Heckin’ Scary Ghost Photos You Don’t Wanna Miss

Most of us have camera rolls filled with selfies, photos of pets, and other mundane images that we can easily capture at our fingertips. However, have you ever really looked at these photos? It’s possible that your camera is filled with scary ghost photos that you’ve never noticed before. Let’s take a look at a few times when people found themselves looking at scary ghost photos of their very own.

8. Lingering Friend

Creepy woman appears in photo.
Project Paranormal

According to Project Paranormal, the first of the scary ghost photos on our list originates from Southeast Asia. Sources say that a recent death was the reason this young man was scared out of his wits when he first saw the photo.

The photo in question seems to be a bit older. It was almost certainly taken on a film camera and then developed into a physical photograph. It depicts a carefree, if slightly sad looking young man hanging out in a typical teen’s room. He is sitting at his computer with his legs crossed casually. However, if you look just above his right shoulder, it becomes clear that this is no ordinary photo. Hovering in the background is the image of a translucent, disembodied head with glowing eyes and a wide, eerie grin.

The young man in the photo recently went through something no young person should: the death of a close friend. He believes that the face in the photo is that of his friend. Others are more skeptical, believing that the photo was likely blurred or double-exposed. However, the face and hair of the floating head look far too different to be a double exposure of the young man in the photo. Is it possible that his recently deceased pal stuck around to watch over him?

7. The Watching Woman

Before and after ghost photo.

Redditor donaldamandam always suspected that something strange was going on in their childhood home. Odd noises and mysteriously moved objects were just a few of the bizarre experiences that led them to believe their house was haunted. When their sister snapped these scary ghost photos, the whole family became believers.

The Redditor’s sister was alone in her room with a friend when she took these two photos seconds apart with a digital camera. In one photo, she used a flash. In the other, she didn’t. Yet, in the first photo, everything looks normal. However, in the second photo, an unexpected guest appears. Just behind the friend in the photo appears an older man or woman with round glasses peering at the camera. The person is clearly absent from the previous photo, taken only seconds before. So where could they have come from?

The family believes that the mysterious person, or people, in the second photo could be an entity that was responsible for the paranormal events that had been plaguing them for years. Some who have seen the photo believe it was manipulated as a hoax, but the Redditor who first publicized it insists that it’s the real deal.

6. Scary Ghost Photos: Hampton Court Ghost

Scary ghost photos captured in Hampton Court, England.

Bus Driver Trevor Tye is an amateur ghost hunter, so is no stranger to scary ghost photos. However, he was pleasantly surprised to capture an eerie image of his very own when dropping a group off for a tour at Hampton Court in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

Hampton Court is said to be haunted by the ghosts of two of King Henry VIII’s former wives: Katherine Howard and Jane Seymour. Katherine Howard resided in the palace as she awaited execution in 1541. Her ghost is often seen moving about the place in a white dress.

After the tour group got off the bus, Tye headed inside to take his own photo of the marble staircase in the public foyer of the royal residence. He waited until the room was completely empty before snapping a few photos. It wasn’t until reviewing the photo later that a friend noticed something strange: a young woman in white peering down from the upper floor. Tye spoke to a security guard, who confirmed seeing the same figure regularly. In addition, he’s had the photo analyzed by experts who confirm that the photo is legitimate.

So has Tye captured an eerie image of a long-deceased Queen?

5. The Guildford Specter

The guildford Spectre. Ghost in a park.
Mark Baker

Amateur photographer Mark Baker wasn’t looking to take any scary ghost photos when he pulled out his camera at the Mount, a quaint parkland reserve in Guildford, England. However, the spirits of the area had other plans.

In one of the photos Baker snapped on that day, later published by the Surrey Advertiser, we can see a foggy path lined with bare, gnarled trees. The fog gives the air a greenish tint. Combined with the trees that look straight out of a horror movie, this is the perfect setting for a ghost story.

Sure enough, in the very center of the path appears a strange figure. The entity is entirely white, but takes on the shape of a person walking down the path with their hands in their pockets and their head angled toward the ground. Baker insists that he was the only one in the area when he took the photo and that it has not been altered in any way. This leaves only one question: who could the ghostly figure be? For now, no one knows the answer.

