These Scary Ghost Videos Are Leaving Viewers Petrified

From grisly murders to mischievous poltergeists, the terrifying ghost videos on the internet cater to the horrifying tastes of any paranormal aficionado. If you’re looking for videos too scary to watch in the dark, that may just give you nightmares, then look no further than these petrifying ghost videos.

6. The Watts House



When ghost hunting Youtuber FRANKO TV decided to visit the infamous Watts house, he captured some terrifying footage.

On August 13, 2018 in Colorado, Shanann Watts returned home from a business trip in the wee hours of the morning. Later that day, Shannan and her two daughters were reported missing by one of Shannan’s coworkers. Police found Shannan’s purse, phone, and car keys in the house, as well as the girls’ car seats in Shannan’s car. Her husband, Chris Watts, initially stated that he had no idea where they were. He later confessed that he had been having an affair, and that when Shannan found out and asked for a separation, he killed her and their daughters in a fit of rage. He was arrested and given five life sentences in prison.

Franko starts his video by leaving a teddy bear in front of the door to offer his condolences to the family. He then begins walking around exploring the outside of the house. Using a thermal mode on the camera, he notices that one of the windows on the second floor of the house seems to be significantly warmer than the others. Using another thermal setting to view the window, there appears to be something behind the window moving. According to reports, this is the window of one of the daughter’s bedrooms.

Evidently, this isn’t the only strange thing that has happened at the Watts house since the murders. Police body camera footage from the investigation turned up what sounded eerily like a child’s laughter. In the footage, the K9 unit are investigating a bedroom when a child’s laughter can be heard. The officers themselves hear the noise and begin looking for an explanation, thinking perhaps a toy made the noise. However, they find no origin of the strange laughter

On a later date, CCTV footage showed a woman entering the house. Police investigated, but the house was empty.

No one is quite sure what is going on at the Watt’s house, but it seems likely that the souls of Chris Watts’ wife and children are still lingering where they met their grisly end.

5. Strange Creature Caught on Live Stream


Shyunique Legacy was live streaming on Facebook from their home in Fort Pierce, Florida, when they captured something truly bizarre on camera.

When Shyunique thought that they saw something odd moving around in the trees near their home, they decided to open the door and begin filming.

The video was taken just after dusk, and the only real light comes the far side of the yard. At first, nothing seems amiss. The uploader zooms in more closely to the area where they thought they saw the strange movements. Moments later, their patience is rewarded when a large, white entity darts across the tree line. The camera holder quickly yelps in fear and run back inside, closing the door tightly behind them. The genuine panic has left little doubt that whatever they saw was the real deal.

We only see the entity briefly, but it is clearly a translucent white color and massive in size: at least half as tall as the light pole that it passes. Its form almost appears skeletal, as if the gigantic bones of an unknown cryptid were somehow reanimated. The creature seems to be reminiscent of the Gashadokuro: a cryptid from Japanese folklore made of large bones that hunts humans at night and bites off their heads. Some viewers have dubbed the creature a dogman.

Although it is unclear what creature or entity was captured in this video, the uploader might be wise to heed the advice of their viewers and keep the door tightly closed after dark.

4. Eerie Activity Caught on Camera



YouTuber Really Haunted is almost becoming used to paranormal activity. Strange things regularly happen in their house, and the family has learnt to deal with it. However, when things were getting particularly eerie, they began capturing ghost videos to share with their YouTube viewers.

The YouTuber himself is featured in the video from CCTV footage as he tries to get some sleep on the sofa. The room is quiet and peaceful at first. However, the quiet is quickly shattered when a small plastic chair near the back of the room is thrown up in the air. As if this wasn’t frightening enough, the way the chair moves is truly bizarre; it never tips or tilts, the seat stays perfectly parallel to the floor. The sleeper doesn’t seem disturbed.

