Terrifying Ghost Videos That Will Make You a Believer

Are Ghosts Real? Watch These Videos And Decide For Yourself!

From a spirit filmed in a haunted prison to a ghost caught on camera by a famous YouTuber, we look at terrifying ghost videos that will make you a believer.

6. YouTuber Captures Ghost on Tape

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTzXfSE4zT4[/embedyt]

This video is the second in a series of three uploaded to Ricis Official‘s YouTube channel in Jan, 2019. As the channel is in Indonesian, it’s a little hard to gather what exactly is happening however, it seems that the group decide to investigate a haunted house.

As they make their way through the darkness, the man in the black hat occasionally attempts to scare the woman. Towards the end of the video, he tries one more time. However, the woman realizes what he is up to and keeps nervously turning to look behind as she continues speaking to the camera.

If you enhance the lighting at this point in the video, you can actually see that there appears to be something far more creepy behind the group than just the practical joker.

Pay attention to the lower body of the man dressed in white and you can clearly see some sort of eerie figure moving past.

The figure then seems to disappear from sight. It cannot be seen on the man’s opposite side nor is it visible behind him.

While paranormal enthusiasts are excited by the thought that this video could show a real ghost caught on camera, skeptics are not so sure with many claiming that it might simply be a well contrived hoax.

However, if the video was faked in some way, it’s certainly difficult to tell as the figure really does appear to vanish when it passes behind the man in white. Also, it cannot be seen behind the group at any point prior to its appearance.

While it’s unclear exactly what the mysterious figure seen in this video really is, many believers are certain that it is indeed a ghost that this YouTuber has caught on camera.

5. Ghost Video Captured in Conservation Park

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDRYn1sY4LE[/embedyt]

This terrifying ghost video was uploaded to Fluffy Jet Toys‘ YouTube channel in October, 2011. The uploader claims that the footage was captured by a group of teens as part of a Halloween dare the previous year.

The teens were supposedly exploring the Morialta Falls Conservation Park, north east of Adelaide, South Australia when one of them dared the others to climb up to a large cave. By this time, it was already getting dark and none of them had packed a flashlight.

As the teens approached the cave, a ghostly figure suddenly appeared before them. Frozen with fear, the group could to little except watch as the apparition continued to walk past.

When this footage first appeared online it caused quite a stir and even attracted the attention of the local newspaper – The Advertiser.

According to the uploader of the video, it was reported that earlier that year a man had died in the area where the teens captured the footage.

The clip clearly does show a figure of some sort. However, there are some who doubt it’s authenticity claiming that it could simply be a clever editing job. That, coupled with the fact that the footage was uploaded to a channel primarily dedicated to children’s videos has cast doubt on the footage in recent years.

While the uploader maintains that the clip was captured by a group of teenagers who wish to remain anonymous there is little information on how the footage came to be in his possession or why he decided to upload it to his YouTube channel.

While the mystery surrounding the video remains to this day, it is definitely an eerie clip and if it turns out to be authentic, it will likely be noted as some of the most compelling ghost footage ever captured.

4. The Ghost of Eastern State Penitentiary

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9ymkdvRZU0[/embedyt]

YouTuber, Prosperous uploaded this clip to the site way back in June, 2006 and many believe it to be some of the strongest evidence of the existence of ghosts to date.

The footage is said to have been captured by The Atlantic Paranormal Society while they were investigating the Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania – a prison often thought to be haunted.

Although the clip is brief, it does appear to show some sort of hooded figure walking towards the camera. It then looks as though the figure notices that it is being filmed and quickly moves away.

As the Eastern State Penitentiary is often reported to be a hotbed for supernatural activity many paranormal researches believe that the figure seen in this video is indeed a ghost and some have even likened its appearance to the grim reaper.

What do you think? Does this creepy clip actually show proof of a ghost roaming this haunted prison? Or is there another explanation for the mysterious figure? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

3. Riderless Motorcycle Caught on CCTV

There is very little information available about this video which seems to be footage taken from a CCTV security camera.

Shortly into the clip, a motorcycle can be seen entering the camera’s view from the top left of screen. It passes by the stationary car and nothing appears to be out of the ordinary until you take a closer look at the motorcycle itself. There is no one driving it!

While it’s not uncommon to see videos of riderless motorcycles, they are usually the result of the rider losing control and falling off. The bike then continues driving forward for a short period of time before eventually toppling over.

There is something eerie about this clip however. Perhaps it’s the manner in which the motorcycle moves that tends to indicate that it might be controlled by some sort of unseen force, possibly even a ghost.

While it’s uncertain what happens to the bike once it leaves the camera’s view, the way in which it appears to avoid the parked car certainly sends chills down your spine. But is it really possible for a motorcycle to be controlled by a ghost? Or is the whole incident more likely to be little more than luck and coincidence?

2. Girls Film Shadow Person in Basement

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owc7y4JCX24[/embedyt]

This terrifying ghost video was uploaded to David Thornbury’s YouTube channel in July, 2014.

He says that his daughter and a friend were playing around in her mother’s basement and decided to make some videos on their tablet.

Thornbury claims that the girls didn’t notice anything unusual at the time. However, when they were watching the clips a few months later they spotted something rather chilling.

There in the background is a dark, shadowy figure. It is only visible for a split second before it disappears behind what appears to be a white table or bench.

If you watch the video closely, you can also see that the figure is not visible at the beginning of the clip either.

But what could it be?

The uploader mentions that the girl seen on camera is the friend of his daughter and the way in which the tablet moves indicates that there is also someone holding it. This accounts for both girls. However, it is also possible that there could be another person there and that the mysterious figure is just part of a spooky practical joke.

This seems unlikely though, as the uploader doesn’t appear to have any other paranormal videos on his channel. That, coupled with the fact that the mysterious character seems to appear out of nowhere tends to indicate that the footage is probably authentic.

While it’s not possible to say for certain what these girls have actually captured on camera, the figure looks very much like a shadow person. A type of entity believed by many to lurk on the edge of our vision. Some have noted that the only way to really see a shadow person is to capture them on camera as there movements are usually too fleeting to be noticed by the naked eye.

What do you think? Does this footage actually show a shadow person lurking in the background? Or could there be another explanation for the dark figure’s appearance?

1. Japanese Reporter Spooked by Ghost

This mysterious video appears to be an excerpt taken from Japanese television. It shows a reporter and news crew opening a gate and entering an unknown property. The reporter then walks towards a small girl dressed in white who is crouched under a tree with her head turned away.

The reporter moves closer, prompting the girl to speak with her.

Suddenly, the girl turns revealing her oddly shaped face and large black eyes. Shocked by the little girl’s appearance, the reporter immediately begins to walk away.

The cameraman follows but soon turns back for one last shot of the girl. To everyone’s shock, the little girl has completely vanished and the reporter and crew are left stunned by what they have just witnessed.

Could it actually be possible that they’ve managed to capture the ghost of a young girl on camera?

As there is little information available about this clip we can only speculate as to why the news crew were at the house to begin with. Were they there in search of something paranormal or did they inadvertently stumble across the ghostly girl?

Whatever the reason, this clip certainly makes for a terrifying ghost video. But does in really show something supernatural? Without further information, we’ll have to leave that up to you to decide.