Bizarre Human Behaviour Caught on Camera

From a guy chimping out in an office to a naked man back flipping through a train station, join us as we examine some truly bizarre human behaviour caught on camera.



10. Russian Office Rampage

This security footage taken in an unknown Russian office captures some extreme human behaviour. After having some papers knocked off his desk, this guy absolutely chimps out, rampaging through the office. He throws monitors, kicks down cubicles, threatens co-workers; I think it’s safe to say he’s tendered his resignation.


9. Phone Theft Fail

A security camera in a phone store in China captures a rather unsuccessful robbery. While browsing handsets this guy tries the old grab-n-run method but fails miserably. After realising that the phone is attached to a security cord he nonchalantly goes back to browsing before a shop attendant comes to question him.


8. More Beer

An inconspicuous gentleman tries his darndest to purchase a few light refreshments. What happens next is both alarming and hilarious at the same time:


7. Lover Escapes Out Window

This footage taken by an onlooker, captures the moment a husband discovers his wife cheating. You can see the couple arguing on the balcony of their apartment when suddenly the wife’s secret lover hops out of a window. The adulterous ninja is forced to climb down using a makeshift bed-sheet ladder. He makes his way to ground level as the gathering crowd whistles and cheers him on.


6. Photocopy Prank Gone Wrong

This devious little prankster thought it would be hilarious to make some photo copies of his arse. However the stunt soon goes horribly wrong:



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