaking into the house wouldn’t be that simple, they decide to continue on to look for an easier target.

2. Masked Intruders – Send in the Clowns

Despite their supposedly jolly nature and association with children’s birthday parties, clowns are one of the most feared creatures on the planet. Something about their garish makeup and wicked smiles is enough to have many adults cowering in fear.

When clowns started to appear ominously in bizarre places around the United States in 2016, many people believed they were living in some sort of nightmare. The homeowners who saw this next video on their doorbell camera were probably prepared to run for the hills.

An individual slowly limps up to the front door out of the darkness. As they enter the light, we can see that they are wearing a yellow jumpsuit and a terrifying clown mask. To make matters worse, they are also carrying a large machete as they skulk onto the porch.

The clown looks around for a few seconds before staring straight into the camera. They reach out to ring the doorbell before turning and creeping away into the dark. Although the clown was gone before the homeowners answered the door, the sight in the footage is certainly spine-chilling.

1. The Return of the Mask

What is more terrifying than seeing footage from your doorbell camera of a mysterious man in a white cloth mask attempting to break into your home? Seeing that man return two more times and continue his attempts to gain access to the house – night after night.

In the first two videos, the Connecticut family saw the man approach the front door with the mask wrapped around his face. He attempts to open the door, and quickly leaves when he is unable to gain entry. Frightened by the masked intruder, the family contacted the police. When the man returned for the third time, they were ready for him. After he failed to get into the home on the third night, he left the front porch only to be promptly arrested for his misdeeds.