4. Scary Ghost Photos: The Kitchen Apparition

Strange misty figure caught in photo
UK Paranormal Tavern

What better time for scary ghost photos than Halloween? In this photo published by UK Paranormal Tavern, it seems that a spirit decided to make Halloween extra creepy for one family.

The photo, taken with a film camera, shows a young girl standing in a kitchen. The photo is off-center, showing the girl at the far left edge of the picture. Although she is the only person in the photo, something else takes center stage: the image of a strange, ghostly figure that appears to be walking through the kitchen.

The entity is difficult to make out, but there is clearly some sort of translucent white figure in the room. Its shape is almost certainly human, with one arm jutting out is if swinging it while walking. Some believe that the figure is just a glare or a flaw in the film. Others are certain that it is a ghost.

3. Scary Ghost Photos: Bobby Mackey’s Music World

Scary ghost photo taken in Bobby Mackey's Music World.
Bobby Mackey/Club DJ Wanda Kay

Bobby Mackey’s Music World, a nightclub in Wilder, Kentucky, has been the site of numerous paranormal experiences that have led many to believe the place is haunted. A photo captured by Club DJ Wanda Kay seems to confirm some of these stories.

Heralded as the most haunted nightclub in the US, Mackey’s venue was originally a slaughterhouse. After it became a roadhouse, many patrons started claiming that the site contained a portal to hell. Some of the stories surrounding the place involve a pregnant dancer who apparently committed suicide there after her father murdered her lover, the club’s singer, in a back room. There was also a man named Pearl Bryan who was allegedly killed nearby by Satanists who later cursed the location. According to patrons and staff, these ghosts and curses are still around.

The image captured by the DJ is nothing short of hellish. The photo was taken at the bottom of a cobweb-covered staircase. The room is dark, and the bleached-out colors of the photo give the room an otherworldly appearance. However, the highlight of the photo is the ghoulish apparition walking down the stairs and straight toward the camera. The figure is thin. It is entirely white, so no features can be made out. However, the staff of the nightclub believe that the entity is most likely one of their resident ghosts.

2. Halloween Ghost Hunt

A scary ghost photo caught in a guild hall.
Ghosts n Ghouls

According to GhostsnGhouls, a website dedicated to the paranormal, The Guildhall in Sandwich, Kent, is the site of regular paranormal experiences. Security guards who work there late at night often report hearing mysterious footsteps and feeling like they’re being watched. The site hosts regular ghost hunting nights, and at least one attendee seems to have captured proof of the building’s haunting.

The ghost hunt took place on Halloween in the part of the building that used to house a prison. The visitor snapped a photo from inside the old shower. They were shocked by what they saw: the image of a young boy peeking out from behind a door. He appears to be wearing glasses or has sunken black eyes. No one knows who this boy could be, but his appearance in the building is nothing short of terrifying.

Some viewers think it’s nothing more than pareidolia, the tendency humans have to spot familiar shapes in random stimulus. However, given the history of the building and the security guards accounts this photo does leave the viewer with an eerie feeling that can’t quite be rationalised.

1. Scary Ghost Photos: The Burning Man

Ghostly man seen in burning building.
Douglas Tipold

Douglas Tipold is a fire fighter in the town of Gary, Indiana. He never expected that a photo taken to document the scene of a fire would turn into something paranormal.

Tipold was waiting for his fellow firefighters to prepare a hose when he decided to pull out his phone to snap a photo documenting the fire for evidence. He was busy attempting to put out the blaze and didn’t give the photo a second look. However, when his wife saw the photo, she noticed something shocking: the figure of a man standing in the window, outlined by bright orange flames.

Because of the raging fire in the house, the man appears mostly as a shadow. He seems to be wearing a baseball cap and a dark jacket as he stares almost casually out the window. His face is unclear. Tripold was shocked by the photo, as the house was certainly empty when they showed up to put out the fire. The bright, hot flames behind the figure make it seem like a demon from hell. But many believe the man is more likely the ghost of a previous occupant. However, with no additional information and the house destroyed by fire, the man’s identity may never be known.