The alleged ghostly activity continues a minute later, this time a dog toy resting in the middle of the floor appears to move on its own. Although there is no one near the ball and certainly no wind in the room, the ball begins spinning its way across the floor. Additionally, one eagle-eyed viewer noticed that in the very spot where the ball once sat, you can briefly see a circular light flash on the floor.

Some believe the most likely cause for these types of occurrences is a poltergeist: a specific class of spirit strong enough to move physical objects. So far, it looks like this playful poltergeist isn’t causing too much harm. However, some poltergeist encounters can be deadly.

3. Ghost Videos: Poltergeist Haunts Apartment



Thanks to YouTube, paranormal fans can see more creepy ghost videos featuring poltergeists than they ever imagined possible, such as this video captured by YouTuber Jcg Dragon. Unlike many videos of playful spirits, this one doesn’t have a lighthearted ending.

This video starts in the midst of panic. Our YouTuber is sitting up, presumably in bed, pointing a camera at the door while fighting back tears. Even if you don’t speak her language, it’s clear that something terrifying is happening by the fear in her voice. As she stands up to investigate, the bedroom door suddenly flies shut, much to her terror. The slam of the door is followed by unexplained banging coming from outside the room. She tearfully heads into the hallway just in time to see her keys and some books fly off a table and clatter to the ground.

She bravely continues to explore the room. As she investigates, several more banging noises echo through the house, seeming to come from behind her. Then, the house is suddenly pitched into darkness as every one of the lights shuts off. We can hear her crying out in terror for a few seconds before the video ends.

What happens after the woman is plunged into darkness is unclear. Is this another case of a playful poltergeist just trying to scare a vulnerable human? Or, was this a spirit with more malicious intentions?

2. Poltergeist Haunts Bar?

Watch the bottles on the left from r/Ghosts


According to Redditor BestOfUS, the bar where they work is almost certainly haunted. Staff regularly experience strange things, like items being knocked off the wall or mysterious voices and bangs that don’t seem to have a cause. However, this is the first time that they’ve captured any actual ghost videos.

According to the Redditor, they weren’t able to finish all of the cleaning when they closed up Saturday night. The place was closed all day Sunday and Monday, so they came in on Monday evening to do the chores. When they headed behind the bar, they were surprised to see two tequila bottles on the ground. The bottles definitely weren’t there when they left Saturday night, and no one else had been in the bar since then. They decided to check out the CCTV footage to search for an explanation.

The video shows the back of the bar, dimly lit with the night vision camera. At first, everything is as still as you would expect. However, if you closely watch the bottles on the left side of the screen, you’ll notice that one of them starts to slowly edge forward. It eventually tips over the edge of the shelf and crashes into another bottle, sending both clattering to the floor.

Although many staff members have had strange experiences at the bar, no one is sure what could be causing them. For now, this ghostly activity remains a mystery.

1. Ghost Videos: The Ghost of Belgrave Hall



According to many, Belgrave Hall is certainly the most haunted location in Leicester, England. A video shared by BBC seems to confirm that there is something frightening happening at this infamous location.

The video was recorded in 1998, long before CCTV cameras were common in everyday homes. In this blurry footage, we see the dark outside of Belgrave Hall in the wee hours of the morning. Near the corner of the house, two mysterious figures in white suddenly appear. The figures are perfectly opaque, and are clearly the size of a person. They only stick around for a few seconds before vanishing into the night air, leaving behind only a swirling white mist atop the nearby wall.

Many who have seen the video believe the figures look like women in white Victorian style dresses. Similar apparitions have been seen by staff of Belgrave Hall over the years. A previous owner of the property, John Willis, had seven daughters in residence with him. Many believe that the apparition is the spirit of one of these daughters, named Charlotte. However, most just call her “the white lady”. Paranormal investigators believe that the large amount of quartz in the building allows paranormal energy to be trapped and released for long periods.

To this day, staff and guests report spotting apparitions, smelling mysterious cooking odors, and hearing strange footsteps. Whether it is Charlotte Willis or not, there is certainly something eerie happening at Belgrave Hall.