Bizarre Human Behaviour Caught on Camera

5. Spider-Man Vs. Security Guard

This footage shows a security guard being attacked by a man dressed as Spider-Man. It’s not known what the quarrel is about but it quickly escalates into a brawl, sending onlookers into a photo taking frenzy.



4. Guy Runs Through Brick Wall

For seemingly no reason what so ever, this guy runs through a wall of bricks. He’s really chuffed too, like what he’s just done is a real achievement. I love that there’s two people just casually watching him too. I had a look into this clip and it turns out it’s advertising a self-help program. So maybe you too can unnecessarily put yourself in harms way by running into a wall of bricks.



3. Pot Plant Poop

Down at Winnipeg Square in Manitoba, Canada a security camera spots something very strange indeed. Apparently this man couldn’t find a suitable facility to relieve himself. Forced to take drastic measures, he resorts to fertilising the indoor ficus.



2. Guy Runs Through Glass Door

This is some truly bizarre human behaviour. A security camera in an unknown office lobby captures the moment when a guy weighs up whether or not it’s a good idea to run through a glass door. You can see him walk up to the door, he clearly acknowledges it, rifles through some papers, looks around, then just goes for it. What on earth was he hoping to achieve?



1. Naked Rampage at Train Station

This footage taken at a BART station in San Francisco shows a naked man terrorising fellow commuters. He wanders about, performing acrobatics, attacking people at random. A security guard tries subduing the situation with little success, as the crazed, naked man performs a flip off the top of a newspaper stand.

The man was eventually detained and arrested by police. He was released just four days later.


Well there’s our top 10 list on the most bizarre human behaviour caught on camera. Did this listicle make you lose faith in humanity? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.