Scary Paranormal Investigations With Real Evidence

Do These Investigations Prove The Paranormal?

Are there really paranormal events happening in this world? Some people are so convinced they have set up teams that head out to investigate and catch evidence on camera. Here are some scary paranormal investigations with real evidence.

6. The Haunted Stage in Lincolnshire



This first video is from the YouTube channel, Caters Clips. Set in the East Midlands of England, it’s only fitting that a hunt for ghosts in the homeland of William Shakespeare would bring us to what just might be the most haunted theater in all of England!

The footage was shot when Tim Matthews and the South Yorkshire Ghost Hunters visited the Old Nick Theater in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, in an attempt to confirm sightings of paranormal activity. On the left side of the screen, you can see what looks like a piece of paper glide across the stage before picking up speed as though being transported by some invisible hand. While some have speculated that the object could be an actors’ script, to this day, it has not actually been identified. Nobody in attendance noticed or retrieved the paper. It wasn’t until the footage was reviewed later that its mysterious movement was spotted.

The Old Nick Theater has a long history and it is thought to be haunted by the souls of those who likely made their last curtain calls at the site. It started as a former police station and magistrate’s court. Now, people attending shows or passing by the theater often report seeing apparitions of policemen and convicts wandering around. In fact, the theater is so notorious for hosting paranormal activity that it was even featured in an episode of “Most Haunted” that aired in 2015.

Today, the theater is a hotspot for supernatural investigations due to the fact that more than 25 deaths have been documented on the premises.

Keen to check out a show? You just might see something more than you bargained for.

5. Paranormal Activity Caught on Camera



This next bit of footage offers an interesting insight into what a “spontaneous” ghostly interruption might look like. Uploaded to the YouTube channel, Ghosted UK the video shows a group of people gathered inside what appears to be some type of small shop.

Unfortunately, the person who shared this interesting piece of ghost footage doesn’t provide much context at all. We don’t know much about where or why this video was recorded. However, the date stamp on the video does reveal that it was captured on 23rd September 2019. Luckily, what happens on camera pretty much explains itself.

The footage is grainy and raw. However, the stunned and unnerved reactions of those in attendance can clearly be seen. A noisy disruption that is coming from the front corner of the shop grabs everyone’s attention. It is only a few seconds later that we can see and hear what appears to be someone or something knocking down objects from the wall.

This simple and brief recording appears to show that some ghosts might not be shy at all.

What do you think was responsible for this bizarre disturbance? Was it really something supernatural? Or could there be another explanation for this mysterious video? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

4. The Haunted School Investigation


This next video has critics divided over whether or not it actually shows evidence of real paranormal activity. In it, Matt Benton of Devil’s Hour Productions walks viewers through his very spooky encounter that took place in April of 2017, at the infamous Higginsport School in Ohio.

Built in 1881, the school now stands as an abandoned beacon for ghost seekers, attracting paranormal enthusiasts from all over the country who dare to attempt to catch a ghost on camera.

Benton claims to have spent 12 hours at the school in full isolation inside the building. His plan was to capture his footage without interruptions or interference from crew members. At a little over half way through the video is seems that a ghost may have decided to make its presence known. Matt was able to capture footage of a door shutting for no apparent reason amid the dingy, dilapidated halls scribbled with messages of doom.

It’s easy to anticipate what anybody’s first thought might be after watching the door close: could it simply have been wind that forced it shut? Certainly a valid theory. In fact, it’s so valid that Matt Benton himself tried to debunk the footage.

Some time later, he returned to the scene with his crew and attempted to use a high-powered leaf blower to close the door. Did it work? The footage seems to prove that it didn’t.

It is also worth noting that in the original footage, nothing else appears to be affected by the wind which seems to indicate that there was no breeze blowing on the day he recorded the clip.

What do you think? Was the door’s movement really the result of some sort of supernatural interaction? Or is there another, more simple explanation?

3. Investigators Spot Ghostly Figure



This next clip comes from the YouTube channel, Ghostie Boys. It appears that during one of their paranormal investigations, they might have captured an apparition on film at Mission San Juan Capistrano in San Antonio, Texas. Known as a popular location for ghost sightings, it seems that on this occasion, it certainly did not disappoint.

At one point in the footage, a white mass can be seen moving across the screen before reaching towards one of the paranormal investigators. Notably, the shape materializes while the investigator is attempting to capture an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). The image that is captured on film shows up immediately after the investigator asks if any present spirit could state their name. We then see a large, translucent shape swirl into view. It seems to brush right up against the investigator before darting out of sight in a hurry.

The mission, where this chilling video was captured hides a tragic history. In 1812, more than 40 Native Americans died in an earthquake while attending mass on the premises. And that’s not where it’s spooky history ends either. The landmark’s well-known El Adobe de Capistrano Restaurant is the former town court and jail. In fact, the spot where inmates were kept in the jail is now the restaurant’s wine cellar.

Each year on Halloween, ghost lovers flock to the spot in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the spirits of yesteryear. Would you be game enough to pay a visit to the Mission San Juan Capistrano?

2. The Graveyard Ghost



Ghost Whisperer Tony Ferguson shares a spooky encounter that he caught on film during one of his scary paranormal investigations.

Tony was contacted by a few Southampton locals, saying that they had seen a mysterious black mass of some kind lurking in the cemetery. The area has a track that leads to the shoreline and is popular with dog walkers. The witnesses asked if Tony could investigate the area to make sure it’s safe.

In the video we see Tony searching the graveyard. After a short while, you can see what looks like a large, cloud-like light come into view then disappear from sight in the bottom corner of the screen. While the shape doesn’t have a clear “bodily” form, it certainly conjures up images of the classic phantom, transparent and ethereal in its movements.

Next time you find yourself driving by a graveyard at night, take note. This video seems to show that there could be more than just cold tombstones littered in the darkness.

1. Mysterious Creature Captured on Film



This last clip on our list was uploaded to YouTube by popular paranormal investigator Ricky Velázquez. The footage, which was captured in a small town in Veracruz, Mexico, seems to show some sort of strange creature lurking in the darkness.

Velázquez and his partner take us on an after-dark tour of a forlorn landscape consisting of brick buildings and overgrown brush. The paranormal investigators utilize thermal imaging throughout the tour attempting to detect anything supernatural. While the video footage is very interesting, it’s mostly uneventful. However, that all changes when Velázquez stumbles upon what can only be described as a demon creature haunting the eerie, darkened landscape.

While the beast is difficult to make out at first, if you slow the footage down, you can see it in more detail.

There, squatting alongside what appears to be a fox or coyote, is some sort of brown-skinned creature. It has over-sized eyes and thick forearms. Some have even likened its appearance to a large insect.

What do you think this paranormal investigator has managed to stumble upon? Is it a demon? Or perhaps even a creature yet to be classified by science? One thing is for sure. It clearly spooked the explorer and he will likely think twice before returning to this creepy location any time soon.